Reading vs Tottenham Hotspur, Gameweek 4: Open Thread

The Madejski Stadium hosts the only Premier League match today as Reading FC plays Tottenham Hotspur (live on FOX Soccer at 11am ET).

This should be a quite open game since both teams have something to prove. Tottenham Hotspur has yet to pick up a win. Reading, too, needs a win — although they have played one less game than Tottenham due to the postponement of its match against Sunderland. Out of the two clubs, the pressure is more on Tottenham to win, which will serve Reading pretty well as underdogs.

Don’t underestimate Brian McDermott’s Reading side. They’re well organized, and Pavel Pogrebnyak is certainly a threat up front for The Royals.

Meanwhile, Tottenham manager Andre Villas-Boas puts his faith in Brad Friedel as his starting goalkeeper. Whether Clint Dempsey will see any playing time or not today, we’ll have to wait and see. But Villas-Boas certainly has an abundance of riches to choose from.

Before, during and after today’s match, post your rants, raves, questions and observations in the comments section below.

31 thoughts on “Reading vs Tottenham Hotspur, Gameweek 4: Open Thread”

  1. Warren Barton is a moron and wynalda is …well…a moron. I just want to set something straight, warren may have position himself as successfull and an “England player” but he was NOT a good player, his lack of intelligence on the field shows in his punditry. He is absolutely clueless and has the articulation abilities of a badger stung by a wasp.

    He has nothing of any actual substance to back up what he says, he just hates, he not objective, he’s a Chelsea and Newcastle fan and that’s it. He wasn’t a good player and certainly not a good pundit. He doesn’t have sources in the spurs camp. His relentless “man management” tyraids against AVB show he knows nothing.

    Educated criticism of AVB is fine and what a pundit should do, but the 3 stooges of Stone, Barton and wynalda is a joke.

    I would be fine with BeIn sports winning the epl deal and those 2 not getting on tv to talk about football ever again.

  2. On the bright side Reading is only a goal down when Spurs should be 2-3 up. Spurs have given up late equalizers so Billy Gallas has at least one monumental mistake in him so there’s hope for Reading.

  3. LoL so the half time insight isn’t Spurs are set up well, and have a hunger. It’s reading in awe of spurs. What a Joke, so fast to critique so slow to praise.

  4. Doesn’t it seem like Bale is kind of wasted in this AVB system? There are loads of bodies in the midfield, and most of the passes are short and the buildup is slow. Under Redknapp, they would quick counter spread out with speed with three or four guys, and if that failed Modric would come up and build up.. Now it seems like they move up the pitch Arsenal style with 5 or 6 and Bale is just waiting for the ball to come up. If Defoe, Lennon, and Siggurdson are the attackers they don’t really have a target guy in the middle so Bale’s ability to cross is kind of wasted also. IMO, the transfer deadline should have been Bale to Man City for 30+ million and Sinclair to Spurs for 10 million. Bale would fit in with what City does formation wise and would have added pace to a squad that is more big than they are fast. Sinclair would fit in more with what AVB wants to do.

    1. Lennon seems fine, I think it’s a case of the players feeding the ball to the wings are naturally looking to the right when they move forward, that will change over time.

  5. Reading changes shape.. McCleary will now have more space in the 4-4-2. The spacing already appears to be giving Spurs problems.

  6. Love the new

    “glory glory hallelujah glory glory hallelujah as the Spurs go marching Oooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn”

    Prolonged it!


      1. far post marking or not, focus on how Freezal position himself, he is the only person that can use his hands on the football pitch and he constantly puts himself in positions that negate that advantage.

        Sure shots from 16 yards plus he can do well on, anything else, it’s not good. It’s time to move on , his time has come. Lloris needs to start.

        He was hardly needed today, they had so few chances, but when needed he was either shaky or just failed. is it because he is american that people on hear are so protective? Lloris will start against Lazio I hope and then also against QPR at the weekend, I certainly don’t want him in goal as we go against Man Utd in a few weeks.

  7. Spurs showing their offensive potential but the lineup is not right. Defoe despite 2 goals also may have cost 2 goals by refusing to pass to a wide open teammate (Bale in first half Siggy in 2nd) I am uncomfortable with him as the #1 striker, I think he can score but he also doesn’t make the other weapons more dangerous -Adebayor or Dempsey can do that.

    Defense today was strong up the middle -Sandro broke up plays constantly and Vertongen-Galas destroyed anything in the box quickly- the defense on the wings iffy-Naughton was bad (looks too slight for a fb for me and gave away the ball too easily, passes heavy) Walker was fine but the Reading goal was 80% on him. Spurs lose concentration too easily at worst times.

    On GK it’s typical Spurs – not knowing what they want. Yes it’s hard to drop Friedal after a strong performance but you spent the money on Lloris for a reason correct? He was no doubt told he was needed correct? so why would 1 game change the overall assessmen?. Today’s game did nothing to change perspectives because Reading didn’t challenge for a goal and when they did the central defenders did the job Friedal did not have to do anything.

  8. Tottenham keep leaking goals in the last ten mins. Today is was boys against men and yet the boys scored at the end. They need to address this otherwise it’s going to be a long desperate season. Defoe is sharp but Sigurdsson looks off the pace. They are playing like a team with too many personnel changes and could really use Scott Parker to stiffen up midfield.

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