Tottenham Hotspur Sign Emmanuel Adebayor On Permanent Deal From Man City

It’s been a long round of negotiations, but Emmanuel Adebayor is finally heading to Tottenham Hotspur on a permanent deal.

“I am pleased to be signing for Spurs on a permanent basis after finally agreeing my departure with Manchester City,” said Adebayor. “It may have taken longer than expected but I am delighted to be back at Tottenham Hotspur.  I really enjoyed my time here last season and I am hoping we can achieve great things together again.”

This will perhaps trigger a domino of signings in the Premier League. Now that Tottenham has signed Adebayor, don’t be surprised if you see City make a signing before the weekend.

The big question for Tottenham Hotspur supporters is whether Adebayor can continue to perform at the highest level with Spurs. Is he a better loan player than a permanent signing (i.e. based on his successful loan outings with Spurs and Real Madrid)? Give us your opinion in the comments section below.

34 thoughts on “Tottenham Hotspur Sign Emmanuel Adebayor On Permanent Deal From Man City”

  1. Adebayor has the look of someone who can achieve whatever he wants to but has a hard time finding the personal motivation. Can he bag 30 goals this season on the way to Tottenham challenging for the title, absolutely. Can he suck it up and put away 12 while Tottenham fights to stay above Sunderland, absolutely.

    The guy has the talent and physical abilities, it always seems like the just doesn’t give a f&&k all to often.

  2. At 5 million its a bargin, even if he only delivers 19 goals again. He will be a good stopgap and help us finish in the top 3 which has to be the minimum this season. We have already proven you can’t rely on a 4th spot finish to get you a shot at the UCL.

    I think its a stop gap buy, just until AVB can get who he wants upfront. All the current resources will now go into getting a replacement midfielder, which will hopefully be either Moutinho or Miralem Pjanic. Either would be a good buy and do the job. actually the addition of adam Johnson would be great instead of Lennon who is bound to get injured…again

    I watched the spurs v newcastle game again on the foxsoccer2go app last night (thats 3 times including the live showing). We looked very tidy, I was very impressed with our shape, and hustle to the ball. For a first game of the season away at St James’s I can see why the lads were disappointed with the result. its still only the first game of the season with fitness levels not there yet. We were unlucky, Ade’s addition will help IF he can stay focused the entire season, for now he does seem ecstatic to be back at the Lane–and that is very much welcome!

    1. Is Pjanic on the table? Hadn’t heard that one. Roma just bought him last year and I couldn’t imagine them selling him so quickly…

    2. Unfortunately Spurs are a stop gap for Adebayor as well. It all depends on how much Ade was able to extract from Spurs and City if it is not much expect him to start sulking pretty soon.

      As for other re-enforcements I think Levy’s heavy handed business tactics are backfiring. I expect that quite a few players would be reluctant to sign with Spurs given the way Modric is held hostage to Levy’s over the top valuation.

      1. I disagree, Levy is no different than any other chairman, Madrid paid 60 million for Kaka who went from Serie a to la liga and was a flop. But thats not Levy’s fault, 35-40 million for a player of Modric’s quality is perfectly reasonable given the market set by clubs like Real, City, Man utd, Barca, Bayern, Chelsea, PSG etc..

        Plus IMO Luka is the one that has been unprofessional, he pulled the same crap last year after just getting a new 4 year contract. He should have trained with the team and been professional instead of a sulking cancer.

        So because Luka wants to leave, Spurs should only get what madrid want to offer?, Madrid try this all the time in the market. Luka will be on 150,000 + a week, if you are willing to pay that much per week then the 35 – 40 million transfer fee fits that, so whats the problem?

        Look at arsenal and RVP they only paid a couple of million for him, he wanted to leave, arsenal held out for 25 million, what they wanted, and RVP only had a year left, Luka has 3 years left.

        I guess it’s because it’s Spurs?

        1. It is not really about what is right or wrong. Neither is it about if Luka is acting unprofessionally in forcing his way out or if Levy is spot on with his valuations. It is all about perceptions. Like it or not quite a few players see Spurs as just a stop gap on the way to a bigger better deal. So they may think twice before signing with Spurs knowing that they may get stuck there because of the way Levy tries to squeeze every penny out of his ‘assets’. As for Kaka example first there is quite obvious difference in the market value of Kaka and Modric based on what they have accomplishmed. Secondly, Spurs are not in AC Milan category yet to demand similar transfer fees.

          1. I agree that a perception is that AC Millan are a bigger club, but the FACT is they are not, I would say a string of successful seasons will change that perception. Spurs are ascending and the Arse are descending and have begun to cement the view they are a selling club now, Spurs do not have that perception anymore. Levy’s actions show quite the opposite.

  3. if the Damiao is coming too then does Defoe go to Liverpool? (this will make sense if gaffer approves my comment with the link in.)

    1. Won’t Damiao want the same or higher wages than Adebayor ? If Damiao gets his money what will Bale think about the wages he should be earning ?

      1. Bale is on 120,000…Ade will be on 80-90,000 but will have received a lump sum from city to make it happen and get him off their books.

        IF the Damiao move happens, and its a IF, it would be for 25 million pounds and put Damiao on 120,000 like Bale.

  4. looks like he chairman is doing quite a bit of business!

    Skysports are reporting on twitter and there transfer ticker reporting Dawson has gone to QPR for 9 million pounds


  5. @dust “I agree that a perception is that AC Millan are a bigger club, but the FACT is they are not, I would say a string of successful seasons will change that perception…”

    You’ve got to be kidding. AC Milan are one of the biggest clubs in the football history. On par with Real Madrid or Manchester United. It doesn’t matter whatever difficulties they are experiencing at the moment. It would take a long string of successful seasons for Spurs match their 7 CL titles or 18 Skudettos. What have Spurs recently won? League Cup in 2008? FA Cup in 1991? What other ‘facts’ do you have in mind?

      1. I thought you were talking about “changing that perception”. Anyway are implying that Spurs market worth is bigger than AC Milan?

        1. What do you think the perception of arsenal is now given the last 3 seasons of loosing top players and 7 years of not winning even a league cup?

  6. Y ou people realize that Adebayor was one of the top 5 most productive players in the PL last season right. You act like he’s a second rate striker…

  7. Spurs not only get Adebayor for 5 million but have City paying some of his high wages. Terrific business by Spurs and he won’t have to settle in after being with the club last season. He may be a headcase but there’s no doubting his talent and that he can score. Most top clubs would buy a 5 million pound player as a backup but Adebayor is much better than that. Let’s see how well he does in AVB’s system.

  8. “Manchester City paid Arsenal £25million to sign Emmanuel Adebayor just three years ago. After a string of loan spells and two years of trying to offload him, City have actually had to pay him to leave the club for Tottenham, as Spurs weren’t willing to match his £175k per week wages.
    Absolute madness. This highlights everything that’s wrong with modern football.”

    – FourFourTom

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