Hearts vs Liverpool, Europa League: Open Thread

The stage is set for a rare match between Liverpool and Hearts of Midlothian today (live on FOX Soccer at 2:30pm ET and ESPN3.com). The match is the first leg of an Europa League playoff between the Reds of Merseyside and Hearts of Edinburgh.

In Liverpool team news, manager Brendan Rodgers has decided not to start Andy Carroll, Steven Gerrard or Luis Suarez, while Raheem Sterling makes his first competitive debut for Liverpool.

Liverpool team: Reina, Robinson, Carragher, Agger, Kelly, Henderson, Spearing, Adam, Shelvey, Sterling, Borini.

Hearts team: MacDonald; R. McGowan, Webster, Zaliukas, Grainger; Paterson, Barr, Taouil, Templeton, Novikovas; Sutton.

Before, during and after today’s match, post your rants, raves, questions and observations in the comments section below.

25 thoughts on “Hearts vs Liverpool, Europa League: Open Thread”

  1. what, couldnt write a paragraph on newcastle also playing in the Europa League today?

    not trying to be an ass, but its frustrating to see no one mentioning the newcastle game on a bunch of sites.

    1. If the game was being televised in the United States, there would have been an open thread for it.

      The Gaffer

  2. It is only 20 minutes in but hearts have dictated the pace, if Liverpool loose this..what does it mean? What if Agger, borini or henderson get injured and cant play at the weekend? hearts are up for this way more than LFC..they look terrible.

    1. Agreed, they do look awful. Not worried about Henderson, as it doesn’t look like he will be regular starter this year (I hope not anyway).

      As if Rodgers didn’t need more evidence that Adam and Spearing aren’t good enough. Slow, poor decision-making.

      Oh christ, now Borini has caught the bug. How on earth does he miss that?

      The Templeton fellow for Hearts looks like a decent player.

  3. Looks like the “Reds” and their bizarre cocktail dress-looking kits think they are too good for the Europa League and aren’t really into this.

    Uh, memo to LFC: you had 18 English titles when I started following the game 20 years ago and you have 18 today.

    1. Fair enough.

      Remind how many European Championships Man City have won during that span?

      But, yeah, not only do Liverpool look terrible (bar Sterling) with this lineup, the kits are awful.

  4. Liverpooll is playing flat, we need to stop making excuses for our players Adam needs to go yet he stats he’ll fight to stay but he play today and over the last year shows a lack of quality. Sterling has the pace on the wing but the midfield lacks the creativity. The excuse our fans will make is we are resting players this speaks volumes about out lack of depth at many spots.

  5. Who on earth has Dempsy been getting his advice from, his whole situation is a joke, no formal offer from Liverpool, but still refusing to play for Jol who put him in a system that gave him more goals/personal success than ever before.

    He has ruined any chance of a a real legacy at fulham..and what for? a shot at playing for LFC, a team who can’t put in a convincing performance against hearts in the Europa League.

    what a joke…and a shame…would have been a great legacy for usa players.

      1. So Jol and fulham will lie to the media and lodge a complaint to the permier league becuase Liverpool made an offer?…Really?

  6. I didn’t even realize that Jay Spearing was actually on the pitch until joe Allen was subbed in. Tells you all you need to know.

  7. Unless Rodgers fields the entire KOP end against Man City on Saturday in an attempt to crowd out City, it is going to be a blow out of epic proportions, maybe as bad as the Man U drubbing of the Arse last season.

        1. I doubt Henderson plays Saturday, and Agger unfortunately is suspended.

          Kelly Skrtel Carragher Johnson
          Lucas Gerrard Allen
          Downing Suarez Borini

          Good enough to get at least a point at home against the champs? We’ll see.

          1. So 6 of the 11 will play form tonight, over half… 😉


            I don’t think Liverpool will get a draw. Suarez more likely to get sent off and you loose 3-0 than a draw.


  8. I think liverpool best attacking front 3 is Sterling — Borini — Suarez…
    I understand Rodgers’ apprehension in playing Sterling more in the PL though. He is still 17.

  9. Attacking options Johnson, tello These are deals that need to get done, so Rodgers can keep players like Adam and downing off the pitch or in very minor roles like carling cup

  10. Just watched Celtic’s UCL match from Tuesday and noticed they didn’t have the Tennent’s sponsor on their kit. Was wondering if they aren’t allowed to use it because Heineken is the official beer of the UCL or if their sponsorship deal with Tennent doesn’t include the UCL?

    1. don’t know, FC Copenhagen’s shirt sponsor is Carlsberg and they wore them against Lille, same as Liverpool when Carlsberg was their sponsor (unless Carlsberg is a UEFA sponsor).

      UEFA is generally very uptight about this, I know last season the Dinamo Zagreb players were driniking some local Croatian water brand on the sidelines and UEFA forced them to remove all the labels, silly 😀

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