Tottenham Move Close to Signing Brazil Striker Leandro Damião: The Daily EPL

Anyone who had watched yesterday’s semi-finals in the Olympic men’s soccer tournament would have walked away being incredibly impressed by the performances of Mexico and Brazil. Both teams deservedly won their matches and will now feature in the final on Saturday, in the race for the gold medal. But one player in particular who stood out yesterday was Leandro Damião, who is being chased by Tottenham Hotspur as a possible new signing for the north London club.

If Tottenham can sign Damião, that will be an incredible signing for the Spurs given the talent and poise that the Brazilian striker possesses. Personally, I’d love to see him in the Premier League.

There’s plenty of news today. Here are the latest Premier League news headlines:

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9 thoughts on “Tottenham Move Close to Signing Brazil Striker Leandro Damião: The Daily EPL”

  1. They have been linked to Damiao for a while now, but his price probably will have gone up now

    England 3rd….hahahahaha

  2. I know England third in the world rankings. Just goes to show what a farce the points system is. Unless they are talking about being the third worst developed footballing nation of course. lol.

  3. I think England has improved now that they’ve gotten rid of those bus parking Chelsea players. Looking an elegant outfit with the youngsters. Agree – would be great to see Leandro partner his foe Gio in attack in a 4-2-3-1 formation

  4. Went to the game last night, Damaio looked distinctly average all round, not your average Brazilian forward by the looks of things. Certainly seems to know where the back of the net is though

  5. on RVP deal: Welbeck and Chicharito aren’t pleased.

    On Damio to Spurs: Adebayor: “its okay, i have 175K/week to keep me company”…LOLZ

    it would surprise me if Utd do sign RVP mainly because they need to reinforce other positions. But what do i know anyways.
    Funny thing is, much like Adebayor a few years ago, the best place for RVP would be Arsenal.

  6. Dimiao scores goals, regardless of whether he is as skillful as the other Brazilians he plays with, and that’s what you want from your striker. Good buy in my opinion.

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