Man United Will Have Cash to Buy Top Players After NYSE Share Flotation: The Daily EPL

After Manchester United’s IPO on Thursday, Manchester United’s chief executive David Gill has said that the club will have cash to buy top players after the share flotation. Good news for supporters of the Red Devils, but other than Robin van Persie, who should they buy?

Here are the Premier League news headlines today:

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15 thoughts on “Man United Will Have Cash to Buy Top Players After NYSE Share Flotation: The Daily EPL”

  1. I thought they had a boatload of debt that needed to be paid down? And isn’t this more spin on Man United’s side seeing that the IPO wasn’t that much of a success.

  2. Surprised there is no open thread for the brazil vs mexico gold medal

    Oscar look terrible today, Sandro has a serious engine in the middle of the park, Leonardo is 10 moves ahead of everyone else, Hulk is ridiculous, Neymar doesn’t understand he should pass the ball instead of loosing possession as he tries to beat 4 defenders, lacks the vision or maturity to play in the premier league.

    Levy needs to just fess up the 20 million for Leonardo, his movement off the ball would be deadly with the way spurs play.

  3. wow great goal by mexico, 2-nil surely they have this now…15 minutes left…Congratuations mexico.

    Brazil look out of sync, waisting possession trying to dribble around everyone and erroneous passes from oscar, rafael, marcello. Mexico look like a team, and deserve the win.

    1. I’m guessing Mexico’s Olympic Committee has a separate contract to the one that the Mexican national team has.

      The Gaffer

  4. this money has little to do with transfer market and it aimed at other buissness costs- this will not affect the transfer market at all- as was mentioned the valuation was 14, they were hoping a bottom of 16, the money in the end will not be that significant from 10% of team stock

  5. Man U’s IPO was a disaster… They had hoped to raise 300 million and have stock over $20 a share, and even with first day buzz shares dropped below $14 bucks. and raised just over 230 million. It is a ton of cash, but 70 million short for the Cayman island registered corporation.
    Nonetheless, this will help quell any debt calls… and along with the new Chevy cash should flush the club for years.

    So… where are the Norwich scarves now? seriously… where are they? cause nothing has really changed. and this IPO has been floating around for several years… why no Glazers out posts? why no protests? turns out they knew what they where doing………

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