Manchester United Agree £23m Deal With Arsenal For Robin van Persie

Manchester United has agreed terms with Robin van Persie to sign the Arsenal striker, the club announced today.

“The deal is subject to a medical and the agreement of personal terms,” said a Manchester United club statement. “A further announcement will be made in due course.”

Arsenal Football Club has confirmed the news. “Arsenal Football Club can confirm that terms have been agreed for the transfer of Robin van Persie to Manchester United. Van Persie will travel to Manchester on Thursday in order to agree personal terms and complete a medical ahead of the proposed move.”

Finally after much debate of will he or won’t he, Robin van Persie will come to Manchester United.

For the past few weeks since the end of Euro 2012, RVP was linked to Manchester City, Manchester United and Juventus after he made it plainly obvious that he wasn’t going to stay with Arsenal

The debate can now begin if this deal will be the cutting edge that the Red Devils need to keep Manchester City from winning the title this year.

Does RVP’s signing alter the playing field at the top of the table? Can he remain healthy this season? The bigger question still is how will he co-exist with Wayne Rooney up front?

I guess we will see come kick off on Monday if all goes well.

But, now that Arsenal has some pocket change and short of a striker…what will they spend it on, if anyone?

66 thoughts on “Manchester United Agree £23m Deal With Arsenal For Robin van Persie”

  1. 23 mil for a guy with only one year left on his deal is a masterful piece of work by Wenger, even if it means he goes to United.

    1. In all seriousness – any chance Rooney could drop a bit deeper, and Van Persie could play up top along with Welbeck? Something like this:


      I guess it’s hard to argue for that formation, which starts Welbeck ahead of Valencia, Nani, etc., but I wonder if it might be tried at some point?

      1. That formation clearly leaves the back four far too exposed. All three midfielders are attack-minded, and Evra and Jones also love to bomb forward. No cover for Vidic and Rio.

        1. good luck paying 12mil pounds for next 5 years for a player who’s been injury free season for one season and on the wrong end of the age better start praying now.
          Btw how’s the 30mil berbatov working out for guys and ohh did you get a chance to check your stock price lately.

  2. Love that the guys on the pod this week talked about how he would fit in with United already. Although I’m not happy about this move it should prove interesting.

  3. coming from a united fan. I was hoping this wouldn’t happen. Why spend 23m for a 29 year old + 200k wages + no resale value. I don’t get it. What now for Danny W , sit out to accommodate RVP, it’s a shame.

  4. And people have the audacity to say Arsenal is a ‘bandwagon’ club…


    ANYONE, I repeat, ANYONE who follows and loves this club is a fan, whether they live in Islington or Yemen or Maui or Montana. If anyone is a true ‘gloryhunter’ ‘bandwagoner’, they would have become a fan of Chelsea, Man City or United a LONG time ago.

    1. Arsenal are going to struggle now me thinks. How long before this repeated selling of the best players affects the business side?

      1. They’ll be fine.
        Everyone thought they would struggle last year when they sold Fab, Nasri, & clichy.
        They just re-load and nestle down comfortably in 3rd.

    2. Love my Arsenal .. Can’t wait for my 7am kickoff Saturday morning … This is a good bit of business. Balsa-Wood Legs RVP was turning a bit grey and we got a good bit of cash for a player knocking on 30’s door…. I would love to re-invest the cash right now for Fernando Llorente..

  5. This is an outstanding deal for both teams. Yes Arsenal lose their star striker, but 23 million for a player who’s contract is expiring is a great piece of business. It is an outstanding deal for United because… It’s RVP an absolute gem of a striker and a great partner for Wayne Rooney who plays the passing game much better than the finishing game. Hoping this has a huge positive impact on the United team and regain their title this year. I don’t rate Danny Welbeck in the slightest so this is a huge bonus for me.

