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FA Talks Could Lead to Renaming of Wembley Stadium: The Nightly EPL

wembley stadium FA Talks Could Lead to Renaming of Wembley Stadium: The Nightly EPL

Lots of news about England tonight in the build-up to Tuesday’s match against Ukraine at Wembley. Speaking of Wembley, the Football Association of England is in talks that could lead to renaming the stadium according to The Telegraph. While I can understand that the FA needs the money after the exorbitant amount of £££ they spent on Wembley, it would be a shame to change the name of such an iconic stadium. Hopefully the FA will make the right decision here, but I doubt it.

Here are the latest Premier League and England news headlines tonight:

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5 Responses to FA Talks Could Lead to Renaming of Wembley Stadium: The Nightly EPL

  1. dust says:

    I’m fine with this if the companies name is Wembley..otherwise its absolutely ridiculous..there are just some things that should be left alone..and this is one of them.

    This FA executive team SUCK…. leave it alone!, I would rather see Sponsors on the national team shirt than this.

  2. coachie ballgames says:

    two points
    1. The original, iconic, and much-better looking Wembley Stadium is gone, this is a new one with an awful pitch, so renaming it doesn’t feel quite as awful as Mike Ashley’s attempt to rebrand St. James’ Park.

    2. Supports and media alike are free to call the stadium whatever they wish. In fact, in an era of rampant corporate branding, and with some stadiums changing names seemingly every other year, it would be more responsible of the media (and I speak more to the American media where corporate names are more common) to refer to a stadium’s name as “(club’s) stadium” rather than use a corporate name which some people may not know.

  3. SoccerLimey says:

    Let’s face it. The FA are the most useless bunch of bumbling ass clowns around. Imagine for a moment if they had been charged with getting London ready for the Olympics. What a joke that would have been.

    I say fire the lot and put Clive Woodward in overall charge and make Lord Coe chief executive with a special assignment to oversee the England team.

    There we go. Simple.

    We’d have a World Cup and a winning team.

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