Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 3: Open Thread

Savor the moment of today’s games. The next time we’ll have a Premier League Saturday will be TWO weeks from now due to the bloody international break. Ugh!

Kicking off today’s bevvy of Premier League matches is West Ham United against Fulham (7:45am ET; ESPN2). The Hammers will probably give Andy Carroll his debut in front of the Upton Park crowd, while Fulham will be missing Moussa Dembele and Clint Dempsey. The early kick-off should be an entertaining match between the two London teams.

At the traditional 10am ET/3pm BST kickoff time, we have four matches to choose from — Swansea against Sunderland, Tottenham against Norwich, West Brom versus Everton and Wigan against Stoke.

Then, last but not least, the late kick-off (12:30pm ET/5:30pm BST) is Manchester City against Queens Park Rangers.

Before, during and after today’s Premier League matches, post your rants, raves, questions and observations in the comments section below.

82 thoughts on “Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 3: Open Thread”

  1. Wigan v Stoke, pencilled in for last on MOTD. We never get anything at Wigan, even when they had the grass bank at Springfield Park they were a bogey side. As for Adam and Nzonzi, it’s like a bloke who’s just bought his first fish tank deciding to put two Samurai fighting fish in it together. They’ll be squabbling over who’s the dirtiest bastard on the pitch. Hey ho, I suppose if everyone sees us that way we may as well conform to the stereotype.

      1. I don’t disagree, but he fits the plan so to speak. If he can provide the spark he seemed to at Blackpool then all will be well. Of course, for him to provide good corners Stoke will have to start earning a few. 😉

        1. You noticed that against Arsenal then? Fuller and Etherington would have been playing for those corners over the last couple of seasons. Pulis will have to whip Kightly into shape.

    1. Yeah very early but it seems like he will be an excellent fit into that long style they play. I wish the best for the guy now that he is off of Liverpool.

  2. Fulham looks awful in the first 30 minutes.

    I’m expecting more from them in the second half. They can play much better than that. West Ham controlling midfield. And whenever Fulham gets the ball, West Ham are pressing really well.

    The Gaffer

  3. I wonder what Liverpool fans and management must be thinking now with Carroll playing well for West Ham and they didn’t get anyone to replace him. Everyone seems confused with Liverpool’s actions this past week, letting Carroll leave and not bidding more than 3 million for Dempsey as he was supposed to be Carroll’s replacement.

    West Ham will now be confident of staying up with a possible 6 points out of 9. Fulham let their two best players leave and that is going to be a huge loss to them. They may end up among the relegation-bound teams. They should stay up but could be fighting all season long. Early days yet so we shall see.

  4. Two weeks ago, Fulham were ripping apart Norwich. Last week, West Ham looked miserable against Swansea.

    This week, it’s all turned.

    Early returns on Carroll are positive.

    Fulham might have been wise to do some business earlier.

    1. If england call themselves a top international then Carrol shudnt b able to get a game. He cudnt even play for spain u21same for france germsny italy &brazil. All he can do is head the ball. Hes not a mordern forward and is an avg player at best. He will nevr b a great forward Welbeck is miles bettr than carrol yet he doesnt get half the praise. Guidetti for city is a better forward to. I dont c how or why england wud play him ovr rooney defoe welbeck. Players like carrol are why england hvent won anything since 1966

  5. Carroll with an injury. He looked good today tho. In general West Ham look like a whole different squad after there piss poor performance against the Swans last week. Big Sam must have let them have it because they are showing alot more effort on defence and pressing the hell outta fulham whereas last week they sat back and let Swansea controll the play.

    Carroll injury didnt look good tho, to bad he looked rejuvinated today. cheers

  6. Berbatov should have started the match. His pass to Rodallega was exquisite. Fulham could have got one goal back from that Rodallega shot if Jaaskelainen hadn’t managed to make that save.

    The Gaffer

    1. Ya i agree i don’t understand why Berba didn’t start. He came on in the second half and Fulham looked like a different team actually getting a few chances unlike in the first half where there attack was non existent. Fulham are going to be relying alot on Berba because from what I saw today and after selling there top 2 players, they look weak.

  7. Early report is that Carroll’s injury isn’t as bad as it looked. Just a slight strain on the hamstring rather than a pulled hamstring. When he was leaving the field the other West ham players were joking with him so they must have known right away that it isn’t that bad. But we shall see.

    West Ham definitely looked better today than they did last week against the Swans. With Carroll they have another option and he’ll setup his teammates to score. His physical strength will be used to its maximum by Allardyce.

