Hugo Lloris Already Unhappy With André Villas-Boas Only Four Days After Joining Spurs: The Daily EPL

Hugo Lloris is already unhappy with Tottenham manager Andre Villas-Boas, according to Didier Deschamps. And so he should be given Brad Friedel’s performances wearing the Tottenham goalkeeper’s shirt during the team’s draws against Norwich City and West Bromwich Albion. The French goalkeeper expects to start for Tottenham, but Friedel will not give up his shirt easily. Lloris is upset that he’s on the bench and has to fight to start. What a primadonna!

The news cycle is slowing down now that the international break is on, but there’s still some interesting Premier League -related news stories today:

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13 thoughts on “Hugo Lloris Already Unhappy With André Villas-Boas Only Four Days After Joining Spurs: The Daily EPL”

  1. Fact-Lloris has not been eligible to play for Tottenham as yet, so hadly being kept on the bench. Perhaps Deschamp should stop and think before opening gob. No player has a guarenteed right of passage into any first team and given Brads man of the match performances wouldn’t expect to either. Could you imagine the bleating from the other side of the channel if the situation was reversed. Lloris may be good with a great future at Tottenham but first he has to earn his Spurs (excuse the pun)

    1. You can’t keep Friedel out after the way he’s played thus far. Lloris is most definitely the Spurs keeper of the future, but Brad has been playing out of his head thus far this season.

      1. No he has not been great this season, against Norwich yes he made some good saves, but his lack of mobility and in-ability to move off the line on set pieces has cost us dearly. He has been at fault for the the goals in the last moments of the home games thus far..

        1. If it weren’t for Friedel, our Spurs would have lost to Norwich. He was fantastic. Perhaps if we’d had better marking in the box, those last minute goals would not have been scored.

          Brad Friedel has been as solid as any goalkeeper in the EPL, except perhaps, Joe Hart.

          If I’m coach, Friedel is still #1. Lloris doesn’t get in until Friedel isn’t top notch any longer.

  2. granted its a tough call but looking forwards lloris is a younger man than friedel and lets face it brad is 41,me thinks there s no thinking about this one, it must be lloris.

  3. Upon return from the int break i’m sure Freezal will play away at reading, but after that Lloris will start…and yes he should…Lloris is a much better goalkeeper. he would have made all the saves that freezal did AND more!

    This discussion is crazy.

    its unlike the french to be dramatic huh… LOL

  4. The bigger stories should be what on earth is Hodgson doing with England selection and specifically strikers. Why the hell Crouch hasn’t been called up I have no Idea… He is still better than Carroll.

    I hope Defoe does well, but I don’t think England will qualify for brazil.

    Defoe saying in his interview that he feels appreciated at club level, so much for AVB not being a man manager, he commented this season is one of the better starts for him recently as he has started 3 games in a row, where as Harry didn’t play him for 3 games in a row so he had no chance to build fitness and rhythm.

    What will everyone do when stories start coming out of AVB actually being good with players? how will people cope? Perhaps we should listen to the French squad, I hear they have not had problems with their squad. LOL

    1. Defoe is mediocre at best. Has decent finishing skills, but doesn’t put himself in position to use them enough.
      Absolutely cannot play as the lone striker in a 4-2-3-1 system. Too small and not smart enough.

  5. Kranjcar also complained about being frozen out by Harry Redknapp and them not talking at all…apparently with Harry he was fine if you were in his plans but once you weren’t needed he didn’t care too much about you

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