Manchester Utd Condemns Anti-Liverpool Chanting Heard At Old Trafford: The Nightly EPL

Manchester United supporters had an opportunity today to wipe the slate clean and to show what a model they are for football supporters across Great Britain. Instead, sections of the Old Trafford crowd today participated in despicable anti-Liverpool chanting in a week where their rivals finally got the truth they wanted to find.

The Old Trafford club quickly came out and condemned the anti-Liverpool chants.

The chanting that got some of the United supporters in trouble today were “It’s never your fault, it’s never your fault, always the victims, it’s never your fault.” While United supporters argue that it’s about the Luis Suarez-Patrice Evra race row, whether it was or not is besides the point. It was done in poor taste and with incredibly awful timing. Sadly this sort of thing will only encourage Liverpool fans to seek revenge when the two clubs play next weekend.

Here are tonight’s Premier League news headlines:

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20 thoughts on “Manchester Utd Condemns Anti-Liverpool Chanting Heard At Old Trafford: The Nightly EPL”

  1. On this Frezal Lloris situ, Why is it so difficult to see that Lloris would have made the saves Freezal did AND take control of the box on set peices saving us 2 late equalizers at home and dropping 4 points.. Loris would have made sure the ball didn’t ping around the box. I think AVB keeping Freezal is a locker room move and him iloimenting one of his lessons learned from chelski.

    I have no problem with AVB playing Lloris…. We need to win and I don’t want anymore indecision on set peices.

  2. the ‘always the victimS’ song is sung as a plural, ie more than one person and is directed at US not LS – thats ok, we`d stopped singing the tasteless Munich air disaster songs on the kop some 23 years ago and I for one am glad and ashamed we ever did (apologies to genuine utd fans for that) – if others choose to live in the past thats up to them – they may find it comes back to haunt them.

  3. What class fans they are. Not surprised they have shown their true colours – again! I personally experienced Utd fans taunts in my face about Hillsborough 20 yrs ago and they made me sick. This is not about football, rather about injustice that was swept under the carpet for 23 years. Well done to the club for condemning it. As for the fans and their feeble attempt to say it was about Suarez – do you think the football world/people are stupid? You new full well what you were singing and so did your club hence the statement! I hope the rest of the footballing world now realises that, whilst Utd maybe a great footballing club, their fans let you down very badly and they are an embarrassment to you.

  4. they have been singing his chant for a few years now. it is not about luis suarez and evra. it refers to heysel and hillsborough. united fans always say they sing these songs because they had to put up with munich taunts. they make out they are not as sick as scousers. thing is had munich never happened,ubited fans would have been the ones to sing sick songs first. without a doubt. shanklys feath and hillsborough would have let them have a field day

  5. Oh dear, it seems the John Terry-Anton Ferdinand race row isn’t quite over yet. Anton Ferdinand must have been really insulted or else I don’t see why he’d be so unwilling to let the matter go. All this is just bringing an unnecessary distraction tot he actual football. Sigh, when will it ever end…

      1. Yeah, I don’t understand why they have to drag Ashley Cole into this as well. He was nothing more than a witness for Terry, it’s not like he really did anything wrong or what.

        And now, Ferdinand still wants to “take civil action against John Terry”?I think that’s just being downright inconsiderate, not only to fellow players but also to all the other fans of the EPL. I wish he could just forget it and let it go, no matter how hurt or angry he might be.

        1. It’s clear he feels Cole lied when he said he didn’t hear terry racialy abuse him. Coles in a postion where he go against his club captain and friend or goes against Ferdinand. Cole saying he didn’t hear anything was the easy way out.

          Needless to say it will drag on and ferdinand will get abused at Stanford bridge. You can also expect Rio to follow his brothers lead and also refuse to shake hands with both.

  6. As a Man U fan I don’t understand these mindless chants. At least the club and the decent fans condemn this crap. There is no excuse for it – I would love to ban the morons who do it from attending games. That would give them the hint to keep it out.

  7. Blah blah blah blah blah. I have no problem with the Song being sung because it’s aimed at Liverpool fc in general and refers to more than just what happened at Hillsbourgh. Now the “You killed your own fans” is and always will be wrong and I’m betting you won’t be hereing that anymore.

    As usual Liverpool fans want to take something that was clearly aimed at Luis Surez yesterday and play the victim again. Expect it louder than ever next week at anfield as this is one time the Manager and the club are wrong about it’s own fans.

    As for Liverpool fans saying they stopped singing about Munich 23 years ago youre having a fcuking laugh, right.

      1. Since when did a player or a team have to be at old trafford for us to sing a song about them. Maybe we should stop singing songs about our former players now that they are no longer playing.

        1. lol what has singing songs about your own former players got to do with anything? Sing whatever you want about your own team past or present – it’s your club, your history so use it. Out of curiosity what songs of that nature get sung at Old Trafford?

          Chanting about a team or player – neither of which are at there – is just plain odd. Can’t recall the last time anybody I know did a rendition of a club specific song while we were playing somebody completely different.

          If a small minority of the Old Trafford faithful do insist on doing it, shouldn’t they at least be belting out a Man City song instead, seeing as they’re the ones gatecrashing your party.. seem to remember it was them who beat you to it last season so I’d be far more concerned about that instead of disrespecting people in a massive week of 23 years overdue news.

