Clint Dempsey Turns Down Aston Villa Deal, Insists On Liverpool Move: The Daily EPL

In breaking news, Clint Dempsey has turned down a move to Aston Villa even though Fulham and Villa agreed a £7m deal. Dempsey is insisting that he wants to move to Liverpool instead. Brendan Rodgers, meanwhile, refused to talk about Dempsey in his latest press conference. The Reds seem to be favoring a loan deal move for Daniel Sturridge, but Chelsea will probably only let Sturridge go if the Blues sign German international Andre Schurrle.

So for Dempsey, it appears to be Liverpool or bust.

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7 thoughts on “Clint Dempsey Turns Down Aston Villa Deal, Insists On Liverpool Move: The Daily EPL”

  1. Liverpool don’t have the cash or don’t want to spend the cash on Dempsey. They will try to get him for under 7 million at the last minute if it is to happen. Fulham will not want to keep Dempsey so they may have to accept Liverpool’s lower bid unless Villa can persuade him to join them. This could be one of the more interesting sagas of the day.

  2. Liverpool are going to need someone like Dempsey as they are in the group of death in the Europa League in the same group as Udinese and Anzhi.

    1. Its not being a baby. This is his last chance to play for a big club with his age. Cant knock the man for having goals and trying to accomplish them.

  3. The manner in which Dempsey has gone about wanting to leave Fulham is what’s wrong about it all. Every player should strive for other challenges but how you go about getting it is equally important. As good of a player as he is I just don’t see him as being that big of a success at Liverpool in the way they play under Rodgers. I think that’s why they have not gone after him with more intent.

  4. BRENDAN ROGERS , favoritism has no place in football. Borini is not better than dempsey go for the best not what you want.unless u want to end up like our so called ing kenny who wasted livpool furtune

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