Hillsborough: Prosecutions Likely Over ‘The Biggest Cover-Up in History’: The Nightly EPL

It’s been a long day, full of emotion and plenty of revealing facts. Not surprisingly, the findings from the Hillsborough Independent Panel report have been the main stories throughout the day — whether it’s the personal stories shared by people on the radio or online, or the facts revealed from the 400,000 documents studied.

Here are the main stories tonight:

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4 thoughts on “Hillsborough: Prosecutions Likely Over ‘The Biggest Cover-Up in History’: The Nightly EPL”

  1. The government has to follow thru with prosecutions now that the truth is out and i don’t care how old or how deep it goes this is just the first step. Hold their feet to the fire. What a travesty of justice how it could be covered up for so long is mind blowing. History repeats itself it is always the cover up.RIP Liverpool 96 and the families.

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