Arsenal Agrees Deal With Barcelona to Sell Alex Song for £15m

Arsenal has confirmed that the club has agreed terms with Barcelona for the transfer of midfielder Alex Song.

In the same week that Arsenal lost leading goalscorer and captain Robin van Persie, Arsene Wenger has now lost star midfielder Alex Song.

According to Arsenal, “Song will now travel to the Catalan club to agree personal terms and undergo a medical ahead of the proposed move.”

Arsenal signed Alex Song in 2005 for £1 million from French club Bastia. Pending his medical and personal terms, Song will join Barcelona for £15m in a five-year deal.

After a disappointing nil-nil draw at home against Sunderland where Arsenal misfired several times in front of goal, the pressure will be on Arsene Wenger to make new signings between now and the end of the month.

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29 thoughts on “Arsenal Agrees Deal With Barcelona to Sell Alex Song for £15m”

  1. Will it be Walcott next? When will the fans start taking it out on the people who’s fault it is rather than the players that left?

  2. Its gonner be a BIG blow 2 loose Alex than it’ll be about Rvp, but once there’s No option, we accept it. But its PAINFUL

  3. it’s now arsenal culture season in season out to be breakin the heart of their fans by sellin their best playas without their replacement. how can a club that is hungry for glories wil be giving out their best man. rvp quiet all right i support the sellin but for Song i dont see any reason why u people shuld let him to leave. Song is our hit man at the defensive midfied why shuld he go. Arsenal wil neva win any silva ware until wenga is replaced.

  4. That shows that arsenal is no longer a club that fights for trophies.giroud is not good enough carzola,lukas are ok. but they will get frustrated and leave one time.

  5. Though we have contract problem with van persie,but this song issue baffles me,can Wenger please explain the reason behind song transfer?

  6. Losing Song is big, sad. Hopefully Diaby does not get hurt for a bit, least till Wilshere is fit. Perhaps today’s draw will make AW spend some money on a legit striker. Carvalo looked awesome…. reminded me of a “Barca type” player. Shame the Song deal Barcelona didn’t include a trade.

  7. If they bring in Sahin to replace Song that won’t be too bad. If Giroud had taken his chance today agsinst Sunderland the mood at Arsenal would have been different. Carzola showed his class and I think Arsenal will take time to be at their best with new players still finding their feet in a new league.

  8. Losing Song is a blow, but hardly a killer.. Signings will come. Money has come in and it will go out in return for talent.

    It’s hilarious how 99% of the comments so far as completely overdramatic. Losing RVP was the big one. Shame to see Song go, but in case you didn’t know, most Gooners are generally optimistic with the new players we have in tow, ESPECIALLY Cazorla after an incredible debut.

    Last season was much worse at this point. Good things will come.

    1. You sound like youre in denial about how big the Song move is. I get what youre sayin but no knows what will happen. Given away too easily. I think.

  9. Song, though my favorite player, is the last of Darren Dein’s clients at the club, and he has been shopping his players around all summer, for his own sake, and to spite AFC, since the family feels the club had done the same to them-long story short! AFC are crumbling, and without selling at least two rif-raf players like Bendtner, and two solid signings, there is simply no way we can compete any longer with the big boys… Last year’s victory over the mercenaries will seem like a dream, before the end of this season! Walcott sale would have been a much wiser move in the short term, out record without Alex Song speaks for itself, and for 15 mill., this is the worst business of Wenger’s last five seasons, and may be his last!!! Wake up suporters, we need to be heard-now!

      1. Injuries, Cesc gone, Nasri gone.

        The fact we went from a line-up of Chesney, Jenkinson, Laurent, Djourou, Traore, Coquelin, Ramsey, Rosicky, Walcott, van Persie.

        BENCH: Fabianski, Miquiel, GILES SUNU (FOR GODS SAKE), Ozyakup, Lansbury, Chamberlain, Chamakh. (From the Man U 8-2 Arsenal game)


        Cheseny, Jenkinson, Per, Vermaelan, Gibbs, Diaby, Arteta, Cazorla, Walcott, Gervinho, Podolski

        BENCH: Mannone, Djourou, Santos, Coquelin, Ramsey, Arshavin, Giroud.

        That is the difference. Chambo will be back and unlike before he has had a year to be ready and he already shows. Ramsey is back from a great Olympics. Arshavin is on great from since the Russian loan. Santos had 1 year. Cazorla is here. Podolski is here. Vermaelan is captain. Diaby is fit.

