New Soccer Network beIN SPORT Launches On DirecTV

beIN SPORT, the new 24/7 soccer network that has acquired US media rights to many of the major European soccer leagues, will officially launch on television today via satellite provider DirecTV.

At 7:30pm ET today, beIN SPORT will debut on channel 620 on DirecTV, which was previously the channel position held by GolTV.

beIN SPORT’s exclusive programming will include coverage of the top soccer leagues and tournaments from Europe and South America, including Spain’s La Liga, Italy’s Serie A, France’s Ligue Un, England’s nPower Championship and League Cup, the South American World Cup Qualifiers and Copa America 2015, as well as many other world-class sporting events.

The English-language version of beIN SPORT will be offered in HD and SD as part of the DIRECTV Sports Pack. The network will also provide an entirely differentiated Spanish-language channel, beIN SPORT “En Español”, which will be available on DIRECTV Más in SD.

In addition to its TV network, select beIN SPORT content will be available online for DIRECTV customers. No additional information is available at this time in regards to how this will work, and when it’ll be ready, but what it does mean is that the temporary free online stream that beIN SPORT has been providing will end today.

Currently the only way to ensure that you won’t miss the new season of La Liga and Serie A is by subscribing to beIN SPORT on DirecTV.

As EPL Talk reported last week, we understand that beIN SPORT is close to finalizing a deal with DISH Network. The satellite provider has reportedly been running beIN SPORT on a test channel in preparation for a future launch. However, we have heard no reports of beIN SPORT being added to a major cable provider such as Comcast, Time Warner or COX. If you don’t have DirecTV, be sure to contact your TV provider today to request beIN SPORT.

Up until this point, soccer fans have been relatively patient and understanding regarding the launch of beIN SPORT — particularly I believe because we all have been pacified by having access to the free live streaming service. Beginning today, however, things may start to get more tense as beIN SPORT has put us in a “sink or swim” scenario. If you subscribe to DirecTV, then you’re safe. You’ll be able to watch most of your soccer uninterrupted. But if you’re like everyone else, including me, who doesn’t subscribe to DirecTV, we have only four options: 1) Do nothing, 2) complain, 3) move to DirecTV or 4) urge our TV provider to add beIN SPORT.

I completely understand where beIN SPORT is coming from in regards to switching off the free live stream that was available on their website, but I’m interested in hearing what beIN SPORT’s online strategy is for those soccer fans in the United States who don’t (or are unable to) subscribe to DirecTV. For many of us, the online option is our greatest hope — but it’s the part that we have the least information about from beIN SPORT.

As soon as we hear more information, we’ll be sure to update you on EPL Talk.

79 thoughts on “New Soccer Network beIN SPORT Launches On DirecTV”

  1. If they get an on-line option similar to Fox Soccer 2Go then that would be fine with me. In the absence of this you probably need to get DirectTV as I cannot imagine many cable systems in the US picking this up.

    Even if something like Cablevision as a whole comes to an agreement with BeIn you probably would not see LOCAL cable systems adding this other than in some very select markets.

    I hate it when these little niche channels throw huge money around and get the rights to something – more money now but bad for the growth of the game in the longer term. Kind of like when the NHL went from a real network to Outdoor Life TV or Versus or whatever the hell it was called.

    1. When Cablevision makes a deal with boardcasters it is usually all encompassing because it is such a “small” provider (southwestern CT, parts of NYC and surrounding citys and towns, Long Island, northern NJ, and a small part of PA) in comparison to Comcast.

      NHL got screwed because of the lockout/strike in which ESPN said good bye to the NHL and when they came back ESPN moved on and the NHL had to take what it could get NBC and Versus.

      1. Didn’t know that about Cablevision. Seems like the other big providers have a bit of variance from place to place as to what they carry.

        And yes, the NHL was kind of a bad example, as no one else seemed to want them. But a better one might be the “Big 10 Network,” which is of extremely limited availability in a lot of the areas it purports to serve.

