Inside FOX Soccer’s New Studio For the 2012-13 Season [VIDEO & PHOTOS]

Video: FOX Soccer studio tour with Rob Stone

This season, FOX Soccer has moved into a brand-new studio for its coverage of the 2012-13 soccer season.

The new home for FOX Soccer’s coverage of the best soccer leagues is the new-and-improved Studio 2A at the FOX Sports Network Center in Los Angeles. The studio is the same venue used by the NFL on FOX and MLB on FOX.

As you can see from the above video by Rob Stone, as well as the photos below, FOX has made a considerable expense to elevate the look-and-feel of its broadcasts.

12 thoughts on “Inside FOX Soccer’s New Studio For the 2012-13 Season [VIDEO & PHOTOS]”

    1. Todds comment times 1000 …did anyone hear rob stones spoiler alert crap when showing highlights….first time i muted my tv since christian miles started commentating for Seria A

  1. This channel is slowly descending to abyss. Nice graphics and studio but whoever is making these personnel decisions needs to be fired. Apart from Bobby McMahon, i can’t stand anybody on that channel. The 10pm Soccer Report now branded Soccer News was a show I rarely missed. Now it’s turning into some cartoonish ensemble with one tattoo girl trying to parlay her beauty into stardom masquerading as professional presenter with dumb questions from twitter. And for the love of God, who’s that preppy annoying guy doing most of the talking now ? Jesus H Christ, these geniuses got rid of Jeremy St Louis, Derek Taylor, Mitchell Lizzell, Eion Callahan and Asa for frat boy and barbie as cornerstones of one program that has sustained the channel til now. I want Bobby to jump to beIn channel now even though I don’t have that on my cable yet. They are wasting his talents and you can tell he’s not that comfortable trying to engage in substantive football discussion with these annoying tandem. I don’t know why the execs think we don’t notice it as fans. Plus Dichio and Thomas Rongen as in studio what ? plllllllleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzz

    1. You do know Fox Sports has no say in who is used on Fox Soccer News and that Bobby McMahon lives and works in Canada and that BeIn Sports is in Miami.

      1. You mean to tell me it’s so difficult to produce a highlight show mostly English centric on a sport you own rights to in US and Britain ? Why does it have to be produced from Canada ? As far as Bobby being in Canada, if beIN is willing to pay him what’s wrong with taking a plane to Miami and do what he used to do – previewing games on Fridays and reviewing them on Mondays ? That’s sounds like a good gig to me.

        1. It all comes down to the $$$ and Fox Sports doesn’t want to spend the money on making its own review show when it can get one done in Canada by Rogers for a lot cheaper.

          As for McMahon he doesn’t even want fly from his home in Winnipeg to Toronto to film Fox Soccer News now.

    2. I completely agree. They’re sacrificing the quality for the low overhead cost and it’s annoying. Fox Soccer Report was programmed into my DVR every day so I could watch it at 10 EST or when I woke up in the morning. Now I’ve dropped it all together and I’ve been watching ESPNFC Press Pass instead, and I’ll scour the internet for Match of the Day highlights.

  2. Rob Stone and Warren Barton commentating on games? That’s an insult to our intelligence.
    And when are Fox going to realise that showing the teams coming out and warming up then going back to Stone and Barton in the studio spouting crap really is a buzz kill.

  3. I hate to say it, but Rob Stone has been awful this season, especially in the Champions League coverage. I understand the playoff round doesn’t have the “big clubs” but he was so direspectful to some of the teams. I understand he has passion for the sport, but he hasn’t done a good job

    I actually like Wynalda though

  4. Hate to be negative because I DO appreciate having access to games, many more games than most of us ever dreamed possible over the years since arriving in the states (early 90’s for me)…but I have to be honest and say that I would just rather Fox give us the Sky feed and let us enjoy the games and the programming from sky and not try to dress their own coverage up, no matter what they do its not going to be enough and I’d bet anything that they would only GAIN new fans by showing the before and afters from SKY…which is also ad supported and in which the Fox ads could easily be spliced into the coverage.
    I understand that not every game is a Sky or ESPN UK covered game (soon to be BT) but if FOX showed full programming coverage of all those that are, I would bet that more fans would be enticed by the quality of the coverage and analysis on tap.
    To be fair Fox have tried and made a lot of progress, but to be honest its never going to be good enough when compared to the UK offerings, not slamming Fox, just a realistic opinion from someone that has been watching football on Fox Sports World and beyond over the years and will still go to the trouble of running a stream to get quality analysis on Sky and Match of the Day…might not always agree with them, but its a better quality product, hands down.
    Its no different than people back home wanting to watch the FOX/NBC/CBS/ESPN coverage of American Football games…they know how to do it best and its TOUGH to replicate in another country…Fox is in that boat over here
    I wish there was a way that they could agree to experiment with it on Fox Soccer and perhaps poll their viewers and then move on it from there…Gaffer, any thoughts on this? has it ever come up in conversations?
    Again, I am a huge fan of Fox Soccer Channel’s coverage of games…but not a fan of their programming around the games
    Cant have it all…but we can always ask 😉

  5. Have to agree w/most of the comments above, Fox Soccer News has really declined in terms of the quality of its presenters. Upgrading the technical aspects and facilities shouldn’t mean that they take away or add even more annoying presenters/pundits. Bobby is the only one I can stand listening to who actually knows what he’s talking about, the others are amateurs at best. At this rate I’d love to be given the opportunity myself as a replacement for any of the numpties that are on there to be honest.

  6. Dave G,
    You took the words our of my mouth, exactly how I feel. The mute button goes on until kick off then again at halftime, it’s got so bad that I’m even irritated if I catch, “Let’s send it down to ……. and ……. for the first half call.”

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