Theo Walcott Rejects Final Arsenal Contract Offer, May Move to Man City or Liverpool

Theo Walcott has rejected Arsenal’s final offer, which opens the door for Manchester City and Liverpool to try to sign the Gunners winger away from the Emirates Stadium before the transfer window closes on Friday night.

This is worrying news for Arsenal. First it was Robin van Persie. Then Alex Song. And now Theo Walcott looks like he may leave the club this summer. The England international is in his final year of his contract. And if he’s not signed in this transfer window or next, he’ll leave the north London club on a free transfer.

Unfortunately, it’s a similar story for Arsenal fans. With the loss of van Persie and Song this summer, and the potential loss of Walcott, Arsenal supporters will also remember that the club lost Cesc Fabregas, Gael Clichy and Samir Nasri last summer.

Walcott was reportedly offered a five-year contract worth around £75,000 a week, which was rejected by his representatives.

While Walcott has made more than two hundred appearances for Arsenal, the emergence of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain as a star winger will be comforting for Arsenal fans even if Walcott does leave, as expected. But the worrying sign for Arsenal supporters is the talent drain from London N5 — which continues to be a combination of the club unwilling to pay hefty wages as well as a lack of silverware in the cabinet.

As a footballer, Walcott has been frustrating to watch. The level of his play goes in extremes from simply incredible to frustratingly poor. He still has a lot of room for improvement in his game, but there’s no doubt that he possesses a wonderful raw talent that can, at times, split defenses apart.

Where do you think Theo Walcott will end up at the end of this transfer window?

46 thoughts on “Theo Walcott Rejects Final Arsenal Contract Offer, May Move to Man City or Liverpool”

  1. no true gunners fan is worried about this, cash in if anyone offers for him. He and gervinho are too similar, and are not effective against teams that sit back and absorb the pressure. Plus his “consistency in spurts” comment sums him up perfectly…not losing any sleep over this

  2. This is the opposite of van Persie…we will be selling one of our worst players, getting a good fee for him, and selling him to a rival. This is a win, win, win for Arsenal.

  3. Can’t believe that Walcot is rejecting a 75k per week offer.How much is Chicharito earning?I ‘ll rather put my bet on Chicharito. Good riddance!

  4. Don’t know who would actually want to pay more for Theo, but as a neutral I can tell you this, his leaving does not represent a “talent drain” from Arsenal.

    1. he better move to your pathetic CL and finished below everton..and will be the same this season..everton will crush you home and away HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  5. What is going on at Arsenal I thought we had built this new stadium to compete on the same level as rmadrid barca Manu man c !! This is what the arsenal board told us but we might as well stayed put as its a total lie I’m 43 from islington and been a gunner all my life and every year we sell from viera to henry to toure gallas clichy ovremars van bronchurst nasri cesc rvp and more all did or are still plying there trade at the top level gd enough for others but not arsenal!!! Lol stuck with bender denilson squillaci djuorou who earn to much that we can’t sell them it’s a joke thats gone too far and its insulting every arsenal fan that has ever bought a shirt paid a season ticket paid a tout for an over priced ticket and the due hards who travel far and wide too see them play it’s an attitude similar to the bankers and pension theifs who only have time for you when you are paying in but god forbid you would like a return on your investment you are not worth the s**t on there shoes god forbid you should say anything how dare you just shut up and give us your money this the new Arsenal if they can frog march dein out of Arsenal who dared argue for success on the pitch first and finance second don’t expect anything to change anytime soon until the yank and Hillwood and the tossers are out then expect this for the foreseeable future we need to organise protest regularly they need to see we mean business and stop taking us for mugs thanks for taking time to read this I hope you feel
    The same

    1. It is called Oil Money. It has changed the game. When they planned the stadium they didnt think this would happen. Now they are holding onto FFP for dear life.

        1. I seem to recall him mentioning growing up an LFC supporter. This may or may not have something to do with his footballing future. In other words his boyhood allegiance may or may not factor into where he will end up.

  6. Walcot, Nasry, Fabergas, Van Persie, Clechy all played together at one time at Arsenal. Result? Nothing! Time to reload and try something new.

    1. Thank you and i’m certainly not losing sleep over Theo Walcott. His presence or lack thereof makes no difference in whether Arsenal wins or not. Once in a while he blazes past somebody and score a goal, but it’s the other 90% of the time that’s the issue. I really wanted Wenger to sign Dembele but I guess getting rid of this headless chicken will have to suffice. Clean slate it is Wenger, we didn’t win anything when Arsenal had these prima donnas ( Cesc, Nasri, Clichy, RVP, Song, Ademoney and Kolo) why waste any energy about losing.

  7. To me, this is disappointing news… I felt that Walcott was just on the verge of getting there. Love his speed, just needed to work on making his efforts pay off. Unless we see some last minute activity, this is going to be a looooong season for the Gunners.

    1. It feels like he’s been so close for a number of years though. I don’t this will be that big of a deal in the end. We still have some pretty good talent in wide positions, and let’s be honest, would any real Gooner take a slowly developing Theo over the promise of what Oxlade-Chamberlain will probably bring to the table in the coming seasons? Plus there’s still time to do something with all this transfer money, and Arsenal have seemed to show in this window that we aren’t going to take it lying down when key players opt out.

  8. a sussessful team needs most of the starting 11 to be somewhere on song for most of the duration of a game can we EVER say Theo has been that individual SADLY NO so let him go the ox offers so much more

  9. Walcott is a star for Arsenal & also a regular starter for England.
    “Could’nt care less if he goes” so called Arsenal fans should be renamed “I know …. all” about football fans.

    If this Walcott & another Arsenal debacle is true I would encourage Santi Cazorla to put in a transfer request now.

