beIN SPORT Signs Deal With Comcast To Bring Soccer To The Masses

beIN SPORT announced today that the new 24/7 international soccer network will be carried on Xfinity TV by Comcast, one of the country’s largest cable providers.

Under the deal, beIN SPORT will be available to Xfinity TV customers via TV, on demand, online and on mobile devices.

beIN SPORT will be available in English on the Xfinity TV Sports Entertainment Package, and in Spanish on the Xfinity TV MultiLatino Package. Availability of both channels will vary by market. In addition to its linear TV networks, select beIN SPORT content will be available on demand via Comcast’s Xfinity On Demand platform. Live matches carried on beIN SPORT’s linear networks, along with additional live matches, will also be available to authenticated Comcast Xfinity TV customers via Comcast’s online and mobile TV Everywhere platforms.

“beIN SPORT lets viewers be in the game and feel they can be in the international sports community. This is original and exclusive programming fans are clamoring for on one destination channel,” said Yousef Al Obaidly, managing director of beIN SPORT. “We have more live games from each league that are exclusive to our network than any other content provider. Once Comcast’s Xfinity TV customers experience beIN SPORT, we know they will be thrilled with the electrifying stars and unmatched play of international competition.”

In addition to beIN SPORT being added to Comcast, beIN SPORT is also available on DirecTV and DISH Network.

beIN SPORT has US media rights to the following leagues and competitions: nPower Championship, League Cup, La Liga, Serie A, USMNT World Cup 2014 away qualifiers, Ligue Un, Barca TV, Real Madrid TV, South American World Cup 2014 qualifiers and more.

47 thoughts on “beIN SPORT Signs Deal With Comcast To Bring Soccer To The Masses”

  1. I have Verizon FiOS in Philadelphia … any news on when/if I will be able to get beIN SPORT?

    I already pay for the “sport package” which gives me FOX Soccer and the like …

    C’mon FiOS! Get with the program!

  2. “Availability of both channels will vary by market.”

    …and there’s the rub. They could add it in Philly tomorrow and in Atlanta in 2014. It’s up to the franchisee.

    After waiting ages for FSC in HD, I won’t get excited until I actually see it on my screen.

    1. Totally Agree. It’s market-by-market. Got FSC-HD in DC two years (?) after Comcast agreed to carry it, and still don’t have GolTV-HD. But, I’m at a net positive if BeIN comes on, even in SD, soon.

    2. I can agree more with you Jon. It has been immensely frustrating with the Comcast system in SF area. Like you, still waiting for FSC HD and have completely given up hope for FSC +.

      I hope that they will just add this as one of the HD channels they took away at the beginning of the month. I mean they removed 6 premium HD channels and have only added a single Pac-12 HD channel. That’s – 5 HD channels in my book, yet the price remained the same.

      I’d recommend making your feelings known to comcast at .

      They weren’t overly knowledgable, but I did get a discount on my service so it’s something.

      1. Kevin, I’m in San Francisco, and FSC HD is on channel 803 if you have the sports package. Is that not true outside the city? Still no FS+ or Gol TV HD. We’ll see what happens with beIN.

        1. I live in Dublin and unless they snuck it on today I am not getting the channel. And I do have the sports package.

          Congrats and maybe I need to look for an apartment in the city *sighs*

        2. Nice to know that there are a few other bay area fans on here, I live in Alameda. I’d never heard of bein before seeing it on today’s TV schedule on this site, I hope we get it soon. Here in Alameda we got FSCHD last year. Like Kevin, I’ve completely given up hope on ever getting FS+.


    3. By reading some of the posts, I’m lucky to be comcast customer in Philly. I’ve had Fox Soccer HD and Gol TV HD for a couple of years now. Hopefully, beIN is added quickly so everyone can enjoy La Liga and Seria A right away.

  3. Yup the by market annoys me – as that will mean some will have to wait years to get it if the past is anything to go by. Why not just dump it on the channel used for the Olympic Soccer that should be free now :)

  4. Comcast Chicago still doesn’t have HD feeds for Fox Soccer or GolTV, therefore I’m skeptical too, about the beIN announcement. Comcast – anti-soccer bastards!

  5. I am waiting for FiOS as well. I would guess that BeIN is throwing around some major cash that will have cable operators and markets taking up BeIN much faster than other channels.

  6. I’ve made 15 contacts to Time Warner. I wish everyone would bombard them like I have. My last contact mentioned the USMNT as surely they have to think about that one. I’ve been paying extra for Fox Soccer Plus and GolTV and most of that content is now with beIN. What I’ll miss the most are the Italian games. I can’t switch providers without moving.

  7. I suspect beIN isn’t charging too much to get their foot in the door. They are the Man City/PSG of cable and they can go a long time without making a profit.

  8. Just like everyone above, I am worried about the “Availability of both channels will vary by market.” part. Comcast Boston just got FSC-HD about a month ago.

