Tottenham Agrees £12m Fee with Lyon for Hugo Lloris: The Nightly EPL

Phew! It’s been a hectic day in the transfer market. Only hours after Moussa Dembele looks set to be heading from Fulham to Tottenham Hotspur, the boys from White Hart Lane have agreed a deal with Lyon for the transfer of Hugo Lloris. With an exceptional goalkeeper competing for the starting position with Brad Friedel, all that’s left for the Lilywhites to sign is a striker to finish a very successful transfer window. Can they do it? I wouldn’t bet against them.

Here are the Premier League news headlines of the day:

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40 thoughts on “Tottenham Agrees £12m Fee with Lyon for Hugo Lloris: The Nightly EPL”

  1. Does that mean that Gourcuff is on the move again? Considering one of his best friends is gone? Is Toulalan still at Lyon? United could use a little creativity in the middle of the park.

    1. Swansea want GBP 6.2m for him. Man City hasn’t met their valuation. If Mancini wants him, they need to pay up. If he stays, it’s another great player off the bench for Swansea. It’ll then be up to Sinclair whether he wants to accept Swansea’s contract renewal offer, or leave on a free next summer.

      The Gaffer

        1. Yes, there’s a sell-on clause where Chelsea would get 500k, but Manchester City is stalling on making a deal. Perhaps they knew that Walcott was going to be available instead.

          The Gaffer

  2. Dembele signed for 15mil and now Lloris looks set to be our number one. These are not bad signings but are hardly crucial. Our midfield is strong but lacks a playmaker now that ratboy is gone. These two signings could have funded Moutinho which is a Like for like with Modric. Also, with nearly all this money spent what do we have left for a striker? THE weakest position at spurs.

    1. Who says all of the money is spent? Who says more players aren’t on their way out? It’s early in the transfer window for Spurs standards 😉

    2. I agree! Of course a 15-20 goal a season number 9 would be the icing on the cake, or any other
      confectionery metaphor you’d prefer, but If it did’nt happen within the next 72 hours, then I for one
      won’t be unduly worried!

      With the addition of Dembele (Willam?) plus Bale, Siggi, Lennon??, we have goals in the middle
      of the park. Two centre-Backs capable from set-pieces and if that elusive number 9 dose’nt arrive,
      then VDV won’t be going anywhere just now and is likely to be deployed just behind Ade!

      But like you, I,d prefer the addition of a striker, but, as I said, I would’nt be unduly concerned if
      it did’nt happen this window!


  3. False, Levy already had made money available for AVB plus all the sold players like Kranjcar, Corlucka, Crouch and so on plus the money for Modric will make the availbe money around 70-80 million :)
    It’s just that we don’t want to pay more money than a player is worth and that’s just good policy.

    In Levy and AVB we trust!


  4. This is a serious bargain for $12 Mil (I’m sorry but I honestly can’t figure out how to make the GBP sign on my keyboard. I know there’s a difference between the two currencies.) He’s an experienced champions league goalkeeper that enhances their credibility. I love Friedel to death, but he’s starting to lose a step or two while moving across the goal mouth. Hopefully Spurs do him a solid and move him to a different premier league side that needs a quality goalkeeper if he wants to keep starting matches.

      1. £££££££££££££€€€€€€€€€€€€€€
        Hold down that option key and you have a whole new character set.

  5. Great day for Spurs! Brad Freezel will sit, Lloris gives us great leadership at the back and will make it easier on the defense.

    Now add Willian and we will be good for now….unless….Loic Remey is taken next, then Defoe will go to Villa or LFC.

  6. I wanted to take a second to reflect on the madness that the transfer window generates snd its impact on the arse and this Sunday’s game.

    This week is the third week of the season, I think it was this time last season the arse went to old trafford to assert themselves in the title race and instead they got spanked. This week they go to Liverpool after quite a displayby brendons boys against man city that was exciting and positive. the arse unable to muster anything resmbling excitement or a goal, are the arse in for a pasting like last years 8-2 loss. That team at least had RVP, Song and a happy Walcott.

    One can only hope that a new tradition in the prem is the arse playing away in week 3 and get walloped– is LFC the club to do that? Are the arse happy to be playing LFC at this time, on a high with a point to prove and progress needed. Will Walcott even be there?

    Will it be drama or comedy on sunday, I hope for comedy.

    1. Liverpool need to get something from the game or the pressure will just increase on BR, if they don’t start picking up points at home soon then come September those “easy” games they are supposed to win become must win matches.

  7. Moutinho will be a Spurs player before the transfer deadline. They have offered 20 million for him. I see this happening.

    Defoe will be leaving and the Russian Dzogaev (Sp) will join.

    1. Guy
      i could not agree with you more it seems to me this transfer season is insane.other then the first weekend of matches the closing of the transfer season will be the next best thing.

  8. Lloris, Walker, Vertonghen, Kaboul, BAE, Sandro, Dembele, Sig, Willian, Bale, Adebayor


    Lloris, Walker, Caulker, Kaboul, Vertonghen, Sandro, Dembele, Siggy, Willian, Bale, Adebayor

    1. Oooh, Vertonghen at LB? I like it.

      I will continue to tune into Spurs matches solely to watch that team. Dust, you have a beast in Lloris.

      1. I havent sen the official announcement of Lloris, I hope it is today. But yeah, he is a beast and he played LB for Ajax and Belgium, he is money and I would imagine made captain at some point.

  9. Looks like this deal fell through. Also, Defoe has signed a new three year deal. Does that mean no new striker signings?

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