beIN SPORT Launches On DISH Network: Free Preview Available

Following up on yesterday’s launch on DirecTV, the new 24/7 international soccer network beIN SPORT is now also available on DISH Network.

beIN SPORT is available as a free preview today through September 11 on channel 408. While beIN SPORT is in HD on DirecTV, it’s only available in SD on DISH.

In addition to channel 408, beIN SPORT is also available on channel 871. The channel is mirrored, so presumably the Spanish-language version of beIN SPORT will launch on 871 in the coming weeks.

Now that beIN SPORT is available on DirecTV and DISH Network, the big question is which TV provider will be the next one to make beIN SPORT available. FiOS? Comcast? Time Warner? We’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime, contact your TV provider today and request beIN SPORT.

H/T Thanks to EPL Talk reader Mo for the photo.

21 thoughts on “beIN SPORT Launches On DISH Network: Free Preview Available”

  1. How long TWC…How long?!?!

    Please for the love of all that is Holy…Get BeIN Sports. I can’t go without Messi and CR7.

    1. Even if TWC reaches some overall deal with beIN Sport, that doesn’t mean you will get it. That decision is left up to local regional managers. Some will get it and some won’t, just like with FS HD and FS+.

  2. Does anyone know what Dish package beIN Sport will be part of once the free preview is finished? I’m hoping and wishing for it to be included in 120+ pack, but I could also jive with it being on the Multi-Sport pack. I really really hope they don’t make it an a-la-carte channel or part of the 250 pack…

    1. I am assuming that since beIN is eating a lot of the costs to get started up and grab a foothold in the US that it will be a part of the Multi-Sport pack for now.

  3. Hopefully once beIN comes out of “free preview” status, Dish will carry it in HD, but I seriously doubt it. Yet another disappointment on the HD front from the provider that proclaims having “the most HD channels”.

  4. Reply from Cox New England: “As of today, we have no plans on adding the BeIn Sports channel.”

    Let’s hope BeIn Sports comes up with a streaming service comparable to foxsoccer2go as it may be the only way to get it for most of us.

  5. So now with BeIn on DTV and Dish, what is the best option for Footy fans for cable TV. I currently have Dish and was very disappointed when they dumped GolTV (which seems irrelevant now) but I am moving soon and deciding which way to go….2 factors 1) quality 2) price. Thoughts anyone?

  6. Dish Network says America’s Top 250 for this channel, look under New Channels or Free Preview.

    No word yet on Latino/Spanish packages.

    I’m usually understanding, but Top 250 to snatch an SD (even if decent PQ) channel?!

    1. DANGIT! I’m currently on AT 120+, and the AT 250 is $20 more per month…looks like i’m back to no (legal) watching of La Liga this season!

  7. I feel your pain. I have Dos, which is $5 less than 120+. So I’d be looking at a $25 increase, which simply won’t happen. Hopefully it gets included (English and Spanish, not just the Spanish), in the Latino Dos package. I’d be willing squeeze to Max… maybe.

  8. it might be in multi sport pack. i had a chat with a guy from dish and he said they don’t have the full info on bein sport yet and he told me to come back in 24 hours.

  9. There is one big problem with dishnetwork………they DONT have it in HD while direct do……….long time with dish,they kind of cheap with the HD stuff……….they even droped couple of years ago espn news channel 142 from HD to SD………

  10. BEIN sport in HD only on directv at this point………they on the way to me as i write this comment to replace dish..

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