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Wear Your Clint Dempsey Tottenham Hotspur Shirt With Pride [PHOTO]

 Wear Your Clint Dempsey Tottenham Hotspur Shirt With Pride [PHOTO]

Arguably the best US soccer player ever has jumped ship from Fulham to Tottenham Hotspur. And now you can order a Tottenham Hotspur shirt with Clint Dempsey’s name on the back — to show your support for the player, the club and your country.

tottenham hotspur shirt Wear Your Clint Dempsey Tottenham Hotspur Shirt With Pride [PHOTO]

Designed by Under Armour, this officially licensed Tottenham Hotspur jersey features an open collar, Tottenham Hotspur team badge, Under Armour logo and sponsor name on the front of the shirt. The ultra-lightweight fabric balances durability, breathability, and mobility. Mesh ventilation allows superior airflow and the anti-microbial technology. The shirt also features HeatGear moisture control. The shirt is 100% polyester. Imported.

Order the shirt today from World Soccer Shop, the official kit company that EPL Talk has been working with for several years.

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14 Responses to Wear Your Clint Dempsey Tottenham Hotspur Shirt With Pride [PHOTO]

  1. Captain Obvious says:

    What does the “UA” on the shirt mean? Oh, I get it. Under Arsenal. Duh.

  2. Mark says:

    Lol Captain Obvious,

    Whats does the Arse in you clubs name mean then, nuff said

  3. chris says:

    Very nearly nearly right Captain not so obvious – However to be correct it is a signal not an acronym “it means” Nice to see Van Persie to go a Real Club instead of Boring Arsenal”

    Now you know

  4. CTBlues says:

    Sad to see his name on the back of that shirt.

  5. Fabio says:

    #2 is a strange number for Dempsey…

  6. Nelson says:

    #2 is odd for Demsey. However, I liked Bale with #3. Don’t like his 11 shirt!

  7. Wombat says:

    his nick name is duece

  8. Lamby says:

    I hope he rots on the bench all season then gets loaned out to a League 1 team. The petulant spoiled child.

  9. AJS says:

    I ordered my shirt and World Soccer Shop printed it with a number 8! Fortunately they seem to be correcting it quickly.

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