Brendan Rodgers Will Try to Bring Clint Dempsey to Liverpool, Says Report: The Nightly EPL

According to a report in a British tabloid, Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers will step in to try to broker a deal to bring Clint Dempsey to Anfield. Liverpool is reportedly willing to bid £7.5million to bring the American to Merseyside, with Sunderland and Roma ready to step in if the deal breaks down. Newspaper gossip, or based in fact? We’ll find out after the transfer window closes on Friday night.

Here are the latest Premier League news headlines:

Before I go, here’s a clip of Usain Bolt having too much fun on the pitch at Old Trafford today:

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9 thoughts on “Brendan Rodgers Will Try to Bring Clint Dempsey to Liverpool, Says Report: The Nightly EPL”

  1. Dempsy to Liverpool on again? Thought he wanted to play in the Champions league before his career was over?

    Id go to Roma, he could be the missing piece for them to finish in a Champions league spot with AC Milan ripe for the picking this year.

    1. He can also be the missing piece to Liverpool regaining a Champions League spot though. Liverpool grabbed Sahin today, and with that has arguably pieced together the best midfield in England. They lack a finisher. Dempsey is a finisher. Dempsey’s position is currently occupied by Downing. Dempsey fits. Dempsey could be the solution.

        1. You Johnny come lately Spurs fans are so cute. You’ll be back down where you belong soon enough. I’ll bet a lasagna dinner on that.

  2. If his goal is to play in the Champions League, he’s mistaken if he thinks Liverpool will get him there. The ascension of Manchester City has made the Reds the odd team out of the big four now. Go to Roma, Clint.

  3. You’re all so silly. With Sahin, LFC is a Europa league team. Adding Dempsey would definitely give them a top four finish. They’d be better than Spurs, better than Newcastle, better than Arsenal. Liverpool wouldn’t have even been as bad as they were last year if not for the Lucas injury and losing their best player for 8 games because of alleged racist comments.

  4. Are you kidding? He is a decent player no more! We have bought other teams best players and it hasn’t worked out and I’m sure Dempsey will be the same 7.5 mil I hope that includes his wages for the next 4 years aswell…..

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