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Josh McEachran Joins Middlesbrough On Season-Long Loan From Chelsea: The Daily EPL

josh mceachran Josh McEachran Joins Middlesbrough On Season Long Loan From Chelsea: The Daily EPL

Chelsea’s young and talented midfielder Josh McEachran has been shipped out of Chelsea again. Last season, the skillful footballer was shipped out in the January transfer window to Swansea where he saw very little playing time. And now McEachran has joined Middlesbrough on a season-long loan. He’ll adapt well to Tony Mowbray’s style at Boro, but let’s see if he can make the most of his opportunity there so he can possibly break into the full Chelsea squad next season. It seems like a waste to me, for such a promising young player though.

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4 Responses to Josh McEachran Joins Middlesbrough On Season-Long Loan From Chelsea: The Daily EPL

  1. CTBlues says:

    This is just dumb if they were going to loan him they should have sent him to another EPL club or another top league ie La Liga or the Bundesliga. The only reason I see him going to Boro is they could guarantee him playing time unlike Swansea last season.

  2. Nonsense says:

    Liverpool ‘cannot rely on Suarez’ – I think we all know this except for Liverpool and their fans. Nice showing against West Brom. Karma is a whaaaat?

  3. bucky says:

    This is hilarious. Chelsea have been going on and on about this kid for three years. About how he was the second coming of Christ and how he was better than Wilshere. Chelsea’s academy is a joke. For five years they tried to pick off the best kids around the country, but they havent developed anything. And those they claim are great like this kid are off to the Championship. He will never get his chance at CFC. Kids should go to smaller clubs with better academies than larger clubs with nothing but an empty shirt.

    • Paul says:

      he is a very good midfielder. Its just that Chelsea puts more focus on the “now” rather than the “future”. Look at what happened to Kakuta? Sturridge who lacks tactical intelligence which can be attributed to stunted development(lack of games)?
      Chelsea should just sell McEchran to a club where he’ll get games. Loaning him out every year is just…

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