  6. happy, happy, happy Arsenal fan:) 23 million so he can get injured at Man U! As an emerging Welbeck and Hernandez (who needs to see the field more) sit on the bench to deputize as they should be developed before the prime of their years. All so the Glazers IPO can get a boost…hilarious!

    Meanwhile Arsenal with one transfer almost paid for three top players in Podolski, Giroud, and Cazorla all of which more than replace RVP heading into the twilight of his career. Do not be fooled, he was injury free and played out of his mind last year because he had his last pay day in sight. My only question is simple: 23 million–who will Arsenal sign in the next 16 days with 23 million plus (given we have even more money than what we just made). My vote is Sahin and M’Villa/Capoue with either Debuchy or Van de Wiel at right back. Do that and Man U and Man City should be worried:)

    Arsene-show RVP how much ambition you do have as the door hits his inflated butt on the way out!

    1. Sahin to Liverpool is just about a done deal…and M’Villa seems to be leaning towards WHL….how is Giroud shaking out so far? Podolski doesn’t impress me all that much..he is mercurial…brilliant or anonymous…hopefully more of the former for Arsenal this season….the thing that might save RVP at United is that he won’t have to carry the team every week so he may get more rest….he played too much football too soon in his career…a la Wilshere…that’s the problem with some young players…

      1. During his injury years, van Persie never held the team on his back and yet he was still injured. This was one season and who knows, maybe he will keep form up but I doubt it. He need midfielders who can feed that ball to him. He cant dribble around players, he positions amazingly and his left boot is fantastic. You will do well with him but I see him reverting back to that 10-15 goals per year man.

        Giroud only had 1 game so far and did very well, passing, getting the ball in the box, gelling in. Podolski had a great game. Gervinho looks like he is on form now. Vermaelan is fully rested, as with Laurent and Per (who is now gelled in). Santos and Gibbs provide a good left-back pair. We have 4 RB’s in Sagna, Jenkinson, Nico and Coq. We have great midfielders in Cazorla, Arteta, Song, Diaby, Arshavin, Ramsey and soon to be Tomas and Wilshere. You watch Arsenal, we are not what many believe.

  7. Well the drama is finally over with well done we finally got this shadow which has been cast over the team for the past months now to be gone. Manchesster United ou have a good buy, but you won tbe getting the 30 and more goals. I have predicted is goal production will be in the teens this season.May the best team win the premier league and i know it willl be arsenal. Go GUNNERS

  8. Screw him, good riddance, and that goes for all disloyal mercenaries. His best days are behind him, they’ll pay him £200k/ week, and the Gunners should put the whole chunk of change on Lewandowski. This is obviously Fergie’s swan song, and Glazer is clearly going to cash out his stock after a season of RVP merchandising and bandwagon effect. Gunners’ new trio with the The Ox in the middle, it’s going to be exciting.

    1. As a United fan it is sad to see Arsenal lose their best players year after year…expect Walcott to run down his contract….your problem is not the “mercenaries”…it is Arsene Wenger’s refusal to listen to his players…his own ego is his worst enemy..while he is great at developing players..your best players are going to be your more experienced ones…and they don’t have 3-4 years to wait around for the likes of Ox and Wilshere to be top players…I don’t think Arsenal will be mid-table but unfortunately they won’t be challenging seriously for the league…a sad state of affairs…

  9. Arsenal are doing nothing this year, Van Persie was the only reason they were anywhere near the top and now he’s gone.
    Mid table for Arsenal this year

    1. We’ve been dealing with idiots like you for years saying we’re going to implode and fall down the table.
      Truth is we’ve already replaced the Judas prick and finally replaced Cesc. I haven’t felt this optimistic about the Arsenal in years.

