Where Will Clint Dempsey End Up at the End of the Transfer Window? [POLL]

In the next 11 days, we’ll find out whether Clint Dempsey has an opportunity to progress his career by moving to a bigger club, or not.

Dempsey has forced Fulham into accepting offers for his transfer out of Craven Cottage. But will any clubs make a bid for the player valued at 10million? Or will he have to eat crow and make up with Martin Jol?

Where do you think Dempsey will end up at the end of this month? Post your prediction below and join the debate in the comments section.

15 thoughts on “Where Will Clint Dempsey End Up at the End of the Transfer Window? [POLL]”

  1. His attitude is surely a concern to any club that buys him. Going on strike, which is what he has effectively done, is not to endear himself to the fans of whichever club he ends up at.

    1. I agree that his attitude and this “strike” looks bad on him, but I got to thinking, what if he played on and acted like nothing was going on? Would that give Fulham the impression that there was no urgency to get a deal done?

      1. Also, how do we know he went on strike? Because the club said so? I’d like to hear what Dempsey has to say. Maybe after a transfer.

    1. Sadly, European play for Dempsey will be hard to come by on Liverpool. Arsenal would probably be his best shot at both getting to Europe… and being able to start consistently. I’d love to see him on Liverpool, presuming he continues playing like he did last year. Talented players seem to have an ability of losing such talent once transferring to the Reds.

  2. if he really wants to play in the Champions League, it will be outside of England, but very few realistic options will pay much for him

  3. As much as I want him at Arsenal, no shot. Arteta, Carzola, and Wilshire back in a month. The midfield is just packed. I would be mad anyway since I already got my Arsenal jersey and I would have to go through the effort of getting Dempsey on the back. But it wont happen. They will get a Defensive Mid, a Defender and maybe a Striker.

  4. Liverpool are in dire need of a striker to play up-front with Suarez – and not the big, good-in-the-air type. That appears to be out of style at the club now.

    I’d put Suarez up there as the best creator of chances in the league, but he seems to need someone that can finish next to him.

    I think Liverpool (1) will be willing to spend the money and (2) can promise him a starting position.

    I’d really, really feel better about this season if we got him.

  5. As an American Red Supporter I pray Liverpool…but in reality I have no faith that will occur. I just hope he goes somewhere where he can show his skills to a wider audience as he deserves the chance, and it would be great for American football.

  6. I would like to see him at Arsenal but don’t see where he fits in. They are full of forward players. He would play every week at Liverpool, but his whole intent was to play in the CL.

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