FOX Soccer News Debuts Tomorrow Featuring Pundits Bobby McMahon & Thomas Rongen

Tonight’s episode of FOX Soccer Report will be the final episode before FOX Soccer switches gears and launches the first of what is expected to be many episodes of the network’s new show, FOX Soccer News.

FOX Soccer News will debut on Friday, August 17 at 10pm ET on FOX Soccer hosted by Brendan Dunlop, who is best known for his work on The Footy Show (see video). Taking turns as host of the show is Canada’s former women’s national team forward Kara Lang. The pundits who’ll be appearing on the show include Bobby McMahon, Thomas Rongen and Colin Miller (former captain of Canada’s national team).

The show, taped in Toronto, will air 365 days-a-year in HD.

“With the increased resources we are devoting to FOX Soccer News, we look forward to the show reaching new heights as America’s nightly soccer destination,” said FOX Soccer Senior Vice President and Assistant General Manager Dermot McQuarrie. “We’ve committed to make this show the one-stop shop for soccer news and highlights from home and around the globe.”

FOX Soccer News features set upgrades. Segments of FOX Soccer News include a weekly roundtable discussing the biggest stories in the global game, an “Ask the Expert” feature where viewers can engage directly with analysts, and “Play of the Day” in addition to the show’s global power rankings.

For the first time, FOX Soccer News has on-the-ground reporters in the United Kingdom covering the biggest story lines from the Barclays Premier League and European competitions. The show is also home to domestic action from across North America, with insights from MLS, the CONCACAF Champions League, Mexican Primera Division, along with South American domestic football and CONMEBOL international play. Late updates will be included in the West Coast edition of the show at 10:00 PM PST.

25 thoughts on “FOX Soccer News Debuts Tomorrow Featuring Pundits Bobby McMahon & Thomas Rongen”

  1. great to hear Bobby will have a role in the new show.hope he is given as much time as he wants and he doesn’t get burnt out with the travel maybe have a studio setup so he could do it from home.

  2. I am just wondering. When they do MLS highlights or any highlights for that matter, will it be in blurry SD like it was for FOX Soccer Report because of the licensing etc.?

  3. The new show looks great. Great set, great HD, great Bobby McMahon. Nervous start for Kara… Bring back Michelle Lissel… at least.

  4. Woeful. ESPN-lite, McMahon squeezed into soundbites while a plastic talking head spouts crap. And the Banter Zone??!! Grow up.

    Where’s the petition to get the FSC crew back presenting?

    1. Please make Kara cover up her ugly tattoos. It’s bad enough that this show has gone to the dogs with these new presenters, the last thing I need is to look at stupid tattoos

  5. McMahon’s accent as diabolical as ever. Why can’t they get somebody who speaks standard English? The new host sports a ridiculous hairstyle, and the new girl is awkward & unprofessional. Bring back Asa & Michelle!

  6. Having watched very episode of FSR since it started, I think I’m done. One by one Fox eliminated anyone who was not a robot. Eoin O’Callaghan and Asa took a while to settle in but at least they along with Michelle were not trying to prove they know something about the game – they actually did. As for Bobby (who managed to go 23 consecutive Fridays without mentioning Chelsea) he now has free reign to cover the Dundees in the once marginal but now completely irrelevant SPL. Obviously he was not cut because they can’t understand a word he says – though once they realize he knows what he’s talking about he may follow the rest. What makes it worse is that Fox have also cut the 4pm Pacific showing of Sky Sports presumably to make FSN somehow more current. At least the 11pm PST ESPN FC Press pass show has real people… Eoin, Asa, Michelle thanks. Also to Jeremy and last but not least Derek Taylor probably the best of all of them. So, to summarize: the new show and it’s lead presenters completely suck. I guess it’s time to get a UK proxy server connection after all.

  7. Completely agree with the negative comments on this board. Fox Soccer News is next to unwatchable. I feel for Bobby McMahon, having to sit uncomfortably at the desk while watching those two clowns mis-read the teleprompter, or in Cara’s case, read it as though she’s in her optometrist’s office taking an eye test.

    The Jeremy St. Louis & Michelle Lissel combination with a sprinkling of Bobby’s analysis was the best of times; I was never a huge Derek Taylor fan, but he grew on me. I enjoyed Eion almost as much as Jeremy & Michelle, and even Asa once he settled in was 10 times the professional that the newbies are.

    Who is producing this show? Are they not making any changes because they are frozen with embarrassment? And where the hell is FOX Soccer Senior Vice President and Assistant General Manager Dermot McQuarrie? Dude, have you tuned in to this train wreck yet? It’s not getting better.

    Please add me to the list of people who would be happy to add his name to a petition to bring back the gang.

