FIFA 13 Ultimate Team: An Introduction [VIDEO]

EA Sports has released an introductory video to show the new features and benefits of the Ultimate Team option for the upcoming release of FIFA 13.

According to EA Sports, you can build your Ultimate Team of football stars by earning, buying, selling and trading players and items within the FIFA community. Create, manage and compete with multiple squads in new competitions each week. Use the new EA SPORTS Football Club App For iPhone to manage your squad, search live auctions and bid to win new players.

Do you play Ultimate Team on FIFA? If so, what’s your opinion about the new features and improvements made? Love them or hate them? Share your feedback in the comments section below.

2 thoughts on “FIFA 13 Ultimate Team: An Introduction [VIDEO]”

  1. Ultimate Team is a lot of fun, but when you get up high enough and start facing teams with star players…it can be really frustrating.

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