Roy Hodgson Believes Tom Cleverley Can Play Fábregas Role for England: The Daily EPL

If you watched England’s impressive 5-0 win against Moldova on Friday, you will have noticed how Tom Cleverley played a key role in midfield for the Three Lions. While he did miss a few glorious chances in front of goal to make his name on the goal sheet, the 23-year-old Manchester United midfielder showed plenty of promise. So much so that England manager Roy Hodgson believes Cleverley can play the Cesc Fabregas role for England.

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7 thoughts on “Roy Hodgson Believes Tom Cleverley Can Play Fábregas Role for England: The Daily EPL”

  1. I like Cleverly, but everyone needs to calm down a bit. This is another negative aspect of the break, the media need something to write and they listen and analyze too much to statements from an over zealous England managers

    I think cleverly is a good player with a lot of potential, but it was Moldova! Who to be honest are probably about the same standard as the Azerbaijan under 21 squad. The fact it’s being called the fabregas position by the England manager is also pretty amusing.

  2. I agree. I think he’s a good player with a lot of potential, but still has a ways to go to truly prove himself. Having missed most of last season was a pretty big setback for what could’ve been a big year for him.

    I try not to get too caught up in the English media frenzy (especially during slow times like this). Better to wait and see what he does for United this season.

  3. Excerpt from Hodgpodge press conference in the guardian/observer.

    “he’s an attacking midfielder in the same way as Cesc Fábregas”

    Then in the next 30 seconds

    “It would be wrong to label what type of player he is: for me, he’s just a good midfield player and he took a bit more responsibility in Moldova”


  4. Alex
    how could you skip over the CR7 headline in the Mirror about SAF asking Glazers to break the bank to get him back. With a who cares International break and no transfer gossip they have to print something to sell papers. just giving you a bad time you do a great job with the headlines.

  5. I want to have whatever Roy hodgson is having. Cesc Fabregas has infinitely showed way more talent than Cleverley or any english midfielder has shown so far. Cleverley is a good player who had a great game against a weak Moldova team. But that is about it.

    This reminds me of the time when Gerrard proclaimed Joe Cole as the “english” Messi.

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