        Mark my words. You guys can bash the Arsenal but dont act as if Wenger is a fool. He is much smarter at football than all of you. Wenger knows. There is a reason why at points Barcelona and PSG wanted him. He has a plan. Also remember it took Henry 8 games to score his first goal for Arsenal and it took Bergkamp 5 games. Now look at them. Podolski and Giroud will come good. You will all see.

        1. What Arsenalkid700 says is misleading. First, that wasn’t the Arsenal team at the beginning of last season (it was the one against Man United, where Arsenal had a long injury list). Second, he doesn’t even know how to spell his goalkeeper’s name. And third, you tell me which is the better side. See below.

          Arsenal side for first game of last season versus Newcastle (0-0):

          Szczesny, Sagna, Vermaelen, Koscielny, Gibbs, Song, Rosicky, Ramsey, Arshavin, Gervinho, van Persie.

          Arsenal side for yesterday’s game versus Sunderland (0-0):

          Szczesny, Jenkinson, Vermaelen, Mertesacker, Gibbs, Diaby, Arteta, Cazorla, Walcott, Gervinho, Podolski.

          Comparing the starting 11, the biggest differences are the loss of captain and goalscoring machine Van Persie, Song has gone and has been replaced by an inferior Diaby, Sagna is unfortunately injured but is better than Jenkinson. Mertesacker’s form is debatable. So what you’re left with is Arteta who’s class, Cazorla who looks good, Walcott and Gervinho who are lacking confidence, and Podolski who is unproven at Arsenal.

          I would hardly say that this is an Arsenal team that is better than the same starting 11 at the same time last season.

          Who do Arsenal play next? Stoke City away, Manchester City away and Chelsea at home.

          And how is losing Fabregas and Nasri a good thing, Arsenalkid700? These are two of the best midfielders Arsenal has had in yonks. Yes, they’re gone, but pretending that Arsenal is a better team because they left is ridiculous.

          The Gaffer

          1. Arsenal aren’t a better team because Song and RVP left. However, they are in a better position than last season because of the depth of the squad. Gaffer, you’re correct regarding the starting eleven for the first match of the season, but injuries and departures decimated that squad. Players who never played in the top flight (Jenkinson, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Coquelin, Frimpong) were getting regular playing time in the first month or two of the season. That will not happen this year barring an insane injury crisis.

            And if you believe the reports, Wenger will get Sahin and/or M’Vila to replace Song. Arsenal may actually spend the RVP and Song money. It’s too early to bash the Gunners.

  10. They only thing I can figure is that payments on the new stadium or bonuses to minority owners are driving these decisions. There is nothing left to build on. Arsenal is now literally a selling club and as soon as Wilshere is fit he will be looking for the exit as well. I thought Wenger had learned from last year that unsettling the team at the beginning of the season was a huge mistake. Since Arsenal finished 3rd last year Wenger decided that it wasn’t so bad after all and settled lineups are overrated. All that is left is CL money and if Arsenal finish out of the top 4 in 2012-13 what are fans looking for, FA cup & Carllng Cup silverware? Sad to say that it’s time for Arsene to go.

  11. Player wanted to go. When his agent shopped him and there was interest, he started acting like a prick. Last week in zcologne Bould wanted to strangle him. 15m is a good price for a player. He was important in matches last year. He also left the defense horribly exposed. Gave away stupid free kicks in horrible places. he will be missed if the club don’t buy. But there will be two more signings.

    Cry all you want and go on about Wenger and “losing” all of these players. But what did Arsenal win with any of them. Better to sell and reinvest and try again.



  13. It’s laffable that people think Song was a pivotal part of Arsenal’s team. Fred summed it up best so far, he was defensively naive, gave away terrible fouls in worse places, and as a DM i find this to be most alarming, didn’t take responsibility for covering the back four. He was, like the other lot we sold (minus Cesc) in that he had pretty good season and a half. because he wanted to be a playmaker he would make his Hollywood passes (probably half of which were off target) and then was too slow to recover. Having him in the team took so much of Arteta’s game away because he was covering Song. Assuming we bring in Sahin, (also heard M’Villa is not going to be playing in Rennes this year) we will be fine without him. If we get a proper DM we’ll be in a much better situation.

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