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FOX Will Air 3 Premier League Matches on NFL Sundays In September-November

Fox logo FOX Will Air 3 Premier League Matches on NFL Sundays In September November

FOX network will air three Premier League matches on tape-delay on its free-to-air network between September and November of 2012.

After last year’s incredible success that FOX achieved with the TV ratings for Chelsea against Liverpool, where the network garnered an audience of 1.67 million people who watched the game, FOX has decided to repeat the formula by showing three EPL matches on tape delay alongside NFL programming.

The three matches that FOX will air are:

Sunday, September 23:

  • Liverpool vs Manchester United

Sunday, October 7:

  • Newcastle United vs Manchester United

Sunday, November 4:

  • Liverpool vs Newcastle United

All games will be televised on delay either from 2-4pm ET (for markets getting the 4pm NFL game) or from 4:30-6:30pm ET (for markets getting the 1pm NFL game).

For die-hard soccer fans in the United States who want to watch the games live, they’ll be shown as scheduled on FOX Soccer. But having the matches available to a massive US mainstream audience will certainly generate more interest and possibly record-breaking numbers.

The only concern is whether any of the FOX markets may decide to show programming other than the Premier League matches. However, FOX’s decision to show the games on tape-delay is a wise one since it should avoid most of these issues (which usually clash when EPL games are shown live on the free-to-air FOX Network, which happens to be when most religious and political programming is aired).

In January 2012, we argued that it’d be better for the free-to-air FOX Network to show EPL games on tape delay rather than live. Thankfully they listened to you, the readers.

The September 23rd airing of Liverpool against Manchester United will certainly give the EPL US TV record of 1.67 million for Chelsea-Liverpool a run for its money.

What’s your opinion about FOX keeping faith in the EPL and showing more EPL games on the free-to-air network this Fall?

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16 Responses to FOX Will Air 3 Premier League Matches on NFL Sundays In September-November

  1. Jon says:

    Does this mean they won’t show Chelsea-Manchester United on Oct. 28?

  2. James McFaughton says:

    I’m looking forward to comparing what the ratings are for MLS on NBC’s free-to-air network versus Liverpool-Man United on FOX.

  3. JerZGooner says:

    Nothing says US ratings like Newcastle.

  4. Matt says:

    My big question is if some regions (like Milwaukee) will get stuck with syndicated programming because Fox didn’t “give them enough notice”.

    Regardless, I love the plan to show it live on Fox Soccer.

  5. Rick says:

    FOX needs to promote these games on their NFL programming to increase the audience.

  6. Cody says:

    My preference would be to see them shown live, but if tape delay means more exposure and possibly more free football on tv, I’m all for it.

  7. lsr says:

    2/3 for Newcastle ain’t bad! Football matches on NFL Sunday are great for me. I’ve watched NFL since I was a kid but unless its my team that’s playing, I really could care less. Never understood people who buy NFL ticket and watch every game.

    • Matt says:

      because of fantasy football which is taken very seriously by some people. I’m like you, I can only watch the NY Giants and the playoffs, I couldn’t sit and watch a Bengals vs. Browns game for example :D

    • Fog says:

      “Never understood people who buy NFL ticket and watch every game.” I guess that you don’t understand me, then. (Don’t worry…no one else does, either…including my ex-wives) :) I love my fantasy football…both kinds…EPL and NFL. I have Sunday Ticket and watch ALL of the games.

      I do the same with the EPL via FoxSoccer and ESPN on DirecTV. I start my Sat. and Sun. mornings with the EPL and progress into college and pro football.

      I started playing NFL fantasy football in the mid-1970′s when I had to get the scores from the Monday morning paper and manually calculate them for the whole league!!!

  8. Jeff says:

    Newcastle United on free TV in the USA??

    Hadaway Man!

  9. Christian says:

    As long as you can still watch the matches live then I’m fine with this.

  10. uss245 says:

    More please!!!!

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