      1. Yeah, replaced them with worse players, keep that up and see where it gets you

        LMAO, Arsenal are doing nothing this year

          1. No, I didn’t make any comments last year, I thought fab was a big loss for Arsenal but I still felt they had enough about them to at least come top 5. I don’t feel like that anymore though. You can’t keep getting rid of your best players and expect to stay near the top

  10. Good news for the gunners. Wish you the best Robib, although this is how you decided to pay Arsenal for wbeing there during your injury struggling time at the club. Bravo Arsenal we will do better without him.

  11. V.p iz a class finisher, scores from any angle but can not match olivier giroud hanger for goal. With plus his phisique and build up play arsenal wont miss v.p! Parternering with lukas podolski, we are going to see rain of goals! Believe!

  12. I hope the 23 mill figure is the max value with add-ons…which might bring the fee upfront to 20 million or less…I think Fergie is going gangbusters with the strikeforce..the plus side with Welbeck and Chicha is they are both young (21 and 24)…within 2-3 years RVP will not be playing more than 20 games a season so they will get plenty of time on the pitch….the main question is how well will he fit with the existing squad..I have to say I haven’t watched him closely enough…will he be a Berbatov type of player where everybody needs to adapt to him? My guess is not since he played in a fluid Arsenal system and was very effective….i think we are one midfield enforcer type player and a promising left back away from having a squad to rival any in world football…(yes that includes THOSE 2 Spanish clubs)

  13. Just saw this on Twitter … for 35 million, United purchased both the Premier League player of the year and the Bundesliga player of the year. For 35 million, Liverpool got Andy Carroll.
    Yeah, I’m OK with this deal.

  14. This deals definitely makes United favorites to win the title, unless city go on another spending spree which I doubt as they have to get rid of a lot of palyers on huge salaries first. Advantage United.

  15. As an Arsenal fan, I’m just happy to see RVP gone. After his statement, he needed to go. 23 million isn’t a bad return either. Hopefully, we can use the money to get M’Vila and maybe another striker. There have been rumbles about Fernando Llorente, Stevan Jovetic, Clint Dempsey. Even if we don’t sign anyone else, it won’t be the end of the world because the team is much more prepared this season than they were last year.

    I don’t really understand why Man U made this move though. Yes, RVP is a great player, but they already have Rooney, Welbeck, Chicharito, Berbatov, and Kagawa (who’s basically a withdrawn striker). Their midfield needs improvement, yet Ferguson is just loading up on forwards.

    1. Berbatov will be off…Welbeck at 21 still has shown enough consistency to be #2 behind Rooney…Chicha…as brilliant as a poacher he is still has a lot of improvement…if you look at Citeh they have Aguero, Tevez, Dzeko and Balotelli..this is a direct response to City’s firepower….I see you RVP being a 20-25 game a season player in 2 years…Welbeck just signed a new 5-year deal…

    2. Don’t you think that Fergie knows Welbeck is just not good enough, Chicharito is limited and Berbatov doesn’t put any effort in?
      He needed a premier proven striker and he got one. Ok he is for the short term and very expensive for his age and wage but if he stays injury free will do well and evens out the Aguero & Tevez partnership at City, it’s gonna be close again before RVP I don’t think it was.

        1. I think CIty have the edge with one player..Yaya..who makes a huge difference..he is a beast of a player..can play as a defensive mid or can push forward and score goals..he is a fighter…I don’t know what Barca were thinking letting him go…he is just a beast of a player….other than that Silva-Kagawa is a wash….the wingers of Milner, Johnson, Nasri versus Nani, Valencia, Young goes to United….that’s why I maintain if United can somehow conjure up a player who can be as effective as Yaya…then I like our chances….too bad that Pogba id disappeared to Juve..he had a huge chance to be that player…

  16. Hopefully the new challange Will have the same effect as it did last season when he was made captain at Arsenal. Fergie knows how to manage players better than anyone so he won’t be over worked and risking injury. Bottom line is if we win the league that 20+ million will be made back in no time at all.

    Now just to stroke rooneys ego a little bit fergie should make him vice captain this season, it’s time for him to up his game again like he did the season after Ronaldo left.

