Wenger Admits Alex Song Could Follow Robin van Persie Out of Arsenal: The Daily EPL

In his Friday morning press conference ahead of Arsenal’s opening match of the Premier League season, manager Arsene Wenger has admitted that Arsenal could lose another star player — Alex Song, this time, who could move to Barcelona before the summer transfer window comes to a close.

Losing Robin van Persie is one thing, but losing a central cog in midfield would be another blow for Arsenal. To make matters worse, Wenger has also said that the club has already spent the money Arsenal has received from the van Persie transfer, so don’t expect any more major signings between now and the end of this month.

Here are today’s Premier League news headlines:

And as if things couldn’t get any worse for Arsenal, here’s a photo of their star striker officially signing for one of the club’s biggest rivals:

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23 thoughts on “Wenger Admits Alex Song Could Follow Robin van Persie Out of Arsenal: The Daily EPL”

  1. Tough to read this first thing in the morning.
    Good morning Cody, another player is leaving.
    Such is life as an Arsenal fan.

  2. Sucks. I don’t get it. How can AW let him go. I think we really need Song, especially with the injuries the club has.

    1. I know…it sucks.
      I think he is under contract until 2014, so maybe they figure they can get some serious cash for him.
      Who knows. It would be nice to have landed Sahin, but I guess we’ll hear sometime today that Liverpool have signed him.

      It sucks that we never get to build, just re-load.

  3. I don’t understand this one. Please someone explain. Song has done nothing but wear the badge with pride. He’s not expensive. He plays well. His contract is not expiring. He is 24. He isn’t asking for a transfer to his boyhood club. What is going on here?

    I can only think of two possibilities: 1) At 15 million pounds for Alex Song, how do you not accept that, or 2) Wenger feels that the number players available in the midfield are more than adequate and this is an opportunity.

    Still I don’t get it.

    1. It’s simple. Alex Song has the opportunity to play for the best team in the world, at very attractive wages and a club where he can win trophies.

      If you were a young player and Barcelona showed interest in signing you, you would certainly be interested.

      It’s got nothing to do with Arsene Wenger having too many midfielders in midfield. Arsenal and Wenger don’t want Song to go, but if the player wants to move and Barcelona offers a substantial fee, then Arsenal will sell. They bought the player for just £1 million, so it’ll be a good bit of business to sell him for £15-20million.

      The Gaffer

      1. I don’t believe that it’s as simple as you described.

        Song will not start on Barca and he might even be 3rd choice behind Busquets and Mascherano in the holding player role. Also, selling Song after having sold Van Persie will undoubtedly piss off the fans. Van Persie was our top scorer and Song topped our assists. Selling him in this transfer season will lead to a riot unless Wenger has a player or two lined up to replace him.

        1. It’s happened before and it’ll happen again. Arsenal have lost several key players in previous transfer windows including Fabregas and Nasri. If Song goes to Barcelona, there will be disgruntled Arsenal fans, but there won’t be a riot.

          Sure, Song’s spot will not be guaranteed at Barcelona, but he’ll still be making more money and will be part of a team that will win trophies.

          The Gaffer

          1. Last year the calls for Wenger’s head were louder than ever and finishing in the top 4 helped pacify a lot of fans. Given the high prices people pay for the tickets and the emotional impact of losing Van Persie, I doubt fans will be willing to accept a poor start this season….

            In regards to Song, I’d like to believe that making more money and warming the bench are not amongst his priorities. You’re right though, players have left for similar reasons and will continue to do so.

        2. I guess as Arsenal fan you don’t have qualms with players from ‘lesser’ clubs joining Arsenal. Well it works the same in this case but the direction is Arsenal (lesser) –> Barcelona (bigger).

          1. It doesn’t quite feel the same way when a club is highly in debt or being financed by a rich owner. If you believe that is fair, then more power to you.

  4. Song’s contract is until 2015, personally for all his failings , I like him. Having said that he is the last of Darren Dein’s men at the club, so who knows what is being whispered in his ear. If he is being disruptive, yes get rid. As a gunner I support the club not individuals.
    Players may complain about trophies or lack of, it’s them on the field not AW, and what excuses have they for the Carling Cup? Not a monster trophy granted, but it would have got the press off our back.

