DirecTV Drops GolTV From Sports Pack Tier

It’s not the final nail in the coffin, but it’s certainly a big blow. Satellite TV provider DirecTV has dropped GolTV from its Sports Pack tier.

In an e-mail to DirecTV customers on Tuesday, DirecTV informed customers that “GolTV on channel 627 will no longer be available effective on 9/13 on Sports Pack.” Instead, the new international soccer network beIN SPORT has pushed GolTV off the DirecTV Sports Pack. beIN SPORT is available in HD and SD on channel 620.

Although DirecTV’s e-mail to customers failed to mention it, GolTV is still available on DirecTV — albeit on the En Espanol package for $14.99/month extra. That package includes ESPN Deportes and FOX Deportes, among others.

The impact of GolTV getting dropped from DirecTV Sports Pack will have a detrimental impact on the number of GolTV subscribers. It’s estimated that GolTV will lose 4 million subscribers as a result of no longer being available on the Sports Pack tier.

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  1. I hope Cox cable doesn’t do the same as I like watching the Bundesliga which is now the only European league that GolTV carries and having lost La Liga they show more Bundesliga matches. I would only accept losing GolTV if they replaced it with beIN as they carry La Liga and Serie A.

    1. Unfortunately, looks as if that won’t be happening anytime soon. Gol TV own the rights until 2015 from what I’ve read. Bah! >:

      1. Fox Soccer is a soccer station not the EPL network. They need to get something else incase someone out bids them for the EPL rights.

        1. Well, if FSC keeps showing this many EPL games in HD, I don’t have to get FS2Go. Saves me $20 a month!

          Besides, showing so many EPL games may do well for them, if the Premier League cares about actual exposure in the American market. I don’t know whether that comes into play or not.

          1. If it means being able to watch say Dortmund against Schalke 04 vs West Ham against Stoke I wouldn’t mind the EPL game getting kicked to FS+ or FS2Go.

  2. Who can blame them? They needed make room for another “hop-over” shopping channel selling overpriced tinpot jewelry.

    Hopefully, GOL will be smart and devise a streaming option for their channel — I’d happily pay a reasonable annual subscription fee for a decent feed of their programming.

    1. +1 right there. I’d love to get Bundesliga as a streaming option. I watch 95% of my soccer this way.

      Speaking of which, Gaffer have you heard if beIN plans to offer something like this – something web-based analogous to FoxSoccer2Go? I’ll sign up for that like 1 second after it becomes available.

      1. beIN SPORT is working on a streaming product, but whether it’ll be open to users who are not TV subscribers to beIN SPORT is not known at this time.

        The Gaffer

  3. Given that beIN SPORT is not available to the vast majority of soccer fans it makes sense for them to make it available to all on the web.

    1. I’m not so sure about that, from beIN’s perspective. If they make their channel immediately available to all on the internet the most rabid and vociferous fans will take it and no longer have reason to badger their cable companies. This would fragment the potential audience that they need to pressure those companies. TV is where the real money is right now, even if that dynamic is slowly changing. I don’t think you’ll see beIN streaming for any but those who are on cable/satellite systems that carry it.

      As for its availability, right now beIN is on DirecTV, Dish and Comcast, which have about 55 million subscribers. If they snag TimeWarner that’s another 12 million and at that point beIN most certainly would be available to the vast majority of soccer fans.

  4. I’m not going to be shocked if beIN Sport buys out GolTV- especially if they manage to get the US EPL rights. It would be a way for them to get spots on cable systems more quickly.

      1. I’m totally miffed @ DirecTV for taking GoLTV of my original Sports (Soccer) Package and would like to know if anyone knows another Provider I can switch to.
        Especially miss the Bundesliga.
        Any worthwile tips would be greatly appreciated.

  5. Interesting. The one game I watched on BeIn was with the annoying Barca-lovebird GolTV commentator… thus, my understanding was that BeIN was part of GolTV or sublicensed GolTV’s products… seems like the exact same feed.

    Is GolTV in HD now? [I dropped my cable subscription last summer]. I don’t think BeIn is HD… gives Fox Soccer a leg up, imo.

  6. The heck with Gol TV. I won’t shed one tear when they’re kicked to the curb. It took those jackasses losing La Liga to finally get around to giving a damn about Bundesliga. I figured this was coming when I saw the channel get dropped down seven slots on the channel guide. Good riddance. However, I’m wondering, didn’t Fox used to show the Bundesliga some years ago?

  7. That really stinks. I mainly watch Bundesliga games, and now I am completely in the dark with no way to get the content anywhere else. I went from being a pretty happy DirecTV customer to thinking about canceling in one night.

  8. I recently read an article about ESPN signing another deal with Bundesliga in July for their UK and Ireland markets. Obviously, it doesn’t do much for those of us in the U.S.. However, I’m sure this means we can still catch some Bundesliga on ESPN 3. That’s better than nothing, I suppose. 😀

  9. I can’t believe that direct tv can’t make something happen here. I only watch soccer or football. I’m disabled and I don’t get out but I love all the games on Goltv..I even watch reruns of games. I am a die hard soccer fan and I get so angry when it seems like no one cares about a sport that is the best in the world. If this was going on with American football Direct tv would find a way to keep the channel. I don’t understand why we can’t have three dedicated soccer channels? They must be popular enough ..Help me..I’m so frustrated!

  10. Dropped Fios for DirecTV yesterday. I was dying not being able to watch Juventus. In some ways it’s good that Fox can now concentrate on really promoting the Premier League.

    I’m sure eventually they’ll obtain Rights to more leagues. They do have the Dutch League now as well. Fox will also be broadcasting Premier League games before some NFL games on Sundays so there will be a lot of cross promotion for Fox Soccer.

    No matter how much money beIN Sport puts on the table they’re not going to get the Premier League Rights due to the lack of penetration.

    Competition between the two networks is good. Fox soccer from 8AM-1PM then beIN Sport from 1PM on. What a great day.

    1. “No matter how much money beIN Sport puts on the table they’re not going to get the Premier League Rights due to the lack of penetration.”

      Lack of penetration?? They already have the two major satellite companies in the US (DirecTV & Dish) plus the largest cable company (Comcast) on board. That’s 55 million subscribers…..and they have just started. TimeWarner is the only big fish left (15 million subscribers).

      If beIN really wants the Prem’s rights they’ll get them, no problem. We’ll find out real soon.

  11. “As a result of DirecTV’s new relationship with the Emir of the State of Qatar and founder of Al Jazeera, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani, DirecTV intends to remove GolTV from its Sports Pack effective September 13. Despite GolTV’s efforts to negotiate a solution for soccer fans, DirecTV is determined to eliminate more than 500 live and exclusive soccer matches aired each year by the network. For consumers who love soccer and want to see GolTV’s 24-hour programming including Bundesliga, European World Cup qualifiers, the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup and top leagues and tournaments from the Americas, we urge you to contact DirectTV at 1-888-777-2454 or by clicking here to let them know you want GolTV to remain a part of the Sports Pack, enabling you to watch your favorite teams on GolTV. Subscribers to the Mas Latino package will still be able to watch GolTV on channel 456.”

    1. Mas subscription is about $18.00 more per month. All I care for is GoLTV and was the major reason I switched from Cable to DirecTV!
      Paying almost $118.00 to DirecTV without any Movie Channels just for Soccer is asking too much.

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