Reminder: Get Your Beat The Manager Predictions In For Gameweek 3

After this weekend’s matches, we’re going to be halfway through the Beat The Manager contest to give away our first Apple iPad 3.

If you haven’t made your predictions for this weekend’s matches, do it now before tomorrow’s 6.30am ET/11.30am BST deadline.

Beat The Manager is a one-of-kind game where you get to pick which team your manager should select, as well as which team your club’s manager will pick, and to guess the final score.

Contestants will be scored on how close each contestant is to the correct predictions.

  • Play today at (click on the ‘Play the Game’ link next to number two).
  • If you’ve never played before, be sure to register (under number 1).

Finally, if you’re a supporter of West Bromwich Albion or Wigan Athletic, it’s time to show your team’s colors.

As promised, we’re still working on calculating all of the scores to date, so as soon as those are available, we’ll post them on this site. In the meantime, keep your head down and keep on playing so you can rack up as many points as possible. Best of luck!


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