Liverpool Supporters Need to Back Their Club During Transitional Season

Three games into the new season, and Liverpool is already in a state. It’s hardly a shocking revelation. In fact it’ll be easier to reflect over the past few years and pinpoint a time when they were not in crisis. Once again, the bane of the supporters is the club’s owners. Following the closure of the summer transfer window, Liverpool fans recoiled in anger at the removal of Andy Carroll and the lack of a replacement. In an instant, a realization dawned on the Liverpool faithful: Where are the goals going to come from? All of a sudden, Andy Carroll has been depicted as an acclaimed goal scorer and a vital component of the Liverpool squad despite the fact that for the previous eighteen months he was the laughing stock of English football having contributed a measly six league goals in his brief Anfield career.

In perspective, Liverpool had a fairly successful transfer window. Since Brendan Rodgers was assigned his post as manager in June, he has steadily gone about eradicating any remnant of the ill-fated reign of Kenny Dalglish. Key players during King Kenny’s tenure have been shipped out. Charlie Adam was sold to Stoke on deadline day, Jay Spearing was shipped out on loan to Championship side Bolton, whilst Dirk Kuyt and Maxi Rodriguez moved to Turkey and Argentina respectively to join Carroll on the outgoing list. Rodgers then went about stamping his own mark on the club and signed Joe Allen, Fabio Borini and Nuri Sahin, among others. The first two players Rodgers knows very well; Allen was a star of last season as Swansea broke tradition and claimed an excellent mid-table position in their first season in the top flight, and Borini impressed Swansea when on loan from Chelsea during the Swans’ promotion year in the Championship. On paper at least, you have to agree that Allen, Borini and Sahin represent an upgrade for Liverpool.

Therefore, Brendan Rodgers has a strong side to play with. A top six finish is certainly within their grasp, whilst a top four spot is not wholly impossible. The Reds have a strong spine with which to work with. Pepe Reina, Martin Skrtel, Daniel Agger, Steven Gerrard and Luis Suarez represent a solid base to a team that should be much more competitive than what they have offered so far.

The fans do have a right to be unhappy with the poor start to the season. The 3-0 opening day defeat to West Brom immediately placed pressure on Rodgers, though they did improve in the following game to champions Man City. However, the defeat to Arsenal yesterday suggests that Liverpool lack the guile and steel to really challenge the top sides in England. Arsenal was in a similar state to Liverpool going into the game. They had yet to score in the league and put in two limp performances against Sunderland and Stoke in the build-up to the match at Anfield. Despite that, they outplayed Liverpool and deserved the win. That should be cause for concern for the Liverpool coaching staff.

The poor start means that Brendan Rodgers is already feeling the heat. You sense that he could be another Roy Hodgson in the making. After the international break, which is well timed from Liverpool’s point of view, they face Man United at home. A win against their hated rivals would get the fans behind Rodgers and inject confidence into the team to get their season going. A defeat, however, would turn the Kop against the manager even more, and the owners will inevitably come in for more abuse regarding their leadership of the club.

Regardless, the club owners and the current manager cannot be held accountable for the troubles at Anfield. Fenway Sports Group, led by John W. Henry, gave Dalglish over £100m to spend during his reign. He squandered it by over spending on the likes of Andy Carroll, Jordan Henderson, Charlie Adam and Stewart Downing. FSG certainly didn’t help matters by selling Fernando Torres on the final day of the 2011 winter transfer window, but surely Dalglish could have recruited a better replacement than Andy Carroll?

In any case, the end result was an appalling 8th place finish and the sacking of the Liverpool legend. Rodgers has inherited a side short of morale and in desperate need to placate the supporters. Henry and his consortium shouldn’t have to release an open letter to the fans explaining their actions over the summer, but such is the drama at Anfield that every move is scrutinized and compared to glorious times gone by when the club were the cream of Europe’s crop. Unless Rodgers is given the time and space to reverse the club’s fortunes and get them performing once more, starting with a top 6 finish this season, Liverpool will continue to be stuck in the mire with finger pointing being the more prevalent sport than football at Anfield.

