John W Henry Defends Transfer Strategy in Letter to Liverpool Fans: The Daily EPL

Liverpool owner John W Henry has written an open letter to defend Liverpool’s transfer strategy. The American owner admits that the club has made mistakes in the transfer market during the first two years of ownership, and says that they don’t want to do mortgage the future of the club with risky spending.

The letter is in response to growing criticism regarding Liverpool’s inability to add strikers on the final day of the transfer window after Andy Carroll was loaned to West Ham United.

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3 thoughts on “John W Henry Defends Transfer Strategy in Letter to Liverpool Fans: The Daily EPL”

  1. Response to J W Henry Letter to Liverpool Fans

    Whilst Mr Henry is entirely right that Liverpool FC must spend money in a responsible and ethical manner so that they do not to get into financial trouble waters and there is a long term strategy for getting the football club back to its glory days, I am afraid to say that his strategy are unsustainable. For instance, in a football league as cut throat as the Premiership along with all the other cup competitions that the team has to compete, the owners have stripped the team to the bare bones in order to save money. They could have done these savings by the process of gradually selling the players over two transfer windows, particularly those who are not good enough and are over priced. They have left the team exposed and also, turn the manager into a muppet.
    The question that I would like to put to Mr Henry is where is your contingency planning. How can you tell the fans that the club has made mistakes in the last two transfer markets and then, force the manager to loan a striker whilst he was guaranteed that he would get a replacement straight away. Mr Henry Liverpool fans are not stupid. The manager’s press conference says it all. he said that he wouldn’t have allowed Andy Carrol to go on loan if he knew that he would not be allowed to get a replacement. He has been let down by you and your incompetent management. They are so clueless that they offered 3M for Dempsey. Even though he is 29, he is a proven premiership goalscorer. Your management team could and should have made an exception in relation to his age and allowed the manager to buy Dempsey as this would have allowed the team to settle and grow in confidence. I am afraid your financial prudence may backfire and Liverpool fans will never forgive you for exposing the team and the manager in the manner you have. Sustainable financial strategy is indeed very good but I am afraid to say that you have thrown the baby out with the bath water this time and your letter appears like it has been written by a politician but not a true Liverpool fan.

  2. Agreed. I’m far from a Liverpool supporter, but it seems pretty obvious that he doesn’t have a clue. He, like so many other American owners, has purchased LFC to attempt to make more money for himself and doesn’t have a clue as to how the EPL is run.

    If he is not careful, he’s going to run the club into the ground without even realizing it. Maybe that’s a bit over the top, but I’m sure that there are quite a few Liverpool supporters out there that would agree with me.

  3. Mr Henry is clueless about football and his letter didn’t answer the question as to how the debacle that occurred on friday when liverpool failed to bring in a repalcement for Carroll. To return Liverpool as a top club you have to spend money, sometimes at a short-term loss. That is what all the other top clubs in Europe do. It’s how you build revenue that then pays your debts. The strategy employed by Liverpool only works if all the other clubs play by the same rules. With FSG in charge Liverpool will never be able to return to the top as the other clubs will continue to improve and Liverpool will find it harder to catch up.

    Liverpool supporters need to get used to midtable status for the foreseeable future.

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