Chelsea vs Reading, Open Thread

Chelsea’s game against Reading was originally scheduled for Saturday, September 1, but due to Chelsea playing in the UEFA Super Cup next week against Atletico Madrid, the Blues moved their match to tonight in front of a large crowd at Stamford Bridge (live on ESPN2 and at 2:45pm ET today).

While Reading got their first Premier League points Saturday in their 1-1 draw against Stoke City, Brian McDermott’s team faces a very tough challenge to go to Stamford Bridge to come back with anything. On the other hand, it’ll be a good opportunity for us to see how Chelsea’s firepower does up front for the Blues. Reading likes to play a up-and-at ’em style of football, so Chelsea’s back four will certainly have their hands full today.

Before, during and after today’s Premier League, post your rants, raves, questions and observations in the comments section below.

38 thoughts on “Chelsea vs Reading, Open Thread”

  1. Eden Hazard u diving bastard! I hope your legs r broken the next time u try to use your trickery to con the referee. Chelsea are a sh*t team that deserve to be humped by whoever they play! Come on Reading, I believe in your ability to score 2 goals and beat Chelsea. That will surely make my day!

  2. Holy crap! Totally sorry for that 4-0 business Reading. At this point they may want to strongly consider parking that bus.

    1. No no ! that’s not what got them a 2-1 lead, stay as you are, make it 3….DO NOT PARK THE BUS! Take the game by its balls!!

  3. Very aggressive play by Reading in the 1st, even after going up 2-1. Sheesh. I’ll give them a lot of respect for that. I’d be all about closing the game down under this fact pattern playing a big club away but what the hell. That’s why this is such a great and unpredictable game.

  4. Champions league you’re having s laugh! Great chant from the reading fans, great banter!

    So if this stays the same and they do loose how much pressure does di matteo have on him? How long before the players turn on him?

  5. Something is going on – both Comcast Cares and BeIN Sports 1 USA have tweeted

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    Wonder what the surprise is :)

  6. That’s twice now Chelsea have got favorable decisions….just robbed ! I feel terrible for reading… Chelsea can only ride there luck so long…reading have exposed issues….

    Back to division 3 for that crew!

  7. Blown call, tough luck for Reading. They sure showed me something today coming into the bridge and having a go.

    Torres looks sh*t, besides the goal that shouldn’t have counted he has shown no confidence and slowed down the pace that Oscar and Hazard were providing. It seems at some points they were purposely looking Torres off and going the other way with the ball. They need Hulk or Edison yesterday.

    Impressed with Hazard. Shows great pace and is brilliant with the ball at his feet. Seems to create chances out of nothing. Think hes gunna be legit

  8. What a joke. With so much riding on every point, how long before they use common sense and use replay on decisions like that, it took 15 seconds for the replay to show.

    Unlucky reading you deserved a point.

  9. How tough would it be for a coach to challenge a call. If your wrong on the challenge a man down for 10 minutes. The game must be changed. 2 points in August is 2 points come May.

  10. Daniel Sturridge could be the best English Player at the moment if he used his brain more and was less selfish. I think lack of extended playing time and moving from club to club when he was a youngster has indirectly made him so selfish because now every time he gets on the pitch, he’s trying to establish himself. And the only way he can do that is by scoring goals(in his mind).

  11. City v. Southampton is the template, I suppose.

    Smaller side scores surprise goals, but eventually loses anyway. Everton the exception.
    Knew a blunder would give Chelsea the equalizer, but the offside goal added insult to injury.

    Nevertheless, The more the smaller sides compete and make things as even as possible, the greater the Premier League will be. Nothing greater than top strikers like Pogrebnyak helping small sides. Makes things interesting.

  12. Chelsea got lucky with that Torres goal game should have been a draw. This game showed that Chelsea are still too narrow and need wingers, not a bunch of CAMs running around. They are also going to need a striker cuz Torres’ head just isn’t in it. And that leaves RB which I have a feeling maybe signed first before these other positions.

  13. Reading were very unlucky to lose. The lack of an offside call was such a terrible decision. It changed everything about the match. Without that call it is very likely that Reading would’ve held on for the draw and Chelsea most certainly would not have gotten that gift of a 4th goal.

    1. I completely agree. It’s disappointing when it’s a close call they get wrong, but Torres had his full body out ahead of the defender. It wasn’t even close.

  14. What game did everyone else watch? Torres’ movement was excellent. He should have been on the scoresheet in the first 15 min when he got in perfect position to finish but Ramires foolishly cut the ball back and shot instead of making a simple pass for Torres to tap in. Torres one mistake I saw was not heading in the Hazard lob, but that was over a defender, not a free header. Everyone is just in Torres hating mode because of last season, put aside your bias and just watch the game.

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