talkSPORT Launches Free Commentary of Every Premier League Game for 2012-13 Season

Beginning this weekend, commentary of every single Premier League match this season will be available live for free from talkSPORT, the UK-based sports talk radio station.

Under the new rights deal signed earlier this year, talkSPORT acquired the radio rights outside Europe for the next four years. The radio commentary will be available in English, Spanish and Mandarin.

The full 90-minute radio commentary for every Premier League game will be available through talkSPORT’s website at  The British broadcaster acquired the domain earlier this year from a sports message board that previously had the domain name.

Registration is required to listen to the commentaries, but it’s free. The free radio commentary is available to residents in North America, Asia, Africa, Australasia, and South America.

This is certainly another big win for soccer fans who are on the road, or who prefer to listen to radio commentary as an alternative choice. This means no more radio commentary from Sirius satellite radio as we’ve had in previous seasons.

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8 thoughts on “talkSPORT Launches Free Commentary of Every Premier League Game for 2012-13 Season”

  1. I hope the mobile apps work well on all platforms Andriod, iOS, and WinPhone becuase I have the ESPN Radio app on my old iPhone 3GS and my current Galaxy S II and the one on my Galaxy constantly crashes and there hasn’t been an update in a while. Where as the one on my iPhone only had problems on occasion.

  2. Talksport can be a pain in the arse at times with knob head pundits, but the commentary is usually very good.

    If you can get it I’d recommend the ‘Call Collymore’ after match phone in, you’ll get to hear people on their way back from matches ring in spouting off. He’s generally very fair and interested in all sides not just the big four.

    I have to say if I’m not at the match I prefer to listen to commentary over the radio, TV and all the circus that goes with it does nothing for me. Usually some fence sitting, know nothing pundits like Shearer or Hansen spiouting platitudes and looking smug.

  3. The talksport website is blocked at work for me, so I can’t check. Does anyone know if these games will be available on-demand after the match is over?

  4. SiriusXM’s still has a smattering of games according to its website:

    I know SiriusXM broadcasts at least a couple TalkSport shows. Is it possible they’ve been licensed to broadcast some of the games over here since TalkSport doesn’t have a non-internet presence (that I know of) in North America?

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