        I just hate the thought of the EPL ending up somewhere that is “dark” to me, having been spoiled in recent years by the ability to watch pretty much 75% of the matches you want to see via Fox/ESPN. (Particularly with the mobile apps, as I travel almost constantly).

  2. not that it matters too much, but does anyone know where GolTV might be going on DirecTV? those goal highlight shows are kickass.

    1. Rumor has it that they’ll be moving to 627. I contacted GolTV last week and I’m still waiting to hear a response.

      The Gaffer

  3. There is a 5th option. We could urge beIN to provide a direct streaming option as well.

    I’ve gotten to the point where if a company does not offer a reasonable streaming option for people who choose not to/can’t afford expensive cable and satellite packages, I doubt any claim they make about wanted to grow the sport or being genuine fans.

      1. Agreed. If their purpose is to become a TV force, they can’t “dilute” their product on the Internet. They will be streaming events for subscribers (wish FS+ would do that with FS2Go), but the drive for subscribers to demand the channel would quell if they can just get it on the Internet.

        1. Streaming is the model of the future. The current distribution model is archaic and rarely fits into the viewing habits that more people are adopting. Far more people use and want mobile access on phones and tablets, and more people are looking away from cable subscriptions for streaming TV and a la cart services, and on-demand content assists in the time shifting feature that DVRs provide. Heck, even many TVs have internet connectivity.

          I think focusing on trying to become a TV force is the wrong approach, or an approach that is going to become less crucial as time goes on. The more important goal should be to build a user base. That provides better bargaining with established networks to sub license games, or partner for studio created supplemental content.

          1. Absolutely. Streaming is growing. However, cable/satellite TV is still the 800 pound gorilla in the room and will be for some time. beIN will never do anything to damage its chances of gaining access to that distribution, which is what offering a stand alone streaming subscription would do.

            We’ll see what September brings.

          2. Why all the worry about where to see all the games. You can watch almost every game played online using P2P shareing web sites. If you have a new TV you can hook your computer up the you TV and watch the games on your TV or computer. Go to and get all the games you want!!

            1. Yeah, that’s the solution — give all your money to the pirates with the crappy quality and foreign-language streams instead of rewarding the companies who are actually spending millions for the rights to show the games.

              The Gaffer

  4. There doesn’t seem to be any mention of the nPower Championship/League Cup on beIN Sport’s website — or am I missing something?

      1. I subscribe to DirecTV. I completely forgot about the nPower games being picked up by beIN. I really didn’t think that DTV would be the first on board, so I wrote those competitions off. This is really an unexpected bonus since they were on Fox Soccer Plus. to which I don’t subscribe.

        I don’t have interest in the other leagues that beIN carries at this time, but nPower and the League Cup will get me in their camp. WITH ONE CAVEAT…Ray Hudson has nothing to do with their coverage. If Ray’s in, I’m out.

        “In addition to its TV network, select beIN SPORT content will be available online for DirectTV customers.”

        Gaffer, my guess is that they will emulate what DirecTV is doing with other providers of their online content access. They have a sign on process that uses the subscribers DirecTV account information for validation.

        1. This might be added to their iPad app. It’s really nice and has a great layout and awesome picture with a good variety of channels (Fox Soccer included). But it only works when you’re at home, which makes it a bit pointless…

  5. I have DirecTV (love it. switched once to Dish to save money and jumped back the first chance I got), so I’m very happy this morning. However, I do feel for those who will lose out today. Keep on your providers to carry the network and bug the beIN folks as well to give you a proper online option. I’m sure many would pay a subscription fee to be able to watch online.

    1. If Dish doesn’t pick it up, I can’t see any reason why a football fan wouldn’t move to DirecTV at this point. You get three HD soccer networks on the Sports Tier. You could get the bargain basement TV package, subscribe to the Sports Tier, and probably end up with a cheaper bill than if you went with whatever cable network was available to you, plus all of the big leagues in Europe. Obviously beIn can’t have every event live, but you would imagine the biggest matches will be live.

