Clint Dempsey Signs For Tottenham Hotspur In £6m Deal

Tottenham Hotspur has signed US international Clint Dempsey in a last minute deal on transfer deadline day.

Out of all of the last minute transfer deals, Dempsey’s transfer is the one that went back-and-forth more than any. Yesterday, it was reported that Liverpool offered cash plus Jordan Henderson for Dempsey, but Henderson didn’t want to move to Fulham. Then this morning, Aston Villa agreed a £5m (plus £2m add-on) deal with Fulham. However, Dempsey turned down the opportunity to move to Villa Park because it was reported he wanted a move to Anfield instead.

And then today, Liverpool and Tottenham lodged deals for Dempsey. Reportedly, Liverpool offered £4m, which Fulham turned down, but Fulham and Dempsey were able to agree a £6m deal with Tottenham Hotspur with just one hour to go before the deadline.

The move from Fulham to Tottenham is certainly a step-up for Dempsey. Tottenham desperately need a proven striker, so Dempsey’s arrival is a win-win.

What’s your opinion about Dempsey’s move from Fulham to Tottenham? Can Deuce be as pivotal at Spurs as he was at Craven Cottage? Will he be able to help Tottenham qualify for the Champions League at the end of this season?

42 thoughts on “Clint Dempsey Signs For Tottenham Hotspur In £6m Deal”

  1. Dempsey isn’t really a striker though. Sigurdsson, Dembele, Parker, Lennon, and Bale are already in the Midfield. Who does he replace there? I guess he could play on the right in a 4-2-3-1, but that’s not really his best place. When he’s been out wide he’s always been on the left.

    1. I think this may be more of a bargain deal snapped up by Levy than filling a hole in the lineup.

      Dempsey for 6m? Heck yes, a piece of good business by Tottenham.

  2. Espn is reporting that Fulham asked for a higher fee from Liverpool than they did Spurs or Villa. What a joke if that is true

  3. Well done Liverpool, way to have all the transfers be one-way-only and making us even LESS deep. We spend huge on rubbish like Henderson and Downing and Carroll, and then balk at a piddly 7M or so for a proven scorer like Dempsey? Has the world gone MAD???

      1. Only in the deluded mind of King Kenny. Don’t forget Charlie Adam.

        On the bright side, Rahim Sterling is going to play every week.

  4. I’ve seen a few Spurs fans complain about this move and cant understand why. You got a proven goal scorer in this league for peanuts (in football standards that is) and if for some reason it doesn’t work out your not taking much of a hit. I mean compared to some of these other awful big money transfers like Downing, Carroll, Torres ect.. this is really no risk. I’m fairly certain Clint will supply goals for Spurs and will could be the bargain of the summer. AVB might have quickly crafted himself a nice “project” as he likes to call it.

    Liverpool are a bunch of stiffs, middle of the table it is then.

    1. Totally agree. Clint will do what he always does. He’ll be feisty, crafty, score goals, and win people over.

      As a Liverpool supporter, I’m very annoyed the club didn’t make the Dempsey transfer happen. Ian Ayre sucks and has no balls. The club actually got weaker over the past two days. Who exactly is going to score goals, oh mighty braintrust?

      Spurs, on the other hand, have done a great job this week. Dempsey wanted Champions League football and he is now likely to get that chance next season. Hell, he might even challenge for the league title.

  5. Kane and Huddlestone move from Spurs to Fulham.

    Fulham may also have signed Palacios from Stoke.

    Stoke sign Nzonzi from Blackburn.

    1. Today they both were rubbish. Overall I think Arsenal did better doing sum good business early on getting Podolski, Giroud and especially Cazorla who i think will have a great season for them.

      Liverpool to me just dosent have the bodies up front to hold up in the Premiership and Europa league and I think top 4 is a stretch for them.

      1. do you think the loss of Song and the weak back four will haunt Arsenal all season long?i think it will be a long season for Liverpool in league and Europe they drew a tough group.

        1. Frimpong will be back in a few weeks. Wenger seems sold on him.

          Arsenal didn’t need to act today. They kept Walcott. I believe that Giroud will start scoring for them in a few more matches.

          Liverpool, on the other hand, look like they will be utterly mediocre without someone who hits the back of the net more times than he hits the post or bar.

  6. Thank god the transfer deadline has passed. Looking forward to getting abck to watching soccer again. Too bad today’s Super Cup was so one-sided and Chelsea stank up the place but hats off to Athletico madrid for playing so well and giving Chelsea a lesson.

  7. Dempsey is a proven goalscorer, not so much a striker. Nice to see him move before the deadline. That could have gotten ugly. Even better, he joins a team that actually has a shot at the Champions League, unlike Liverpool.

  8. I don’t think there is a downside to this move for Spurs. Dempsey has his best position but he can also slide in to a few other spots. There is the exisiting relationship with Dembele and the squad at Spurs is one I can see him fitting in well with. But even if he is just okay they paid way less for him than the numbers being thrown around.

    I can’t help but wonder if Liverpool (or certain factions within the club) never really wanted Dempsey. They supposedly scoffed at Fulham’s asking price but he was eventually sold for significantly less. They sent Caroll out on loan and you would have thought they would make a real push for another striker.

    I know a lot of Americans wanted to see him in a Liverpool shirt but I get a feeling this is the best possible scenario for all invovled. ….except maybe Fulham.

    1. Actually he has more chance of getting CL football at Spurs than he would have at Liverpool. Liverpool dont have a player the caliber of Bale.

