Sneak Preview Of Liverpool TV Documentary Shows Rodgers Admonishing Sterling [VIDEO]

Video: Being Liverpool: Rodgers warns young players

If you live in the United States and you watched Liverpool against Manchester City on FOX Soccer yesterday, you should have seen a sneak preview of FOX’s upcoming behind-the-scenes documentary entitled “Being Liverpool.”

But if you missed it, or you want to see it again like me, watch the above video clip. In it, Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers gives starlet Raheem Sterling a tongue lashing in front of his teammates and TV cameras.

It’s a rare glimpse into what it’s like being in the center of a Liverpool training session, and what is said among members of a football club. While not shocking, it’s a brief but optimistic clip that hopefully gives us a taste of what the TV documentary will be like instead of the sugar-coated one I’m concerned it may be.

Sterling, meanwhile, gave a stellar performance at Anfield on Sunday. The left winger has bags of potential, and will hopefully earn a starting spot on the Liverpool team. I’d like to see him beat the last man in a future match. Just like “Being Liverpool,” Sterling has a ton of potential.

“Being Liverpool” will debut on the free-to-air FOX Network in the United States on September 16.

10 thoughts on “Sneak Preview Of Liverpool TV Documentary Shows Rodgers Admonishing Sterling [VIDEO]”

    1. Matt- that clip was filmed in Boston a month ago. The best I can tell is that BR’s message was received and Sterlings 17 yr old lip service has been adjusted.

  1. Love that clip! Great how he put Sterling in his place even though he is the hottest prospect at the club. I feel like if this clip was of arsenal wenger would have let the players do what they want.
    They need to bring back the old school yts programs and get the young players to clean boots etc.

  2. Nothing wrong there…seems like a manager communicating what is expected from his youth players. Certainly better than not communicating.

  3. Just a good manager keeping a teenager’s attitude in check.
    Happens all the time, even to the best of them, as it should.
    This one just got caught on film.

    Has anyone watched the Wembley FC show on NBC Sports?
    Don’t remember his name, but its almost like they’ve scripted the player/manager’s refusal to adhere to Venables system. I don’t know about all this reality tv meets club football stuff.

    1. Cody, this is the first I’m hearing about a Wembley FC show on NBC Sports. I’ll keep an eye out for it. Thanks.

      The Gaffer

  4. This isn’t ‘reality TV’, it’s a 6 part documentary insight into the world of Liverpool football club. It’s just got the word ‘reality’ attatched to it as it’s a buzzword. I cannot wait to see this!!!! YNWA

  5. there is no way arsene wenger would have stood and watched he may respect his players but you only need to look at robins attitude when he first came to arsenal and now hes at manchester united to know that wenger will also let you know who is boss

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