beIN SPORT Launches In HD On DirecTV [PHOTOS]

beIN SPORT officially launched on US television Wednesday night when the new international soccer network debuted on satellite provider DirecTV.

EPL Talk reader Escaped Convict snapped several photos to commemorate the launch, which reveal what beIN SPORT’s studio set looks like, in addition to their on-screen graphics, and shows the beIN SPORT presenters, commentators and pundits in action.

While I didn’t personally get a chance to see how the set looks on television (I was busy watching USA beat Mexico), the studio set looks like nothing we’ve seen on a US soccer network before, which is eyeopening and refreshing to see.

The first live game beIN SPORT showed was the live match between Ecuador and Chile.

17 thoughts on “beIN SPORT Launches In HD On DirecTV [PHOTOS]”

  1. As a Direct TV subscriber, I couldn’t be happier. I have 4 (four) football channels at my disposal : Fox Soccer, Fox Soccer Plus (I still pay the $15 for the occasional extra Liverpool game shown there), BeIN and Gol TV.

    I watched the BeIN opening hours last night. Cool studio set. I wonder if Ilgner will be a permanent fixture on BeIN. Looking forward to 6-7 live La Liga games this weekend, including Real Madrid/Valencia.

    Ecuador pummelled Chile in the pouring rain last night.

    All in all, it’s great to be a Direct TV subscriber. (let’s not forget all Champions League and Europa League games shown live on the 400 channels, I mean, come on!)

    1. Do you have to subscribe to certain packs to get the CL and EL games ? I actually will have a DirecTV installed this weekend and I’m getting the choice + sports pack.

      1. You have to subscribe to the “sports pack” that includes fox soccer, beIN and Goltv. You get the champtions league matches as well. They are somewhere in the 400 channel range.

  2. Have to say the set looks very nice but it does remind of Professor Xavier’s Cerebro room.

    I hope Ray Hudson stays away from Serie A.

  3. FYI: the welcome studio shows were shot at beIN SPORT France in Paris.

    We will have to wait until Saturday to see what the studio in Miami looks like.

  4. Unfortunately I can’t yet find beIN on my Comcast (Pittsburgh)…

    BUT they have finally added Fox Soccer HD!!! Just in time! It just popped on today because I know I scrolled through and didn’t see it yesterday. Hopefully that signals good news for other Comcast-ers out there. (Also added GOL in HD — a season too late I guess…)

  5. New channel but using old GolTV announcers. I am not happy at all. I can’t stand Phil and Ray, and you can barely hear the crowd noise. I wish they would use the world announcers who are typically based at the game and are more knowledgeable about the sport.

  6. biggest issue is that unless you have the top dog package, you only get beIN in SD. Since when does HD vs SD get tiered by package? It used to be that either you had the channel or not.

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