  8. Wholeheartedly agree with all new comments about the new Fox Soccer News. The way the old Report edited the actual footage of goals and highlights has always been terrible and clearly put together by someone who knows nothing about the game. However in Eoin they at least had a presenter who knew the game along with Bobby. The latest presenters know nothing about the game despite being annoyingly over the top and opinionated on things they are clearly clueless about. They just showed the Real v Barca game and didn’t even show the Real second goal, but later showed a camera man falling over in an Europa cup game. Get more people who understand the game making and presenting the whole thing else its gotta to be utter reliance on Gol Tv news for fans of the sport in Northern America.

  9. Bring back the Fox Soccer report, the Soccer News SUCKS. Horrible stupid people (who is thqt CLOWN with the bow tie? Bobby McMahon was the only valid reason to watch Fox Soccer anyway, besides the games and now he is in some virtual cupboard somewhere in bleedin’ CANADA?

    The late lamented Soccer Report was an aberration for Fox, real humans instead of screaming yahoos and now someone upstairs has waken up to this fact and sent us Martian replacements. Thanks a bleedin’ lot! You are IDIOTS.

  10. I also will NOT watch Fox Soccer News. I have been watching the 7 p.m. Pacific Standard Time show for more then ten years now. It used to have soccer, Formula 1, various motor sports, golf from Europe, and sports other than basketball, baseball, and football which are professionally broadcast on ESPN etc. I kept on watching through the years and loved it when the show had been dedicated for soccer coverage. I enjoyed Carlos Machado and he had gone, and Michelle Lissle also left for Toronto FC front office and then returned and it was awesome that she joined the show again. Eoin was really cool, he presented from the world cup in fine style and substance and did a special program with a Canadian soccer writer. Derek Taylor was alright, and like others have said–he grew on me with time. Michelle and Jeremy St. Louis presented well together, Derek and Bobby were a good team, even Asa was pretty good. Carlos Machado has been gone for a few years now, and with Jeremy St. Louis and Eoin and Michelle gone, the roots of the show have all but been uprooted with Bobby McMahon the only survivor. I admit, Bobby is the only reason to view the show.

    1. oh and regarding Bobby’s accent…I DO NOT understand Sir Alex Ferguson but I DO ALWAYS understand Bobby. I also ALWAYS understood Eoin. Now it doesn’t matter anymore, Bobby has never been charismatic and while he is good at what he does, some will say he is at the top of punditry, he cannot carry the format of a one hour show by himself. The roster had always been on a rotation, so that no one presented for more than a few days straight. The show had a great pool of presenters, some had charisma and some just blended well, and Bobby was there to glue it all together with his expertise. If I want Bobby’s soccer opinions I’ll just read his columns and articles. There is no reason now why to tune in to the Fox Soccer Show. It is kind of sad that this is happening now, mainly because the game has picked up in America and viewers deserve a good report. In conclusion, those who are long time fans of soccer already know of various media outlets that serve to supplant and even replace their Fox Soccer Report viewing habit. I am amongst these folks since I will now look elsewhere for soccer news. Those who aren’t longtime soccer fans will not know any better and may end up watching the show because of their lack of soccer culture. Of course the people who used to watch the Fox Soccer Report are long time soccer fans and having read the responses on this board the consensus seems heavily disfavoring the Fox Soccer Show. I wish them the best, but honestly it seems that there is a revolving door and the next version of the show is not too far off. I would be my guess that the futures shows would pale in comparison with the Fox Soccer Report. Maybe they are following budget cuts directives, and for this viewer they have already cut too many times the one thing that I used to love about the show–a low budget yet spirited reporting of a global game. Too bad, and yet good luck to the Fox Soccer Show.

  11. I have been a football fan for over 30 years and I have been in the U.S. for 15. For the last 6-7 years I have paid $30+ per month for both Fox/Setanta so I can watch my beloved Man U, as well as Munster rugby. I actually looked forward to watching Fox Soccer Report in the evenings. Eoin and Bobby were knowledgeable and likable, Michelle was easily the most-respected female presenter the network has ever had. That is until I watched the 60-minute car wreck of the new show. Quite simply, it is awful. The cartoon character presenters, the ridiculous whoosh sounds, the Banter Zone (really?) and finally, the football-speak that I have no idea what it means…… I feel like I know less about football after watching it. Bring back the old crew or my money will go to ESPN.

  12. Agree totally with the negative comments. I could not believe anyone could be worse than the Lara bimbo, but the new pretty boy and the girl with the ugly tattoo make Lara look knowledgeable. Is this a move to make all the Brits go away and attract 13 year old girls?

    I cannot watch it anymore. Where do they store all the throwaways….Eoin, Michelle, Derek, Jeremy, Asa, Mitch, Terri, etc? And as for the man with the bow tie….come on! I can only guess the producer lost a bet and had to commit to put him on air for a few weeks.

  13. Wow! I cant believe how banterless brenden dunlop is! He is an absolute muppet,makes the show unwatchable,its embarrassing really!

  14. They have destroyed this show

    used to enjoy watching but now cannot watch these muppets

    who is the guy with the Dickie bow

    bring back the bobby and crew

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