  8. Swansea could actually be top of the Premier League by the end of today, and even for the next two weeks…which would be a really incredible achievement for them.

    Go Swans!

  9. As a long time Hammer supporter / sufferer, I was originally against the signing of Carroll, a failrly one dimensional player.

    But with the addition of Jarvis and Benayoun, they now have playmakers who will / should get the best from Carroll.

    Add Nolan and Vaz Te, and I see lots of goals this year.

    I’m still not convinced about the back 4 and the keeper, but it should be fun watching some 5 – 3 rollercoasters!

    Hammers to stay up, finishing 12th.


    1. Good test for Swansea now to see what they’re made of after going down 1-0 to Sunderland.

      And just as I write that, Routledge scores. Excellent goal against Sunderland who are defending with 7 people at times.

      The Gaffer

        1. It wasn’t Craig Gardner’s fault, though. Neil Taylor came in too hard in the tackle, but I know what you mean. I’ll need to start booing Gardner now every time he plays, and saying that Gardner tried to break Taylor’s ankle on purpose! 😉

          The Gaffer

  10. Norwich set up well putting 11 behind the ball and countering when the inevitable Livermore poor pass or Lennon poor touch happens and breaks down any forward motion.

    For some reason we are not playng as high or with as much pressure as we were in the pre-season or first 2 games.

    Benny is not playing well looks lazy. Gallas to negative, Caulker needs to start making appearances.

    Defoe should be removed.

    1. A very enjoyable match to watch, but while I would have loved to win 3-2, I’m happy with the 2-2 result. Swansea played with 10 ten for most of the second half, lost their star full back to injury and had to come back from being down twice in this game, and still managed to be the better team on the day.

      I was encouraged by what I saw today by Swansea except for Ashley William’s poor defensive mistakes.

      The Gaffer

  11. Livermore needs to be benched, terrible game. Huddlestone…well…should have gone out on loan. Benny just terrible again.

    Spurs have played terrible today, dembale the one shinning light.

  12. Looks like Adam had a good debut for us, I’ll take a point away at Wigan given our track record against them. interesting that Huddlestone started for Spurs after going so far as to have a medical at Stoke (deal was called off at our end as Spurs wanted £500,000 loan fee and a 24 hour recall option! Cheeky twats).

    A couple of weeks to bed Adam and Nzonzi in now, then probably get pasted by Citeh.

    The division between the Stoke fans is incredible at the minute, the amount of people willing us to get beat so they can rip into Pulis seems unreal.

      1. He’s a marmite manager, I put it down to him constantly playing square pegs in round holes. He’s been manager twice now and it’s always been like this amongst the fans. When he left there were Stoke fans wanting Plymouth to beat us as Pulis was in charge, now there are people who hate him wanting us to lose just to back their argument up. It’s pathetic really.

  13. Gaffer
    were you listening on talksports to the Swansea match?they switched away in injury time had to refresh to get the last 2 mins.

  14. Hooray! So pleased that Norwich got that equaliser they fully deserved. Wished they had won the game though, they had that fantastic chance right at the end but for some poor finishing, it would have been a massive win for them and a massive blow to Spurs.

    So gutted that Swansea were reduced to 10 men and that their 100 per cent record has come to an end… never mind, at least there’s always a next time! I still believe in the Swans! 😀

  15. Saying that, Norwich some how have a good record against us at the lane. Last year we lost to Norwich so a draw is a point better.

    This fox team are absolute garbage. They have no idea about the locker room.

    1. LOL

      It wasn’t a good performance but Norwich Setup well..

      Fox continue there anti AVB rhetoric, Warren Barton saying they should have played with 2 strikers blah blah blah, but forgets that Harry did that, harry played the formation against Norwich last year, and what was the result last year? oh yeah thats right we lost 2-1. Norwich played well and got the draw…its not like we got no points.

      Its no time to panic, be disappointed yes, but the post game comments and parsed Dempsey quotes are a joke and typical reactionary pundit rubbish.

      This is what Dempsey’s statement was:
      “I’m very excited and looking forward to the challenge,” said Clint.

      “To play under this Head Coach and play for this club is a dream come true. I want to make the most of it and work as hard as I can to get onto the field and do well.

      “There are a lot of great players here, I’m looking forward to training and playing with them and trying to fight for a spot in the team.”

      What part do you think Fox quoted? the last paragraph. no mention of how excited he was to play under AVB.

      So far this season we dropped 2 points against WBA compared to Harry, Gained 1 point from Norwich as harry lost that game and dropped 1 point to Newcastle as last year we drew 2-2.

