What’s Your Favorite Shirt Of Your Premier League Club?

If you begin to count the number of different home football shirts that each club in the Premier League has had, it would make your head spin. But in those, I believe that we all have a favorite. It may be the best one in your opinion for different reasons. Maybe it was the way it looked, or maybe it was the memories that were wrapped up in what the players wearing that shirt accomplished. But everyone has their favorite.

For me, it’s a toss-up between Swansea’s home shirts from the 1981-84 and 1979-81 seasons:

The reason these are my two favorite shirts are part nostalgia, part simplicity. The one worn by Bob Latchford (seen above as he sprinted after scoring a goal against Leeds United in 1981) is so clean and simple. I love how the Swansea crest sits right in the middle of the shirt. It’s the first thing you see. I also love how the design of the collar has the two lines that come together but don’t quite intersect, on purpose. I also love the design of the shorts and those two simple aerodynamic lines.

At the time, the design of the Swansea kit was quite modern. I don’t remember having that Swansea shirt, but I do remember buying the shorts which I wore for years.

The second shirt, from Adidas, I absolutely love. It’s quintessential Adidas. The three black lines down the sleeve, the classic Adidas logo and the beautiful but simple Swansea logo. That was my first-ever Swansea shirt. I only wish I still had it today.

What’s your favorite shirt for your Premier League club? Let me know in the comments section below. And bonus points to you if you include a link to a picture of the shirt (Google Images is a savior in this regard).


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