Hillsborough – The Search for Truth, ITV TV Documentary [VIDEO]

ITV1 London – Hillsborough: The Search for Truth by dm_504e6c14eab33

On the heels of BBC’s own documentary about Hillsborough, entitled “Hillsborough – Searching For The Truth,” UK channel ITV has released their own TV documentary with the similar title of “Hillsborough – The Search For Truth.”

The 60-minute program is a heartfelt look at the families of the Liverpool 96, who are hoping for the truth to be released tomorrow, as well as the hope for accountability regarding the Hillsborough Disaster of 1989, where Lord Justice Taylor ruled that the cause of the massive crush where 96 people died was due to failure of police control.

The documentary is a sobering insight into the expectations of what families hope they’ll find in the Hillsborough Independent Panel.

Justice for the 96.

Note: The audio and video are out of sync in the video, but hang in there, the video is certainly must-see TV.

5 thoughts on “Hillsborough – The Search for Truth, ITV TV Documentary [VIDEO]”

  1. Sigh… how sad it is when disasters happen. I just hope that anyone found to be at fault faces his consequences, given the seriousness of this incident. But more important is that the families of the victims are gracious enough to forgive these people, knowing that they are human and are bound to make mistakes too.

    1. forgiveness without justice (or remorse)isn’t going to happen. Maggie’s thugs got a whitewash, the victims were blamed. That wasn’t a ‘mistake’, it was policy.

      1. My bad if I got any details wrong because I must admit, I’m not entirely familiar with the facts and background behind this incident. If it was indeed more than a mistake, then I agree that it is unacceptable and these people deserve more punishment.

        As dfor your point on “forgiveness without justice(or remorse) isn’t going to happen”, while I understand that it can be very difficult to forgive someone who isn’t remorseful towards you (I myself have experienced it before and it was indeed a struggle), that isn’t an impossible task and we shouldn’t let anything stop us from trying all possible means to do so. After all, it is better to get rid of emotional hurt quickly then to have it haunt it for the rest of your life, don’t you think?

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