Men’s National Team: Are We Overreacting?

Friday night, things didn’t go as well as had been hoped.

Dempsey got a goal, but...

A trip to “The Office,” officially known as National Stadium in Kingston, Jamaica, spelled a 2-1 loss for the U.S. Men’s National Team. With three games played in Group A, the United States is not only behind Jamaica in points, but tied with Guatemala (in 2nd place only because they’ve played 2 matches on the road to Guatemala’s 1).

A lot has been said about the US tactics – from using three defensive midfielders who didn’t connect well with the attacking players, to possibly leaving captain Carlos Bocanegra on the bench when other leaders were injured (like Landon Donovan and Michael Bradley), to even the hesitation Klinsmann showed in making changes to try to get back to level with Jamaica. While the US team was without some key players, it still seems like a shock result.

A quick recap – after Clint Dempsey cleaned up a rebound in the first minute of the match, two separate free kicks doomed the US to defeat. The second came in the 62nd minute, as Luton Shelton bent a perfect ball to Tim Howard’s right in off the post. It took nearly 10 minutes for Klinsmann to react with a change, bringing on Terrence Boyd and Brek Shea. He also was forced to leave Dempsey on for the full 90 minutes – after Dempsey hasn’t played a competitive match in weeks.

So here’s your chance to have your say. The team has incurred two polar opposite results, from the historic first win at Estadio Azteca in August, to a frustrating loss in Kingston. Is this as big of a deal as some have made it out to be? What does this say for the US chances for making the Brazil World Cup, and Klinsmann’s as a coach for the National Team? Feel free to comment below and let us know your thoughts.

7 thoughts on “Men’s National Team: Are We Overreacting?”

  1. No……………………..hard to over react when not having
    Donovan and Bradley results in that. I think we make the hex pretty
    easily, but making the hex os not what any of us are hpoing for.

  2. USA will make the Hex and will make the World Cup. Even the 4th
    place team from CONCACAF in the hex has a real good chance of
    making Brazil 2014 because they would play New Zealand in the
    playoff. Though…this team will struggle in a World Cup, they
    won’t get out of a group unless they get another cupcake group like
    they did in 2010 In many ways the US are in a similar position to
    Australia, an aging squad but not enough talented youngsters to
    take over for 2014

  3. United States fans overreact to friendlies, but this is the real
    thing. If we lose on Tuesday then getting to the hex is out of our
    hands, then we can panic. However, if we tie or win then it is
    still in our hands; and we finish with that small island country
    (I’m forgetting the name) away and Guatamala at home- two fixtures
    we should win. So, really I agree with Late Challenge’s first
    comment, don’t panic till Tuesday, but pressure is on. ————. And I
    agree that the Hex isn’t hard because 4 of 6 teams qualify.

  4. I hear everyone here, but can the US expect to compete with the
    great South American WCup teams if they can’t win CONCACAF, or at
    least be a close second to Mexico ? We ALL agree, no way…correct
    ? So when someone asks are we overreacting, I say no. When two guys
    go down and the team plays like that, I am more than a little
    nervous about injuries against the teams we will face in the actual
    finals………………This is THE World Cup to do it. No team,
    except Brazil, wins outside their hemisphere. It is not some fluke
    the the US did well in the US and Asia, and struggled ( not harsh
    enough ) in France and Germany.

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