Which Top EPL Club Had The Worst Performance In Gameweek 1? [POLL]

The opening weekend of the Premier League’s 2012-13 season was a victory for the underdogs. Out of the Sky Six in the Premier League, only two of them recorded a victory.

But if you had to rate which top Premier League gave the worst performance during the opening weekend, which one would it be and why? Vote in the poll below, and share your opinions why in the comments section underneath.

Try to put your team allegiances away and vote solely on the team’s performance (whether they won, lost or drew).

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20 thoughts on “Which Top EPL Club Had The Worst Performance In Gameweek 1? [POLL]”

  1. This isn’t a difficult choice, allegiance or not. I’m a Liverpool fan and they were miles and away the worst “top” EPL club this past weekend. I’m just glad it wasn’t worse than 3-0.

    I didn’t see the game to be able to judge United vs Everton but it always seems like a tricky tie.

    1. I’m with you. I’m a diehard LFC fan and that was just painful to watch. Going back to last season, it’s not a team that shows a lot of moxie when going down a goal. Here’s hoping that by the end of the season the WBA match is just a blip on the radar.

  2. i said man utd, because they lost to everton away, even thought they brought on van persie late in the game, but he didn’t make any impact what so ever

  3. Liverpool if that qualifies as a “top club.”

    In other news, Adebayor officially sold to Tottenham within last hour, apparently.

  4. I know it’s only the first game, but hell, Liverpool looked worse than last season! They only have three really good players in Gerrard, Aggers and Suarez and need at least three or four more to really compete. If Tottenham are looking to offload Huddlestone and Dawson (which if true is beyond me) then Liverpool should take note.

  5. Wow some nominees left off eh QPR? Norwich really teams that won were nominated for worst week- or is it the big clubs all that matters hype hype hype

    1. It’s “Which *Top* EPL club” :)

      If it was any EPL club, it’d be an easy poll — either QPR and Norwich would win.

      The Gaffer

  6. I’m surprised Tottenham even made this list. Not because they’re not a top club, but because they really didn’t play that poorly.

  7. I have been watching cup finals from the 1970s and 1980s and those were awesome games and times. If you read the starting lineup of both teams, it was made up of English, Scottish, Welsh, and Irish lads. The football wasn’t gr8, but it was still great. You remember that time, Gaffer?

    1. Gooner, yes, I watched many of those cup finals live on television as a kid in Wales. Lots of fond memories. Glad you took the time to watch them to see how the game has changed.

      Was there any one in particular that was your favorite?

      I wish FOX Soccer would show more of these cup finals from their archives.

      The Gaffer

  8. ManU losing away to the 7th place club in a pretty evenly played match. Tottenham losing away to the 5th place team. Arsenal drawing at home to a mid table team. ManCity eeking out a win over a newly promoted side. Since City won Arselan didn’t loose and both Tottenham and ManU were away you have to go with ManU being the highest side to lose to a lower side, that is if Liverpool hadn’t stunk it up against WBA. LIVERPOOL.

  9. Liverpool shouldn’t be in the poll as they are no longer a top EPL club. Usually when one talks about a top EPL club it’s a club that is in the top 4 more often than not. Liverpool sadly are no longer part of that discussion.

    1. As a Liverpool fan I sadly agree. Since the loss of Alonso, their status as a top club has diminished greatly. Their play over the weekend wasn’t great, though unlike some, I think there was a bit of improvement (though the substitutions didn’t make much sense). Watching Liverpool, I get this Cleveland Browns feeling. That isn’t a good sign!

      Man City is getting a pass here. I think they have issues. Their game was a tale of two games… one where they were unstoppable and the other when they apparently didn’t give a flip about the game. Their inconsistency nearly cost them the title last year, oddly it was Man U’s inconsistency that cost themselves the title (match against Everton).

  10. Man United just met each other and had a whole *week* of Robin Van Persie getting to know the club. It was a blip. They’ll be fine. Liverpool looked disinterested and basically lost. Arsenal too. Over under of 40 goals for them for the season… (at least it feels like…)

  11. Liverpool would be first, Manchester United second. However like the poster above me, Manchester United will bounce back quickly.

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