Liverpool’s Lack of Strikers Gives Teenager Suso a Chance to Shine: The Daily EPL

Jesús Joaquín Fernández Sáez de la Torre, or better known by his nickname Suso, looks set to get a chance to prove himself to Brendan Rodgers and Liverpool fans when the boss will give him a chance to play himself into the Liverpool side between now and January. This was just one of the revealing remarks that Rodgers recently made during an interview with websites and blogs. To listen to more of the interview, go here.

Here are today’s Premier League news headlines:

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11 thoughts on “Liverpool’s Lack of Strikers Gives Teenager Suso a Chance to Shine: The Daily EPL”

      1. Sorry Gaffer, Suso has never played as a striker for the U-18s or Reserves since he’s been at Liverpool. He’s been an Advanced Mid and Inverted Right Winger. The young guys that will get a chance at striker are going to be Morgan and Yesil.

  1. Oh, look just as I expected ONE game on ESPN2 the rest on ESPN3. ESPN3 is bs until everyone with an internet connect can get access to it!

  2. So, the PL is going to have meetings to see what they can do about escalating salaries. Let me save them the time, effort and hand wringing……..nothing.

    Even if a cap were determined to be legal under EU law, how could they possibly implement one without the end result being a flight of quality out of England to leagues without caps? And there is no way on earth that all the various leagues would ever agree to one, again, assuming it would be legal in the first place.

    Sad to say, but FIFA’s FFP law is about as good as it’s going to get.

    1. Where will the quality go? There are few teams that can offer multiple 100-150K salaries and most of them are in the PL. Either way, it will be a positive for english ntl team and english clubs. More academy graduates will get the opportunity to get on the pitch and transfer fees will go down.

  3. I thought both he and Sterling would both get their chance at the start of the season but this is still good for liverpool fans. Suso is a top talent.

  4. Alex, do we really need to see him four times? Is this some sort of eye test or a “one of these things just doesn’t belong” Sesame Street bits?

  5. Suso regardless of what is listed on liverpools own website isn’t a striker…he’s a creative
    Type similar to zola or David silva

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