      1. Some soccer fans may be under a long-term contract with DISH, preventing them from moving.

        Plus, some residents are not allowed to have satellite dishes, depending on where they live.

        The Gaffer

        1. We are not allowed to have a dish in my building – but to make it even worse, you can only get Comcast in Cambridge MA. The city council freaked out a few years ago when the signal was going digital and signed an exclusive deal (they were afraid the seniors would get confused).

        2. … or they don’t just don’t want a subscription for tv they never watch. I’m sad to see the ligue 1 games drop from foxsoccer2go and the diminished selection from ESPN3.

      2. There was a minor hiccup in the channel allotments that led to a temporary panic of Dish dropping FSC several months ago. When I looked at heading back to Directv, I remembered why I left originally. If you have one receiver, Dish is unbeatable. You can get FSC in a package for about $50 a month (that is without any discounts). I don’t think Directv can do anything remotely like that.

    1. Countdown clock is on beIN website. Bit puzzling, they haven’t updated their website and nothing on Direct TV website that I can find about it either.

  6. my pleasure, The Gaffer.

    more screens to come tonight from the first live match that will be aired between Ecuador and Chile. (hopefully HD)

  7. This beIN sport is it available in country ℓi̶̲̥̅ke̶̲̥̅ Nigeria and if it does Ђδω can we subscribe directly to Direct TV

  8. Regarding streaming, if you’re a DirecTV subscriber and have your box connected to the internet, I noticed that the BeIn sport Spanish feed is going to be streamed on their IPad app. Right now the English language version isn’t there, but that could be a technical issue if the swap of channels with Gol TV is slowing it up.

  9. The fact that the channel is on DirecTV first
    means that it will be years before it is on
    Dish if at all. Once the new Premiership
    overseas deal is announced, Dish subscribers
    will know where they stand if the EPL is
    what you really want to watch.

    If Fox retain rights no big deal, if BeIN wins
    then DirecTV it is come August 2013…

    1. According to my sources, beIN SPORT is close to wrapping up two more deals with distributors. One of them is DISH.

      The Gaffer

      1. …and the other?

        My only two options are Comcast and U-Verse. Been waiting the summer to see if U-Verse would pick it up, as ai have zero hope for Comcast.

        Bein waiting this long, this close to the season to get things aligned is a poor move. I’ll switch providers to get their channel, but I can’t just snap my fingers and make it happen instantly.

    1. Currently, no. beIN SPORT has been quoted as saying they’re not interested in doing sub-licensing deals.

      The Gaffer

  10. GolTV has moved to channel 627 on the sports tier and channel 456 on the spanish language tier. BEINSPORTSUSA1 will be on channel 620 starting at 7:30pm EST on the sports tier and BEINSPORTS2 a completely different spanish channel wil be on channel 426 on the spanish tier. DirecTV is really the best provider for soccer. You’ve got soccer on ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN Deportes, NBC Sports Network, Fox Soccer Channel, Fox Soccer Plus, Fox Sports Net, Fox Deportes, GolTV, Telemundo, Telefutura, Univision, and all in HD except for ESPN Deportes and Fox Deportes. There are even more on the spanish package and I forgot to mention the specialty UEFA channels during the champions league and europa league. It is expensive, but if you can afford it and you have no restrictions as far as having satellite where you live its the best you can get.

    1. This is all true. Not sure why a hardcore soccer fan would not switch to Directv being that its available pretty much any place you live. As far as price you can always negotiate with them because they are always trying to retain customers and the longer you are with them the more “loyalty” you build which allows them to offer you credits on packages. For example sports pack is about $15 a month and i have a $10 credit on it for a year. Not to mention they make it crazy cheap to sign up first timers. I dont really feel bad for people missing all the action unless you are locked in a contract then you may be in trouble for a while.

      1. 7 cable boxes in my house…4 HD of which 2 are DVR’s…so that’s where switching to DirecTV (back to since I had it before going to FIOS several years ago) will be costly for me.

