FOX Soccer Plus Available As A Free Preview September 15-23

FOX Soccer Plus will be available as a free preview between Saturday, September 15 and Sunday, September 23, 2012.

Some of the games you’ll get to see in the preview include:

Saturday, September 15:
10am ET — Manchester United vs Wigan

Tuesday, September 18:
2:45pm ET — Montpellier vs Arsenal

Wednesday, September 19:
2:45pm ET — Manchester United vs Galatasaray

Sunday, September 23:
8am ET — Tottenham vs QPR

Check with your cable or satellite provider regarding the availability of the free FOX Soccer Plus preview.

More details about FOX Soccer Plus can be found on its website at

11 thoughts on “FOX Soccer Plus Available As A Free Preview September 15-23”

  1. Quite a preview…nine days and only two EPL games. That is exactly why I have never paid $14.99/mo. to have FS+ in my DirecTV package. In my opinion, FS+ is a joke from an EPL perspective. If you are a rugby fan…it might be worth the price…but not solely for an EPL fan.

    FoxSoccer2Go offers many more EPL games for $19.99/mo…but I would never consider paying that much, either.

    1. FS+ is definitely a JOKE. now that Champions League is in play, they are going to LOCKOUT people who have the entire Champions league package, so that they have to pay 14.99 for JUST ONE MORE CHANNEL!!! Total Scam.

      1. JP, FOX Soccer Plus is always $14.99 (or less on some cable channels). It’s been that way for 2.5 years.

        The Gaffer

  2. Never understood people complaining about the price of fs+. I’d personaly jump at the chance to pay $14.99 if Comcast offered it here in Philly. I’ll easily spend twice that on a several pints and some food at the pub when Utd games are on FS+.

    I’d easily take Comcast giving me FS+ over them giving me FSC in HD.

    1. Mufc77…

      As in insight to my perspective..I am retired living on Social Security…I no longer drink…I am on a diet…I am anti-social…no one has ever understood me…and I can’t jump.

      Fog (the “og” stands for “Old Guy.” This is a family forum so I will leave the “F” to your imagination.)

  3. I have Directv and subscribe to Fox Soccer+. What disappoints me is that Directv show Sat/Sun morning games live in HD on Ch 621-1 but all other games including tape delays in Standard Definition on CH 621.

    Very frustrating!

  4. beIN on Comcast in Minneapolis … but still no Fox Soccer Plus…interesting…and I’ve had FSC for something like 3 years…as United fan disappointed I won’t be watching this weekend next week’s games live…

  5. I’m on Dish in CA. Fox+ wants me to subscribe if I try and tune-in. No free preview as far as I can tell. Anyone else got this problem?

  6. I noticed this as well. The free preview does NOT include Dish, Comcast, Time Warner, Adelphia and many others. On their website they give the (very short) list of providers.

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