  17. IMO, RVP is going to be playing in a lot of League Cup, FA Cup, & mid-week games.
    a la Berbatov 2011-2012.
    I’d be suprised if he sees a ton of action with Rooney on saturdays and Sundays.

    1. No, I see Van Persie playing the key games with Rooney and Welbeck/chico sharing the less important games, finally, I see the Italian guy going on loan if he hasn’t already

  18. Class player and a good addition. But if he takes meaningful minutes away from Welbeck that might not make the club a whole lot better.

    I’d have been happy to see City get him if someone else had wanted Tevez. But I think if Tevez keeps his head on straight and stays out of the buffet line then City is probably better with him and Aguero working together up front than they would have been with RVP trying to slot in. (Esp. with the style that Mancini prefers to play.)

    1. Honestly, even after all the shenanagins that occurred with Tevez last year, I would still take him back at Old Trafford in a second (not that it would happen in a million years. that bridge has been burnt to a crisp).

      One more point to add: Where is Berbatov going to go and how much can United get for him? It can’t possibly be much given that everyone knows how unhappy he is and that United clearly have no use for him now (he is a solid 5th on the depth chart).

      1. if United get 5 million for him they’ll be lucky…i see him going at cut price for less than 5 million…a shame because he is a great player…i have always said he is better suited to serie a. than the premier league…milan signing him would be great business for them…

  19. if RVP stays healthy it will make for a great season hard to think anything could top last year. the only reason i would tilt towards UTD is because how they lost it last year and City slayed the dragon might not be as hungry.FYI my club is still trying to get to the EPL so no dog in this fight.will be fun to watch Saturday can’t get here soon enough.

  20. At least this is all over now. This ordeal really revealed RvP’s true colors (not to mention his lack of character), and after seeing this, I think we’ll be better off without him (and I’m very optimistic about our transfers). I know it would never happen in a million years, but a small part of me wanted Berbatov to be part of a “throw-in” deal… it’s been so sad to see a player of his caliber rot on the bench.

    One strong, injury-free season for RvP in a number of years does not bode well for his future… we did well with this deal. Looking forward to Saturday!

  21. Song going to Barcelona is a done deal. What will Wenger do with the 40 million he got for RVP and Song? Interesting question.

  22. An absolutely brilliant piece of business by both clubs. It gives Wenger a ton, on a 29 year old, injury prone player with one season left on his contract.

    Ferguson gets with RVP, the most potent front-line he has had since Yorke/Cole – Sheringham / Solskjaer, with enough cover in case the dutch striker pulls a groin whilst coughing. Fergie can now cash out on Berbatov and Owen – plus send Bebe back on loan.

  23. Arsenal just sold the title to United. I think it is fantastic business on both parts. Arsenal could not keep him after his statement. United needed a striker and they got the best striker in the league last season. Dont kid yourselves about his fitness. He has been healthy and scoring goals for 18 months. And there were many hard tackles and he pushed through them. United will benefit greatly.

    Wenger knew the player would leave long ago. Sure he wanted him to stay, but he knew he wasnt. Rode him all year long with no rest. Arsenal is a better squad than they were last year, but losing van Persie is a big blow. Was Arsenal going to win the league with him? Not sure. Wenger will do enough to keep them in the top four.

    It is a shame for Arsenal fans.

  24. Any word on who will get the #10 and the armband for Arsenal?
    And in that regard, who gets the armband for United this year?

  25. As a neutral I just don’t see it, any more than I did the Torres to Chelsea move. I didn’t see where Torres was going to fit in….and he didn’t. Maybe this year? Same with VP. I have seen all sorts of suggested formations where this is just great for United, but that’s all on paper. I don’t see it actually working on the pitch, but we’ll see.

    Still waiting for the quote from Rooney about how great this is for United and how he’s looking forward to no longer being the focus of the attack or the team’s talisman.

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