Bolton’s Fabrice Muamba ‘Devastated’ After Announcing Retirement: The Daily EPL

It was the incident that happened last season that none of us will ever forget, whether we saw it on person or on television. However, the sad news out of England today is that Bolton’s Fabrice Muamba has been forced to retire. And he’s devastated by the news.

Let’s hope someone is able to find a place for Muamba so he can move into the next phase of his career, either as a coach or ambassador.

Meanwhile, there’s plenty of other Premier League-related news happening today:

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4 thoughts on “Bolton’s Fabrice Muamba ‘Devastated’ After Announcing Retirement: The Daily EPL”

    1. While he is “lucky” to be alive, it has to be crushing to have his passion on the field stripped from him. It isn’t easy being alive and not being able to do what you have the greatest passion for. I hope him the best in his transition.

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