    1. I think he’s jumped off the deep end.

      To me, it’s a fantastic move for Tottenham. With Dembele and Dempsey, a proven partnership, Tottenham could push for the title if they play their cards right. There’s still a long way to go, but they made all the right moves if everything can come together on the pitch.

      The Gaffer

      1. LOL…

        After some research, thought and single malt therapy to get over the Moutinho miss. I think the formation is going to change a bit. My horror was mainly a reaction to what I felt was concrete evidence we were not going to sign Moutinho.

        If and its a IF he works out and scores goals and isn’t lazy like he can get then fine. I will warm to him if i see it.

        I think we are a lot stronger and as you may have noticed from my perm prediction I think we will challenge for the title, we have great depth in midfield so tactical substitutions will be made to maintain extreme pressure on opposition. I hope AVB uses clint in the central role beneath the striker when he does use him as his runs into the box are good and instinctive and what we have been missing.

        If Dempsey turns out to be money, then great, I want every spurs player to succeed, I just don’t buy that Clint will do it for us– but then I think, AVB has a plan, and so far I really like what I see, so just trust in AVB.

  9. Dust
    no attention was given to the back four do you think your defense will stand up?big PLUS on getting Lloris deal done.i think the back four will be the weak link.

    1. We had 2 additions to out defense, caulker and verthongan, centre and right back positions are in good condition. It isn’t a popular view but it’s LB I worry about.

      If a back four system is used then of current abailable i would go walker, caulker, vert, naughton.
      Or to develop walker as a right midfielder (like bale), or as a back up for lennon this works too…
      naughton, caulker, galas, Benny.

      I think we could have a great wingback shape (3-1-4-2)to with 3 at the back in front of Lloris. (this would only be once Kabul is fit)

      Caulker, Kaboul, Verthongan
      Walker Dembale Sig. Bale
      Defoe or Dempsey

      Just a thought tho. The formatting above looks fine on my iPhone, sorry if the formatting gets squirly.

  10. And yet, weeks ago, I was telling people Dempsey would be a Spur, even as many topics even excluded WHL from all possible destinations. Who gets the last laugh now? This should prove to be a great match.

  11. As a yank I support Dempsey on the National team but to join a poxy, no mark, the history that never was, sh%t support, POS club is beyond me.

  12. Dempsey – lazy? that the opposite of what I’ve been watching all these years

    that for me is a crazy assertion- thank God Spurs didn’t overspend- ending up with a + Defender 3 + Mid Fieldesr -and I think Dempsey can strike a much improved gk and the return of our best striker – with MC paying half his wages all at very reasonable fees

    we’ve added quality at every position- my main concern with Dempsey was age and burnout but for 6 million the risk is much reduced

    Motinho would have been nice but I think our midfield is golden. goal is secure, I agree with AVB in this formation we don’t want a third striker sitting around pouting – I think Bale, Dempsey and Dembele can all play forward at times- ideally I would want to replace Defoe with another striker but I like Defoe off the bench.
    With Kaboul out another defender would have been nice as well though our young players can deliver, and I’m glad Dawson is there-AVB should play him over Gallas until Kaboul is back

    still have money in the bank for January to see where we are

    I think this current lineup suggest we are blowing off Europa League -Harry Kane will have his chance to shine there

    1. Yes Dempsey can be lazy, and in this high tempo system we will see how effective he will be after 60 mins in it. I find it difficult to believe I’m the only person that see a sulk mode from Dempsey on occasion.

  13. Gaffer
    are you happy with what the Swans did in the transfer market?injuries not with standing anything you would like in the winter transfer market.i think they did great they added but also sold to pay for additions maybe even made a pound or two.

    1. I’m extremely happy. Earlier in the transfer window, several readers were concerned about Swansea losing Joe Allen, Steven Caulker and Gylfi Sigurdsson. But like I said at the time, Michu was a better player than Allen, Chico Flores was better than Caulker, De Guzman was better than Sigurdsson. And now the Swans have lost Sinclair, but Pablo Hernandez is better than him.

      Plus on top of that, we picked up Ki Sung-Yueng, who is supposed to be an excellent attacking midfielder. And Itay Schechter (who is supposed to be a quality striker). Plus Kyle Bartley from Arsenal. So I’m pleased as punch.

      The only signing I can say right now that they may want to consider in the January transfer window is a different back-up keeper. I’m not a big fan of Gerhard Tremmel.

      And you’re right. The Swans made money in this transfer window and picked up better replacements at the same time.

      The Gaffer

      1. I think it is a little to early to say that those new signings are better than the players that departed. Give it 3-4 months and see if they are as consistent.

  14. For those of you who bad-mouthed Levy, Spurs have signed Lloris, Dempsey, Dembele, Adebayor, Vertonghen, and Sigurdsson. What team has done better???? They should be delight to watch and make a Champions League spot this year.

  15. Howard
    do you think your back four will hold up? i think they will be your weak link maybe Lloris can make up for them but that is a big task for new goaltender in a new league.

    1. Barring injury, back four should be no worse than last year, and with the addition of Vertonghen, even better. Don’t know the fate of Dawson, but if he’s still here, he can help as well. Left and right backs are solid.

  16. Dempsey also provides versatility….he can play any position along the front and score goals.

    and LOL at Dempsey Lazy.

    people forget Dempsey didn’t start playing professionally until 21, hes not been loaned out to 2nd and 3rd division sides since he was 17. not a ton of miles on dempsey’s legs.

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