Fulham Accept £15m Bid From Tottenham Hotspur For Moussa Dembele

Moussa Dembele is on the verge of joining Tottenham Hotspur.

Fulham has accepted a £15m bid from Spurs for the 25-year-old Belgian attacking midfielder. The £15m offer triggers a release clause, which will allow Dembele to leave the west London club. His transfer from Fulham to Tottenham is subject to a medical, but now that the release clause has been triggered, there’s still a chance that another club may come in and try to enter a larger bid for the gifted goalscorer.

Meanwhile, Sunderland has accepted a bid from Fulham for 27-year-old winger Kieran Richardson.

It’s been a bad day for Fulham all around. Now that Dembele is leaving the club, Richardson is a fair player but the midfielder is nowhere as talented as Dembele. Plus, Fulham got knocked out of the League Cup tonight after losing against Sheffield Wednesday.

What’s your opinion about Dembele leaving Fulham? Will this hurt the Cottagers chances this season? Or does Fulham have enough talent on their team to bounce back? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

17 thoughts on “Fulham Accept £15m Bid From Tottenham Hotspur For Moussa Dembele”

  1. Good signing by Spurs and 15 million is a good deal for both clubs as Fulham get to make a profit of 10 million and Spurs don’t overpay as many have priced him in the 15-18 million range. Spurs also didn’t wait till the last minute so now Dembele can join his new teammates by Thursday and could feature for them on Saturday, even if he doesn’t start he may come off the bench.

    Let’s see who Spurs buy next.

  2. Belgian connection through the middle of the park from Verthongen to Dembele. Great signing, not sure how rafa will perceive the move. Only 11 players allowed on the pitch… Willian next for the right, allegedly a fee has been agreed and its just personal terms.

    1. Typical Spurs just trying to buy a trophy. LOL I’m joking but it does seem un-Spurs like to pay that kind of money on a player regardless of it coming indirectly from Real Madrid buying Modric.

      1. 20 million for Willian will break the record I think, either that or 20 for Loic remy, then defoe will go to liverpool or villa perhaps with jenas as a sweetener.

        1. It would be foolish for Willian to sign for Spurs. He would lose CL football and I doubt that his pay would compensate for that. Because of the tax regime in UK Spurs would have to double his wages just to break even. Shaktar players are paid really well the club takes care of income taxes and provides lots of extra perks. Willian is reportedly on €3m per year.

          1. As a SD fan it is understandable that you wouldn’t want him to leave. However, IF he does, it will be for a higher standard of football week in week out, with a higher quality of player on his team.

            The furthest SD have got in he champions league is the QF the same as Spurs, other wise they get dumped at the group stages and enter the europa league.

            The aspirations of Spurs with Levy and AVB as coach is to win the BPL and the Champions league. that obviously resonates with him.

          2. 3 Million euros’s is $2,381,757 which is $45,803 pw

            If he does move then he could be put on 80 – 100k pw almost doubling his wage perhaps even more, it does depend on how the negotiations go obviously.

  3. Allegedly 17.8 million for Willian with levy leading a delegation to ukraine to deliver willian to the lane. Lloris 13 million.

  4. I doubt Willian comes- he’s overpriced and overhyped
    Lloris is almost sealed

    then maybe 1 more – wing cover for Lennon would be useful – maybe 1 more defender
    like AVB I’m not convinced they need another striker unless Defoe is sent out- in this formation 1 striker and 1 solid back up plus using Bale in creative ways -I think we’re ok there if everyone else does what they are suppossed to do

  5. @dust Actually I don’t mind selling him to Spurs for the right price. Shakhtar paid for Willan €10m ( and I think they overpaid at least €4-5m). They paid him around €12m million in wages. So anything in range of €25-30 would be a good deal for Shakhtar. But as I said I doubt would be a good move for Willian and Spurs. First he is overrated. He struggled to make starting eleven for a couple of season and even now he is not #1 option in his position and just an average squad player. Secondly, once he realizes that he didn’t read the fine print and his real wages are actually lower his motivation will go down the tube. On the top of that he would have to deal with the rigors of EPL after comparatively soft Ukrainian league.

  6. @dust You are forgetting that in UK Willian will be taxed at the rate of 50%+. In Ukraine he pays zero income taxes – this is part of the contract and professional footballers benefit from special tax breaks. So if you double his wages his take home pay will be roughly the same as with Shakhtar.

  7. Ole tightwad Levy seems he wants to break the bank. Redknapp had to beg for players but I AVB is young and isn’t very intimidating, so why not. Levy had plans to sell Modric before last summer he just wanted to up the market for him. Levy will do what has done in the past bring in players up the value and sell them off. Warning to AVB he does succeed be careful look what happened to Jol and Redknapp when they stole his limelight. Lewis and Levy the true venture capitalist. I hope things work out.

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