Liverpool Hopes to Wrap Up Loan Deal For Nuri Sahin In Next 24 Hours: The Nightly EPL

The tug of war between Arsenal and Liverpool over the signing of Real Madrid midfielder Nuri Sahin has been excruciating to watch from the sidelines. Arsenal thought they had signed the Turkish maestro earlier this week until the deal seemingly fell through because Arsenal wanted the option to sign him at the end of his season-long loan. And now Liverpool has stepped in and is in the driving seat to seal the deal. Tiring, it is. Hopefully all of the transfer negotiations are worth it for whatever club he signs for!

Here are tonight’s Premier League news headlines:

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5 thoughts on “Liverpool Hopes to Wrap Up Loan Deal For Nuri Sahin In Next 24 Hours: The Nightly EPL”

  1. This has been one of the craziest transfer sagas ever. I just hope, for Liverpool’s sake, that he turns out to be worth it after all this. He was very good at Dortmund a couple of seasons ago but only played in about 4 games for Real Madrid last season, mostly due to injuries, and Mourinho doesn’t have him in his plans for this season. Apparently Rodgers has promised him lots of playing time something Arsenal were not prepared to guarantee him as he was told he would have to earn his place. We will find out soon enough what impact, if any, he has on Liverpool.


    Just thought I would Share the 3 links above, AVB put’s some context around all the chatter on radio shows and websites painting AVB as some loony that wants to dismantle a squad etc…that he hasn’t learnt…

    As a Spurs fan its becoming more and more frustrating listening to it all, because it is so inaccurate, 1 rumor gets blown up or a statement gets taken out of context and boom…they are off to the races.

    It feels like there is a witch hunt by London based media to make his life hell, they are either all very upset Chelsea fans that begrudge him being at Spurs out of some fear that he will be successful. They want him and Levy to fail, but more than normal, not just because its Spurs, its more than that.

    Just because Chelsea weren’t ready for his approach doesn’t mean it isn’t the right one at Spurs.

    AVB is the right man for the Job, He is moving us in the right direction, the only thing that could stop the haters is success… Bring it on.

  3. I never thought he was a Song replacement. Plus they aren’t short. A DM plus a versatile defender would make this a good summer for Arsenal.

    1. I’d rather see Arsenal sign M’Vila permanently anyway. M’Vila is more of a Song replacement than Sahin. Not that Sahin isn’t a good player. He will definitely be a good addition for Liverpool, if the saga doesn’t take another turn…

      1. We’ll see if Arsenal even sign M’Vila; word is his attitude is something Wenger dislikes (similar to Song’s before his departure). If there’s one thing we now know, it’s don’t mess with the Professor or you get the boot!

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