      So fixture for fixture for fixture we have dropped 3 points…its early… not concerned… The media crap during the international break will annoy me, but thats part of it.

      1. I agree with everything you’ve said dust. But I cannot understand why they aren’t starting Adebayor. They bought him to start for them. He was fantastic last year.

  16. Lots of people had West Brom in the relegation zone yet here they are unbeaten and beating both Liverpool clubs. Maybe Liverpool should have made him first team manager.

    Spurs are already in crisis. Two draws at home against teams you should be beating if you want to challenge for a top 4 position. Still early but the WHL faithful will be calling for AVB’s head very soon unless Spurs start winning quickly. Dembele did show his worth and maybe with Dempsey to still play for them they could turn it around. Anxious times at WHL.

    Sunderland may have done the best business by buying Fletcher who just knows where to be and scores goals.

    1. Not me. We’ve got Steve Banyard and John Gregory on the worldwide commentary. Good duo. Who’s on Talksport? Collymore?

      The Gaffer

  17. So Everton were being hailed as the great new hope and an amazing team, moyes a genius. can they make the top four, they look brilliant.

    Now they loose to WBA who spurs drew against..everyone freaks out and star the AVB attack attack…perhaps WBA are better than everyone else now and can beat barca too!

    Or maybe just maybe, everyone should relax and realize. ITS EARLY IN THE SEASON.

      1. LOL so you think he gets a fair shake? Have you seen the articles written on here about him.. I am defending my club and attempting to balance out the apparent bias. :)

        1. Have to say I was surprised by Barton’s comments implying AVB had already lost the locker room and the players didn’t get his system. After three matches he has that all figured out? Come on, Warren. Seems like the lazy analysis generally leveled at Stoke.

          ALL of the early handwringing and back slapping is way too premature.

    1. NTN, it’s security to keep them apart from the Manchester City fans. It also looks like QPR didn’t buy all of the tickets in their allocation.

      The Gaffer

  18. Watching this Manchester City match, it makes me wonder which of the top clubs in the Premier League are the worst so far this season. Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenham have all been uninspiring.

    None of them have set the season on fire yet.

    The Gaffer

    1. I think the amount of international players activity in the summer at the euros, olympics and international friendlies is why it not been great.

  19. Why is the English media making it look like Andy Carroll put in a Man of the match performance. All I saw was Andy pushing around defenders and flicking on long balls. If that is a man of the match performance then i do not know football at all.

    on AVB: the rhetoric against AVB was always going to kick off if Spurs struggled. It is the same thing when Spain was playing a false 9 during the Euros and pundits were going on and on about needing a true Centre Forward but once spain won the euros, they all had eggs on their faces and couldn’t say anything but praise Spain.

  20. I agree that ABV was going to come under fire the second Sprurs struggled, but it’s only reasonable for the fans to turn on him because of what happened at Chelsea coupled with the sacking of one of their most successful managers ever, Redknapp. Looking at the Chelsea issue, AVB took a strong team, lacking a few key parts, and completely ran them into the ground. The fact the Blues went on to win the Champions League shows that clearly he was the square peg, not his team.

    Looking now at the Sprus situation, as a fan I’d start to panic now too. Is he going to run another decent team into the ground for a second season in a row? I’m a gunners fan, and I actually feel sorry for Spurs.

  21. Well, Spurs put on another awful showing. ABV needs to get with it and make some changes to his starting lineup or he will find his new master Levy all over him, if that hasn’t already started. These are the teams we should be winning against. What happens when we go up against United, City and Chelsea.

    1. wht changes do you need him to make to his starting lineup. Dempsey and Adebayor aren’t match fit(why do you think they are substitutes?) Dembele just signed to signed a couple of days ago.

      1. You are right, and lets not forget that the apparently unquestionable character that is clint Dempsey isn’t match fit because of his unprofessional behavior in trying to leave Fulham.. We bought Dembale from Fulham (who looks money already) and he is match fit after he was a professional staying with Fulham.

        The changes he could have made but didn’t that I see is not playing Livermore, who continues to look poor and out classed in that role, giving away the un-neccesary free kick resulting in the goal. Instead of Livermore, look at putting Sig just in-front & to the left of Sandro so that Sig can distribute to Bale, Lennon, Dembale, and Defoe.

        You could see the frustration of the players today when things didn’t happen for them, they want to win for AVB their frustration got the better of them unfortunately.

        I cant watch the game again until midnight, I will and go over each performance as I normally do. I know watching again i will see “The many mistakes of Benny” (which could be a book) …Norwich should have had a penalty, again benny out of position, lackluster and a liability, i say bring on kyle Naughton!


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