        1. Ya there is no queston that could be costly and a hassle…..It might be worth a phone call though to see if it would be worth it.

      2. Dish is much cheaper for me and EPL is what I care about. If Bein gets EPL, then that would create an interesting problem. I’ll be out of contract next month, so we’ll see… but Dish will definitely have the EPL this year, so there is plenty of time to wait and see.

        For sports, Directv is by far the best, but for Football, Dish gives subs a great choice of lower cost options to be able to watch the EPL.

  11. What is the deal with RAI INternational showing Serie A games this year? Also how does BEIN prioritze what they are showing with French, Italian and La Liga-alot will be on tape delay

  12. simple: Barca, Real & PSG have priority. And maybe AC Milan…

    the rest probably on tape delay if they conflict with the above

  13. Gaffer, one question I haven’t been able to find an answer to is what programming style will they have. Will it be more of a FSC model (with paid programming every morning) or like FS+ with recycled archives, full matches and sky sports every few hours (rugby aside, of course)?

    All in all, I am pretty excited for this channel. Not a big La Liga fan, but another real, 24/7 soccer network is only a good thing.

    1. You may want to check out their website, it has launched and gives some idea to that. Looks like they will have review shows, 30 minute reviews of games.

  14. as of right now you can watch the channel streaming from their site. How much longer I don’t know. They are showing live Chile vs Ecuador. Luckily I have directv but theres no schedule showing there yet and from their site it seems off about an hour or 2

  15. Any DirecTV customer please answer this question.

    I know on DTV they show the CL and EL on the mix channels and i know they are free, Do they pop up only when games are going on? Also, does it matter what package you have, Will i still get those mix channels?

    1. They come with every package from Choice on up. Sadly, I don’t have any more info on when these channels go live. I’d assume that it will occur next week during the Champions League playoff legs, but that is nothing more than a hunch.

      One question I do have is whether the La Liga channels (477, 478 and 479) will still exist now that beIn has exclusive rights to La Liga and will allegedly not be subliscencing anything.

    2. You should see 480 through 489-1, all named “UEFA”, in your guide. Right now, all of the channels list “To Be Announced” in their programming section.

    3. You also need sports pack to see the game on FSC. And you need FSP to get that game. The games not shown on these two live are lffered at no additional cost. As well as several Europa games.

    1. Unknown. They just launched the SD channel, and their free preview page lists it as not being in HD. They will also have the channel in America’s Top 250 and up. No word on Latino packages yet. Heck, the Latino website doesn’t list the Univision Deportes 1/2 channels that launched several months ago!

  16. At this point, beIN has bought the rights to these games and taken them away from viewers with their lack of distribution. Until they can get infrastructure into place, I wish they would sublease the games to ESPN. I don’t see what they are accomplishing besides flexing their financial muscle.

  17. Just got this e-mail notification from DIRECTTV looks like all the Bundesliga Fans are loosing out including me. I’m upset is a huge understatement since since that was the most important ligue to me and i pay DirectTV premium bucks for the package.

    With the addition of beIN SPORT, GolTV on channel 627 will no longer be available effective 9/13 on Sports Pack.

    DIRECTV carries more soccer than any other cable or satellite provider in the U.S. – we are your source for the most international soccer from North America, South America, and Europe.



    1. From what I understand, GolTV will only be available on DirecTV as a Spanish-language channel. If so, you should still be able to see GolTV. Best bet is to contact DirecTV for more details.

      The Gaffer

      1. I contacted Direct tv, but, they just couldn’t give a damn. The same hold true for Dish as they dropped GOL tv in a similar manner. These bloodsucker are all the same.

  18. I am absolutely disgusted and angry. I loved GOLtv for the simple reason that they broadcast my favorite soccer league, the German Bundesliga. Now I get the French League for which I couldn’t give a damn. I paid for premium selection from Direct TV to get GOLtv and they dropped it without giving a damn. As soon as I can get GOL tv broadcast on my computer or through another satellite carrier, I will kiss Direct tv good riddance.

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