    1. It wasn’t aimed at Suarez at all and I’ve heard plenty of United fans (I use that term for the proper ones – they do exist!) say the same. It was evident by the fact your club knew something would happen so got your manager to quell it by calling for a truce and then when the ‘fans’ at Old Trafford couldn’t help themselves they rushed out a statement explicitly saying that the clubs position is very clear and it’s now up to the fans to adhere to it.

      The fact certain sections at Old Trafford chant anti-Liverpool songs at every home game is pathetic in itself. I can categorically say that when at Anfield for our home games there is no anti-United chants. When they’re on our pitch there is plenty of heated banter going back and forth but we don’t utter a word when we’re playing another team… Whether United are playing Wigan or any other team it doesn’t seem to stop the Liverpool chants. It’s sad. We’re no longer the main rivals to United in terms of titles and trophies so it bemuses me as to why we’re still in your conscience so much. After all, people are continually saying how we’re a mid-table team now but they still never stop talking about us – it’s crazy! Obviously we will always have something special in terms of our age old rivalry but there is such a thing as too far and that was shown yesterday.

      This will result in the United fans being locked in at the end of the match on Sunday until the rest of us and left. It shouldn’t be like that because we should be able to have banter but still have respect because both teams have plenty of great achievements to shout about. I just hope that if any of the Hillsborough families come out pitch side that there isn’t a sound from the away following… in fact for that reason alone I think they may bypass any such plans.

      1. So utd fans sing the “alway the victims chant” like they always do right after the chant of “racist bastard” which is aimed at Suarez and somehow it’s about hillsbourgh.

        We continue to sing songs about Liverpool and other teams to remind them how far they have fallen. Just like we did with city for years before they won the fa cup and became a co tender again.

        The point is liverpool fans continue to play the victim even in this article by making stupid statements about how they havnt mocked Munich in 20+ years and even if Munich hadn’t of happend utd fans would have been the first to come up with horrible songs about bill shanklys death and hillsbourgh.

        Of course these are the same fans who backed Luis Suarez after he admitted having used racist language towords another player. The same fans who taunted people from greater Manchester over the Harold shipman murders and the same fans who have brought inflateable airplanes to old trafford in the past.

        1. I’ve heard no reports of ‘racist bastard’. None in the media, none from other United fans (2 of them actually attended yesterdays match and we’re the first ones to say how appalled they were) and I didn’t hear it on Match of the Day when they played the thing out.

          Every club has it’s idiots, that’s not the point. They’ll always exist. I’m in no way trying to speak for every Liverpool fan, I’m speaking for myself. With comments like the above Munich one you refer to in your post, if that particular person wants to think it’s been 20+ years since a small-minded minority did that at Anfield then let him live in his bubble. I disagree with that by the way – I’ve not once said Anfield doesn’t have idiots, just like Old Trafford isn’t just full of idiots! You cannot tarnish an entire club on the shameful behaviour of a small minority of fans so to chant anything Liverpool related yesterday should have been implanted in their heads as wrong straight away. Ok we’ll never truly like each other (and I do love the banter when we play each other) but come on, we’re talking about 96 innocent lives lost and keeping us out of it for 90 minutes. It wasn’t much to ask.

          1. I agree maybe yesterday wasn’t the best time for that chant. What pisses me off is the press making it out to be so bad All of a sudden after it’s been used every week for the last 16 months. Why havnt they been reporting about utd fans singing it at games until now. It was sung at anfield last season and I can’t remember anyone saying it was about hillsbourgh. The press are just trying to stir things up now because of next weeks match.

            And for the record I’ve always said on here that what happened that day was tragic. Anytime the gaffer or anyone has posted about it ive always shown support because like a lot if people here I was 12 years old and watched it unfold live on tv.

          2. Football chants don’t get focussed on in the media as a whole unless their is a big story surrounding it, so in this case, people saw it as disrespectful given the timing of other events in the week gone by. It was the perfect chance for those people in the ground to show they can be the bigger person if you like. They could have gone into next weeks match knowing that if anything was chanted by Liverpool, they could at least sit back and be smug knowing they kept their mouths shut the week before so no mud could be slung in their direction. It’s like they wanted to stir things up to the whole thing reaches boiling point in time for kick off on Sunday. It must have taken a lot for Fergie to call for a truce and even though we all know that’s never going to happen, it would have been great for the small minority to have taken the hint as to what he was getting at.

            And just to be clear, I’m in no way insinuating you don’t think that day was a tragic event. Apologies if anything I’ve said came across to you otherwise!

  8. I love the atmosphere of stadium singing and chanting, however, I get pretty disgusted and annoyed by the tasteless downright hateful songs that many clubs sing.

    United and Liverpool are not the only teams out there singing horrible songs.

    I can still remember riding the train from Amsterdam to Rotterdam (as a Feyenoord supporter) with a train full of Rangers fans. The entire train ride consisted of hateful, curse laden, filthy songs and chants that were either about spilling blood or just plain horrible anti-catholic/anti-celtic.

    More does need to be done about fans behavior in general. There is no reason for there to be so much animosity that violence or threats of violence against opposing supporters occurs.

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