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  1. A wicked and shameful post that in no way reflects the predatory and abominable behaviour of the so-called owners of LFC.

    Fenway KEEP net profiting in transfer windows. The reason for this is outrageous, HUGE player wage cuts.
    No intention of competing. ANd so revenues will begin to slip behind former rivals.

    They keep conning the fans with their fake promises.


    1. That wordpress blog you link it is about a doom and gloom as it gets. Do you actually enjoy supporting LFC, or just winding people up?

    2. “Fans” like you are a goddamn embarrassment.The number of short-sighted, uneducated cry-babies that are supposed supporters of this club is astounding. I’m just going to keep assuming that the lot of you are sad-sack drunks that are too scared sh*tless to have a sober, thoughtful moment.

      1. I’m a Liverpool supporter, and I’d like to think that I’m pretty reasonable about my club.

        For every one idiot, there’s a hundred supporters like myself. The problem is that the one idiot is bat-sh&t crazy enough to start a blog and yell about it, while the rest of us have “sober, thoughtful moments”.

  2. Didnt Fenway authorise King Kenny’s cloud cuckoo shoppoing spree last year? And a full 35 million alone on a lumbering piece of plywood?

    Theyve spent $$$. Theyve just listened to the wrong people.

    1. A lot of players could have been bought instead. It can be argued that the purchase Carroll, henderson and Downing also indirectly affected Liverpool’s future transfer dealings.
      Clubs like Porto, Atletico Madrid and others who have top players thought to themselves: “if liverpool(premier league teams) are playing 35, 20 million for such bums, what would they pay for our players? “

  3. Thought I’d take a brief break from defending AVB and ask couple of questions for LFC fans…

    How long do LFC have to spend in the bottom 3 before Rodgers gets the sack? I don’t see them getting out for another 4 -5 weeks, will that be too long? If he is fired who will replace him? Harry? will LFC fans be ok with ownership sacking Rodgers before xmas.

    I was shocked to see Diaby have the performance he did. For Diaby to completely dominate the midfield is an absolute joke, He made Gerrard look pretty bad..i never thought I would see anything like that….shocking.

    1. Have you ever watched Diaby play? Diaby is a very talented player. He’s very good on the ball and can play any midfield position. Why do you think Wenger let Song go to Barca without even fighting to keep him like he did with previous players? Do you also realize that its been more than 1 year since he’s been fully fit?

      1. Yes I’ve watched him play and no I don’t rate him…sorry. He has either been injured, suspended because of red cards or not picked ahead of Song. I don’t remember seeing any posts asking for wengers head for not playing the midfield master that is diaby. As far as I’m concerned wenger should play him infront of koscielny or djourou.

      2. Will LFC beat Sunderland at The Stadium of Light? Will they beat Man Utd at Anfield the following week?

        I not LFC could have just 1 point from 5 think Rodgers will be fine still if that happens?

  4. Liverpool fans are failing to realize one thing: KING KENNY(and Comoli) significantly crippled the club’s present! He squandered the 100 million pound the owners gave him to improve the club. Do you realize how many quality players Rogers would have signed with that money?

    And No do not fool yourselves Andy Carroll is not the top quality striker Liverpool needs to fire them to top 4 or top of the league. He is only effective in the type of football that West Ham or Stoke play; And that type of football has never won the premier league or make the top 4. Before you go on about how brilliant Carroll was, go watch the game again. All he did was push defenders and knocking down long balls.

    You think Brendan Rogers would have gotten rid of Carroll or the rest of Kenny’s buys if he thought they were quality?

  5. As a Liverpool supporter I wasn’t exactly bowled over with some of King Kenny’s purchases.

    John Henry has made me angry this year as a Red Sox fan! Epic mess!
    I’m hoping he gets a clue, opens up the wallet and spends some cash in January!
    Wish we could have signed Dempsey

  6. It’s things like this transfer mess that makes the glaziers look like good owners. They atleast seem to understand the concept that in football you need to be willing to spend money to achieve some level of success.

    I do agree though with henry that they shouldt risk long term stability for short term success but if spending 6m on a player who can easily play another 5-6 seasons is putting them at such risk then Liverpool fans should be seriously worried.