  5. Wenger comments about having already recruited the RVPreolacements do not mean he is done in the transfer market. He usually says the opposite of what he does. If he announces he will buy, then every target’s price tag goes up. They would definitely replace Song with a more traditional holding MF. Hopefully it’s M’vila.

  6. Wenger never said he was done in the transfer market. Straight from The Guardian: Asked on Friday morning whether Song’s departure, and more signings, could be on the cards, Wenger responded: “Both can happen.”

    He even pointed out Nuri Sahin as a transfer target.

    1. I hope the Nuri Sahin move happens, but all I’m hearing is that Liverpool will announce Sahin by the end of the day today.

  7. @AM “It doesn’t quite feel the same way when a club is highly in debt or being financed by a rich owner. If you believe that is fair, then more power to you.”

    In football as anywhere else competition is never fair. You have a better chance winning the fight if you start it on your terms outnumbering the opposition. You either accept it or keep on living in denial … and loosing.

    Anyway, what does fairness have to do with players wanting to play for a ‘bigger’ club?

    1. I agree the world is never fair. For example, by virtue of their location in London, Arsenal will always have a larger local fan base than say Stoke. The playing field is not level…. I understand that.

      However, financial doping through means of extreme levels of leverage and sugar daddy owners is ruining the game. It’s frustrating as a fan of football to see this because even a blind person can see that it is simply not sustainable. How are clubs like Arsenal or Everton expected to compete when other clubs are risking their futures and acting irresponsibly?

      Players are always welcome to go and play for bigger clubs…. and in better places (Barcelona > London). However, with the disparities in wages being thrown about, it just feels that money is dictating a lot of these decisions. Fabregas to Barcelona was understandable as was Ronaldo to Madrid. Van Persie’s move was dictated by the ridiculous wages he was being offered….. just like Nasri and Adebayor. And Song’s is also a financial decision as he will be a benchwarmer at Barca and it’s just sad to see that as a fan of the game. Money has corrupted the soul of football and to me that is a real shame.

      I’m fine with Arsenal never winning a trophy as long as we do things responsibly because at the end of the day, it’s not what you’ve done… but how you’ve done it that matters… to me at least.

      1. “I’m fine with Arsenal never winning a trophy as long as we do things responsibly because at the end of the day, it’s not what you’ve done… but how you’ve done it that matters… to me at least.”

        It is fine … in theory. In practice however this “do things responsibly” is a relative thing and not as straightforward as it seems. If by doing things responsibly you mean spending less that you earn you have to remember that a great deal of current Arsenal earning power is based on their past successes and a position as a global brand in football. They are still a ‘big’ club even if not as big as United or Real Madrid. This attracts quality players and sponsorship deals. However if they keep on going without trophies year after year their standing as a top football club will inevitably take a hit. They will start having difficulties attracting marquee players their brand value and as a consequence earning power will diminish. In this case what would differentiate the from being just another London club like Fulham (no disrespect intended)? If you think that Arsenal traditions and history make them immune from such scenario think about Ajax. In terms history and past accomplishments they are arguably bigger club than Arsenal. And look where they are now.

    1. Why yes, I am.
      And I regret to inform everyone that Robin Van Persie has just blown out his knee in the first minute v. Everton. Sorry.

  8. Club leaking that Song has been disruptive and late for training. His agent is Dein jr who gets his players moved to bigger clubs for high agent fees.
    It is difficult to know what is real. What is real is that he has already cleared out his locker. He will be announced perhaps as early as Sunday. But most likely Monday announcement. Sahin is as good as done. He has been holding off Liverpool. Arsenal probably didnt want to end up missing out by trying to hold on to Song. If Barca comes it is difficult for players to turn down. They are a bigger club than Arsenal. They have won more recently (you couldnt have said this before the 06 CL).
    Arsenal will probably confirm Sahin asap. a Theo extension and will probably buy one more player btwn now and August 31st.
    Arsenal fans should not be surprised by any of this. Buy kids and sell them on. Live off of the profits. Ownership will not invest in players. It will be a 3rd place finish again.

  9. Wenger will cash in on Song then sign Sahin on loan. That will be very good business for Arsenal. Mourinho wants Sahin to go to Liverpool on loan for the season but the player prefers Arsenal. Arsenal could even sign him outright if the price isn’t high. I have a feeling that Sahin will end up at Arsenal one way or another as soon as Song is offically sold.

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