Nike to Replace Umbro As Official Kit Providers for England Team: The Nightly EPL

The Daily Mail is reporting that a deal is poised to be completed that will see Nike replace Umbro as England’s official kit manufacturer. The shocking news could be a death blow to Umbro, who have lost most of its major Premier League kit manufacturers to its competition and is now set to lose their England deal, which first began in 1952. Nike, who owns Umbro, is trying to sell the British kit manufacturer, but the loss of the England deal will surely decrease the value of the company.

Meanwhile, here are the latest Premier League news headlines:

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6 thoughts on “Nike to Replace Umbro As Official Kit Providers for England Team: The Nightly EPL”

  1. Not only have Umbro been losing kit deals, they’ve lost some key boot sponsorships too. Gary Cahill comes immediately to mind. This is terrible news for the last pure FOOTBALL companies.

    Umbro make classier kits (except for the mid-90s) and they’ve really upped their game in the last few years. The “Tailored by…” offerings have been beautiful. Makes me wish my club was with them.

    Nike’s stuff has been garbage – literally. They seem more fixed on telling you how many plastic bottles they’ve saved, or some laser cut feature instead of pointing out that the kits actually looks good. Because they don’t.

  2. Well I wont be buying anymore England Merchandise if its made by Nike!!

    England have been Umbro for longer than most of their fans have been alive!!!

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