    We fight every day for this club – they will only begin to fight for this club when the share price starts dropping.

  10. Not sure Liverpool will pay him around 100,000 a week as that’s what he’ll demand if he turned down 75,000. Liverpool will have to offload a number of their overpaid mediocrity first and that won’t be easy before they can commit to Walcott.

    City can afford his high wage demands and I think that’s where he might end up. It does depend on whether he wants assurances of first team football which City can’t guarantee with the world calss talent they have. This transfer will be interesting.

    1. You point out reasons why I have a feeling he’ll end up staying at Arsenal. Nowhere else will he get as much playing time and consistent CL football. He’d have to go abroad for that. Plus the story just smells a bit of media hype, and they could be playing it up for us to savor on as the window ticks down. Would like to see Arsenal keep him, but I won’t lose much sleep if he goes. Such is life as an Arsenal fan.

  11. Who is responsible for contract negotiations at arsenal . Who is responsible for allowing players to get into the last year befor we start negotiating a new deal? How many times does it have to happen before A that person gets the sack B tackle the issue earlier it’s not exactly rocket science , what’s the point in signing new players only to sell the same amount and those being your best !! What is Arsenals stratergy now? What happened to youth now we sign developed internationals ? It makes absolutely no sense anymore thanks to the yank , Ivan who?? And the dinasour Hillwood we’re starting to become like the spuds this is how they do business !!!

    1. From today’s Guardian and to your point:

      “The player had indicated towards the end of last year that he wished to remain at the club and requested talks, though those formal discussions did not commence until after his participation in Euro 2012 with England.”

  12. They should let him go and try to sign somebody like Eljero Elia who is better then Walcott and is probably on smaller wages.
    Walcott is not worth 100K/week if you ask me.

  13. Rily hope we don’t sell him,trust he’s gonna come good pretty soon then we’de have big regrets.becoming embarrassing being an arsenal fan.

    1. The regret won’t be so huge. No many really want to see Theo go, but definitely not worth 100k a week. Replaceable.

  14. Guess I’m not the only one that thinks losing Theo is not really a loss. Kinda feel for him as he’s lost his mojo. So if he wants out…. “eh, whatev”.

  15. Maybe he’s doing what Dalglish suggested Arsenal do with RVP. Staying until the January transfer window and seeing where arsenal are and then deciding whether to stay or not. No wonder players are leaving, the hate they get when they turn down an offer, maybe they want to see where arsenal are when it gets to the near end of their contract, in the same way a club like Arsenal do with players. A player can change a lot in 6 months, they might get him on a 5 year contract and he turns out to be terrible. This might be why Arsenal wait until they’re on their last year before offering them a new contract.

  16. Wallcott is the perfect example of a young player going to a bigger club and not reaching his full potential because he never got extended playing time in his first couple of seasons. Even now he’s still not a certain of a starting spot in the team. He the classic example for younger players to look at and ask is it better to stay with a smaller club and get first team experiance or sit on the bench at a bigger club and watch. I don’t cate how much he learned from training with the likes of Henry and RVP everyday nothing can be better than actual playing every week.

    I can’t see him going to city for those reasons alone. Lots of players egos tell them they are good enough to start for city but the reality is the majority of them will not see much playing time, then again I don’t think city would even be interested in wallcott as he hardly strenghtens them much.

    Liverpool probably couldn’t afford him and if they could he be swapping CL football for a mid table team which won’t exactly help him at international level. My guess us Wenger will actually make him see out his contract then let him walk for free.

  17. Walcott will end up at Manchester City. One of the reasons the deal between City and Swansea over Sinclair broke down was that City were made aware that Wolcott’s negotiations with Arsenal was breaking down.

    Where Sinclair will end up will now become an interesting question. Will Liverpool go for him?

  18. Surely he’s just using this as leverage to get an improve contract?

    I don’t think Manchester City is really an options for him, as he knows he will get little playing time. There’s probably a slight chance he could go to Liverpool, but I don’t think the current regime is interested in a player like him – they seem to prefer players with an up-side. Then again, Rodgers likes himself a winger.

  19. It would be wise of Arsenal to sell him. He’s always been over rated. Liverpool may work out because they like to over pay for inferior English players.

  20. I think he’ll end up staying at Arsenal as they’ll reach a compromise of 80,000 – 85,000 pounds in weekly wages. If Liverpool are interested he’ll ask for 95,000 which is what he wants Arsenal to pay him and I’m not sure Liverpool will pay him that much plus the 15 million or so in transfer fees. Liverpool won’t even get that much if they sold Carroll to fund the transfer.

    Manchester City will pay him his asking wage but he won’t get regular playing time and that will affect his England chances just as Johnson found out and why he ended up going to Sunderland where he’ll play regularly.

  21. Apparently Arsenal and Wolcott have reached a short term solution so Wolcott will not be sold during this transfer window. With a one year extension it means if Arsenal sell him in January they’ll be able to get more as he’ll have 18 months left on his contract or if they sell next season then it will be the same situation as now. Good tactic to buy time and see what happens in the short term.

    Wenger did not want to sell him now because if the team does not do well he would have come in for a lot of criticism for selling some of his best players, RVP, Song and Wolcott.

    1. Walcott hasn’t signed a one-year extension. He just said that he wants to stay at Arsenal for the short-term, and doesn’t want to leave the Gunners in this transfer window. That could change if Manchester City or Liverpool come in with a hefty last minute bid, something which Arsenal may not be able to refuse.

      The Gaffer

      1. He’s doing what RVP should have done in seeing out the season half-way through before making a decision. I wouldn’t be surprised if Arsenal sell Walcott in January. That’s just the little boy in me though. :)

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