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  1. Thought I would share some points I feel are negative’s to the international break.

    1) The injury risk is a major one, of course a player can get injured playing in the BPL, but I think the risk is higher especially when playing nations that don’t have the most gifted players or on less than quality surfaces. Aaron Lennon, Defoe, Dawson, Huddlestone are all Spurs players that have all been injured playing for England and when they have been in great form for the club, as a result of injury they and the club have subsequently suffered.

    2) For Spurs, having 85% of the starting 11 go on int’l duty right now will slow down the adoption rate of AVB’s system as they go to play in whatever system they play for their countries, some like England, are having new systems implemented too. Now, they are professionals and yes, it would be great to think they could switch from one system to another at the drop of the that, but its just not realistic when they are in a learning process at the club and international level, it’s behavioral.

    A recent discussion in some media has been, why is Rooney not as effective for England as he is for Man Utd, the system is part of it I think, Barca and Spain are a great example of pivotal players in both club and int’l starting 11’s playing in the same system.

    3) The timing of this break also means the players leave 24 – 48 hours after signing for a new club extending time away meaning they have an extra 10 days to wait to gel with the team…and yes, they could get injured before even kicking a ball for the club they just signed for.

    4) Momentum, for clubs that want to keep the big Mo, it disrupts it. Although Spurs haven’t had an Ideal start other clubs have, eg: Chelski, Swansea,

    I’m sure there are more issues that the break causes for coaches and why they vocalize their dislike.

    Anyways… stop teasing, give me the damn BPL. I don’t mind admitting i’ve been addicted since I was 5 and I know that no retreat with all the mud baths, pan pipes, wind chimes and cucumber water in the world could fix.

      1. Yeah, I was gonna do a list of all the injuries sustained on international duty that effected every club with its implications but stopped as I figured no one would care.

  2. As long as there is a World Cup and the Euros, there will always be international breaks. Qualifications have to be played and they won’t play them in the summer. When those breaks occur is what needs discussion. I would prefer that they take a 3 week (miss 2 weekends of games) break from domestic games and play 3 international games in that peiod, after about 10 league games into the season. The next international break will be after 20 league games of the season, and so on.

    And get rid of stupid friendlies.

    1. UEFA or FIFA were actually considering this, not sure if it will be implemented. They wanted to take 2 weeks off during the season (probably twice a season) where they can fit in 3-4 international matches and get rid of friendly matches. Under this system, the NT coaches would have more time with their team and they would be able to complete the qualification in less amount of time.

      But then again, you’d get spoiled people still crying because instead of one week off there will be 2-3 weeks off. International football can’t win I guess, even though everybody here watches the World Cup and Euros

      (I am a huge fan of international football, so I will always defend it)…yes I can do away with friendly matches, but qualifiers need to be played, even the likes of San Marino, Andorra, Moldova deserve their shot. Nobody expected Estonia to play the playoffs in Euro 2012, you never know…

  3. There will always be international breaks but the number of international may be reduced or at least the matches be more competitive by having lower ranked countries pre-qualify. Moldova should never be allowed to compete unless they are good enough. Since the break up of the old USSR there are too many nations that are not good enough in the european qualifications. Nobody is interested in half the matches so something really has to be done.

  4. /joined

    I’d much rather be watching the Premier League than internationals. It’s always such bad timing.
    I know they won’t ever do away with internationals or even a break, but they need to look at the scheduling for them.

    Is there a reason that they need to put these matches in just as leagues are getting started? I’m not so sure I have any answers, but perhaps pushing the start of the season back to the beginning of September and having internationals in early August would be better.
    This would also help out with the transfer window and getting players more acclimated to their teams and team setups. Maybe.

  5. I have a problem with the friendlies, not the true internationals. Otherwise what is the option, you just pick teams for the World Cup? As for injuries, there is insurance… As a supporter for a team that lost one of its best players playing for England, in Dean Ashton… I understand… But playing a meaningless friendly for revenue and. Playing for the right to play in the World Cup are very different things.

  6. The only issue I have is the timing of this particular break. It’s too early in the season. These games should be played in November/December after the group stages of the champions league. It might also make for more competitive matches. No point moaning about too much international football though. The world cup is still the pinnacle of the game. While I enjoy the epl and champions league, it’s England’s futile quest to win something in my lifetime that gets me fired up the most.

    1. i know i will get hammered for this but what the heck IMO EPL and Champions League is the top choice for Football. I know the argument is what about South America,club sides are going to be more polished then any world cup side. Don’t get me wrong i watch the WC but if i had to choose it would be EPL CL WC no right or work answer just my choice.

      1. Completely agree with you. I was working on my own post about what I hate about the internationals when this one also was put up.
        I would much rather watch club football where players have been working together in a set system that they know rather than these cobbled together squads that seem to change from break to break.

        I know why they have international breaks and international football, but I’m just saying that I don’t enjoy it nearly as much.
        Friendlies are even worse. Completely pointless imo.

        As Cody says… the only positive to come out of the breaks is being able to get some stuff done. For me, I was able to take a short weekend getaway and not miss out on EPL action.

      2. I dont thinkytou should get killed for it at all, i dont agree but its not a crazy statement.
        Would barca beat England? Spain couldn’t. I think international football,can be at a higher level than club football, i think part of it is timing of the main tourney vs fitness levels. England players are uber fit during the season but tail off from May.

        Looking at the success of counties that haves break in their season (germany, italy), or play the World Cup during thier regular season (brazil, argentina) the domianance of those countries winning the World Cup is ridiculous.

        Brazil 5
        Italy 4
        Germany 3
        Argentina 2

        Perhaps have the wc finals in jan or feb and see how England do.

  7. I agree, why not merge all matches and have it like a one big tournament at the end of the season, if it’s scattered in 2 years then have it after the end of each season. It would be more exciting and thrilling as well. Plus no breaks.

  8. I like the international breaks because they give me a chance to get some things done around the house.
    I’m pretty much worthless every Sat/Sun that EPL games are being played.

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