    1. Congrats on getting the channel. I’d kill to have the channel lineup Boston has. In fact, I e-mailed the Boston channel lineup to my local reps here just to force them to see how disappointing their lineup is compare to other Comcast systems!

    1. It’s funny that Verizon can’t keep their Wireless commodity as a way to bring people to their FIOS or DSL service, yet Comcast is still allowed to hold Philadelphia satellite subscribers hostage from Comcast Sportsnet Philadelphia, effectively using the channel as a way to continually inflate prices and screw over those who don’t comply (except for Verizon FIOS).

  9. I’m hoping that ATT Uverse will be onboard very soon. Its been my experience that Comcast has always been difficult to deal with. With the major companies signed up I’m confident that Uverse, my provider, will carry beIN shortly. At least I hope so. I’ve been very happy with Uverse and I won’t change providers quickly. Uverse carries Fox Soccer, Fox Soccer Plus, Gol TV, and Galavision all in HD. As long as I can watch the EPL, Champions League and FA Cup I’ll bide my time. Things will have to be very bad for me before I would go back to Comcast as my provider just to get beIN. I had several bad experiences in the past when I had Comcast and vowed I would never return to them. However, that could change next year if beIN acquires the rights to the EPL and Uverse is not onboard.

  10. Comcast Bay Area still doesnt have FSC in HD.

    Excitement quickly followed by doubt is the best way to describe hearing this news this morning.

    1. It took a while but as of last year FSC HD has been on Channel 803 in San Francisco if you have the sports package. Is this not true outside the city?

  11. Considering Time Warner is the last major cable operator that doesn’t carry the NFL Network, I’m pretty pessimistic about Bein getting on air anytime soon.

    1. beIN SPORT is working on an online component, but no information has been revealed yet regarding how it’ll work and who it’ll be available to (if you have to have a TV subscription to the channel too in order to access online content).

      The Gaffer

  12. Impressed with BEIN. Even though they are run by foreigners they seem to know what will draw us in. So happy about getting the USMNT road qualifiers. The last game before BEIN launched was on PPV for $20 in standard def!!! Without BEIN that’s what would have happened again. For those of you that follow the team the 2010 qualifier in Honduras where we clinched 3-2 was shown only on closed circuit television which in my area (Tampa) was only Honduran bars. BEIN has already earned my attention and respect to guarantee this won’t happen. I’m guessing they have paid some good money b/c the SA qualifiers could not have been cheap. Those have always been on PPV as long as I can remember. (But with no Brazil, they may have been cheaper.) So excited to see what they do next.

    1. I would add that beIN SPORT is being run mostly out of Miami, where the talent and people responsible are locals, not foreigners.

      The Gaffer

  13. What seems to make sense is for beIN to buy GolTV. They have lost allot but have distribution. beIN could possibly just move into that slot on the providers that have GolTV

    1. True, but supposedly GolTV is asking an outrageous sum of money as their perceived value, so with no deal happening as of yet, it looks like that ship has sailed.

      The Gaffer

  14. Unfortunately Cox hasn’t signed on and I was told by Cox New England that they have no plans of adding BeIn for the foreseeable future. I hope that BeIn can have an online prodeuct that could be a viable alternative. Also, why they won’t sublicense games to ESPND, like GolTV did for La Liga, is beyond me.

  15. Ps this better be part of the “sports package” im already paying 10 bucks extra for every month ( pretty much just for FSC)

    1. It says in the news release beIn Sport 1 will be part of the Sports and Entertainment pack and beIn Sport 2 part of the Latino Multipack, dependent on market availability.

  16. I emailed Comcast cares and got an immediate response about the signed contract but no ETA on availability yet with more updates coming in the future. All I wanted was to ensure this channel would be on Comcast in case Fox lost the EPL rights.

  17. Comcast response to my inquiries (I also asked about the online streaming but got no response about that):

    At this time we do not have any specific dates [for launch of beIN], but this will be available within the upcoming weeks. At this time beIN Sport will be prodcast as standard digital and we have no ETA to when this will be availavle in HD. The channel is going to be different depending on which market you are in. It would be best to keep checking your local channel line-up.

  18. Just spoke with someone at Comcast and he told me that they have no ETA on when bein will be available in my area (I live in Boston). The guy said he searched their database and don’t see it being added in the “near future or for a few more months.”

    What?! The la liga season would probably be over by time it’s added to the lineup. I was enjoying the best of both worlds with GolTV and ESPNDeportes the last two years.

    Now back to crappy online streaming.

  19. Here in Alameda, we got it this morning on Channel 651, had no idea it was a spanish channel. So far they’re only showing ads touting how great bein is, and rebroadcasts of games.


  20. Just saw that Comcast has finally added BeIN HD to the Sports Package in the Bay Area ( Am in Palo Alto). It is on Channel 429. Before, I only used to get BeIN+ on ch.651, the SD spanish language version.

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