    1. Liverpool’s poor spending last season really hurt their prospects this season. Everyone is on about how they should spent the money on Dempsey. By October, they’d have been on Henry for having spent the money on Dempsey.

  7. I recently wrote my own opinion piece on the American owners in the English Premier League. Mostly spurred on by John Henry’s recent comment.

    I really feel like American owners see Premier League teams as just another way to make money and really do not understand what it means to be an EPL owner.

  8. This is what happens when you have owners who have no clue about football. It is inconceivable that Henry and company would allow Carroll to leave without having a replacement lined up. Shocking that they have shown such incompetetence.

    The letter Henry wrote to the supporters this morning was only in response to the outrage shown by supporters and you could tell it wasn’t well thought out. It was full of generalities without specifics as to how the club will improve in the short term or the long term. As Liverpool become more entrenched as a midtable club they will have difficulty attracting talent.

    1. So the Owners are responsible of transfers now?? Whats the problem with Henry writing a letter to the fans? how many owners even bother writing personal letters to fans?

      Who cares what the fans think? Liverpool fans are some of the most delusional fans out there. They thought Carroll was the best young striker in Europe when Dalglish signed him for 35 million pounds. None of them questioned those ridiculous signings.
      Do they even realize that Liverpool has spent more money than either United or Arsenal the past few years? The only club that compare to them spending wise is Manchester City. ANd City won the League. What has Liverpool got to show for all the money spent? mid-table status.
      Right now they have a good Manager in Rogers who will look for value in the transfer market. It won’t happen tomorrow but the fans need to be patient while the club is restored back to its former glory.

      1. I think it does matter what the supporters think, at least to a certain extent.

        As for Henry… does it matter that he wrote a letter? Does writing a letter suddenly make it all better?

        In the past Liverpool did mess up some of their transfers. When you continually make changes to your manager, you need to be ready to make changes to the roster. When you bring in a new manager with new ideas, be ready to have that manger ask for new transfers to help him build the team he needs.

        1. yes but the team doesn’t have money to spend. It is a slow process. They already tried the splash the cash method and it failed miserably. They’ve already realize that they made a mistake in not securing Dempsey’s signature. But you are failing to realize one truth: “whether Carroll is on the squad or at West Ham, it makes no difference to Liverpool’s chances of success this season or in the future”. So i dont get why you fans are complaining.

  9. All of you people whining about the Andy Carroll signing: You realize that had Liverpool shipped off Torres and not bought anyone to replace him you would have all freaked out with the equal doom and gloom you have now, right? Chelsea paid you £50M for an out of form striker, you spent £35M for a very in form striker. Until recently (and perhaps still) Torres was a much bigger bust than Carroll. Complain all you want, but Torres was abismal for a long time up to (and past) when he was sold. The way I see it, the board HAD to spend the Torres money or risk a mutiny by the Kop.

    Obviously the plans of a playing Carroll and Suarez together didn’t come off as envisioned and likely cost Dalglish his job. Enter Brendan Rodgers, he has his system and it doesn’t include Andy Carroll. That’s fine, but he deserves a chance to implement his system. Liverpool would be fools to start over because you are in the relegation places in September. September!!! Liverpool is not a Champions League side anymore and if you think having a rich history entitles you to such, you are in for some long seasons. It is going to take some time and money to compete with the other teams in the top four. Take your lumps and let your new manager turn the team into his own, even if that means finishing well below the place in the table that you seem to think is your birthright.

    Oh, and as a West Ham supporter, thanks for the ‘lumbering piece of plywood’… he’ll do quite nicely for us people to whom an 8th place finish is anything but ‘appalling!’

  10. Liverpool Supporters Need to Back Their Club During Transitional Season

    I find this a little insulting to actual Liverpool supporters. Maybe it’s directed at some of the fair-weather fans that just started supporting Liverpool in the last three or four years?

    Of course we will support and back the club, just as we always have.

    Don’t take the loud, pissed-off idiots on the internet as representative of our entire supporter base.

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