Everton: Unlikely Challengers for Premier League Glory

While only two games have elapsed so far in the Premier League season, one of the most noticeable occurrences from these games has been the form of Everton. Certainly the Toffees are a side that have always garnered respect across the league for years, yet their start indicates that this season may see them make their most significant impact on the Premier League in their recent history. Certainly if one was to look at their squad size, it is considerably less well-stocked than their fellow challengers for Premier League supremacy, but their quality should not be underestimated.

Saturday’s demolition of Aston Villa showcased their talents. And few if any sides in the division could have lived with their brand of football during the opening 45 minutes of the game. Players such as Marouane Fellaini and Nikica Jelavic would grace any side in the league. And having players of their calibre in their ranks sure makes for exciting times for fans of the Goodison-based outfit. Their goals on Saturday illustrated the depth of quality they posses within their ranks. And simply put, the third goal was essentially unstoppable. However, the main thing I have come to admire about this current Everton side is their willingness to play as a team. The side carries no superstars, but it does crucially contain an array of highly skilled footballers that would be an addition to any side across Europe.

The loss of Jack Rodwell was frankly good business, and with Darron Gibson emerging into the player that he was expected to be at United, then their ability to control the middle of the field has not been diminished. Phil Neville leads by example and is undoubtedly one of the best professionals in the league today; he is in many ways an on-field reincarnation of the manger David Moyes. Moyes is the third longest serving manager in the league and the immense job he has thus far completed at Everton cannot be praised highly enough. His ability to energize and motivate the players at his disposal year on year is something to be admired. Finally it appears he has amassed a side and squad capable of bringing back the glory days to Goodison Park.

The comments by Roberto Mancini after the signing of Rodwell were disrespectful:

“He is young, and now for the first time he is at a club that plays to win, so it will be different for him.”

The comments were totally without foundation. Everton is a side that has continually prevailed over City during his reign and these comments illustrate a lack of respect that leaves questions marks over Mancini’s understanding of English football. Certainly Everton have on occasion flattered to deceive when they were in similar veins of form previously. Last season’s capitulation in the FA Cup semi final is an illustration of this, but their fantastic opening to this season has certainly presented them with an opportunity to finally become the top dogs on Merseyside.

No real conclusions can be made from the opening two games and as David Moyes astutely remarked on Saturday evening on their encouraging opening ‘’let’s see how we are after ten games’’. However, the time has arrived for Everton to finally reassert their influence on the top table of English football. A club of their history and stature deserves to play for the highest of honours and if the squad can keep playing with the same enthusiasm and motivation, I believe that they will be one of the main stories of this season’s Premier League.

13 thoughts on “Everton: Unlikely Challengers for Premier League Glory”

  1. “yet their start indicates that this season may see them make their most significant impact on the Premier League in their recent history.”

    Honestly, is it too early to start talking about how their start will impact next season?

  2. Can’t have a good article without a snip at City

    What’s next an article proclaiming Swansea as a team that is destined to finish in the top 4?

    1. ha ha – you chitty supporters of the nastiest team in England – It wasnt a snip at city it was a quote from your tw*t of a manager having a snip at the side which normally wins at goodison , maine road and wherever the ple of bricks is you currently call home. Happilly rodwell gave a goal away in probably his first and only start

  3. I don’t think Rodwell is a great loss for Everton. They always seem a very cycical team to me, one good season one bad. If Moyes could sustain a challenge on the top 4 for 2 or 3 seasons I think they’d knock Arsenal out of the running and stop Liverpool getting back in. They just need someone to build them a stadium. Goodison was such a disappointment when I was finally able to follow my team there, if they could sort out a 50-60,000 seat replacement they’d be a true force.

    With regard to this type of article I can remember a corker last season proclaiming Mick McCarthy and Wolves after their start. The first 6 matches are about match fitness, then it starts to pan out.

    1. RBP
      with your post it is easy to see this is not your first year being a Toffee fan.congrats on the start i think D Moyes is one of the top 4 Managers in the EPL what he has done with the limited money for transfers is amazing would love to see you get into Europe.

  4. Way to early for title predictions at this point. Just enjoy the fact that you are the easily the best team in the city of Liverpool and probably will be for the next 10 years.

  5. In recent years, wins against Man United and away at Aston Villa have been extremely rare. Everton not only beat them both, but looked good doing it. I’m desperately trying to stay in the region of “realism” instead of blind “optimism”. It’s certainly difficult as there’s a distinct difference in the club than at the start of previous seasons. Getting Jelavic and a rejuvenated Pienaar in January have done wonders for Everton’s ball movement and goal scoring capabilities.

    All that being said, it’s still just two games. Injuries will happen, forcing Moyes to use his sparse bench and there’s a few positions we have no cover for at all. Form dips will occur and Everton will inevitably lose at home to a relegation club. Then we’ll get swept by Liverpool again and the supporters will be baying for Moyes’ head.

    I just hope that, in the end, we’ll have more of the last 2 weeks and less of the head-in-hands, groan-inducing anguish of previous seasons.

  6. As well as Everton have started, and yes they are the better team in Liverpool, beating a United side that has not yet found its feet and a poor Villa side, it is too early to say how good Everton will be for the duration of the season. I just don’t think they will be in the top 4 by the end of the season but definitely have a realistic chance of finishing in the top 6.

    The one thing Everton have been doing is buying very wisely which will give them a good chance of finishing in the top 6. How well they cope with injuries when they happen is the unknown. So far so good for Everton.

  7. We have an excellent first eleven. That is beyond dispute.

    The real test for us is if we pick up injuries to key players.

    Would Mirallas be able to replace Jelavic? Is Barkley ready to start games yet? Who would fill in at left-back if Baines was to get injured/suspended?

    But if we can keep the majority of players fit, we’ve got a real chance of achieving something this season. Its great feeling positive at the start of the season for a change though.

  8. Agree with most of the posts above – a lot will ride on the health of the starting 11. However, DM has been buying “flexibility” in his newcomers. With a smallish squad, that has got to help going forward to some degree. Hope we can develop a rt side attack that is as good as the left. I have also been impressed with what some others have seen as DM’s growing willingness to be more offensive tactically – see http://www.royalbluemersey.com/2012/8/27/3271053/aston-villa-v-everton-tactical-analysis#storyjump. Will be interesting to see who he puts on the sheet against Orient. If it’s decently weighted with 2nd stringers, we might get an indication of how well they will work with first 11 players. It could also be an indicator of how much risk DM will take in the lower League/FA cup rounds to keep the focus on continuing the run in the Prem. Hope there is more xfer news before Fri as well. Regardless, we couldn’t ask for more thru 2 games. COYB!!!

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