Must-See ESPN Video To Promote Return of Premier League Season [VIDEO]

There’s only 11 days to go before the 2012-13 Premier League season returns, and ESPN is already in high gear promoting the return of the new season.

In their new promo video, which we’ll hopefully get to see on ESPN as well as on YouTube, Ian Darke provides the commentary, while the stars of the Premier League are the main attraction.

The world’s greatest football league is back. Indeed!

H/T Men In Blazers.

22 thoughts on “Must-See ESPN Video To Promote Return of Premier League Season [VIDEO]”

  1. The Charity Shield game is this Sunday and that signals the beginning of the season for me. Hopefully both teams will field their strongest sides and we can look forward to some good soccer.

  2. Had a free trial of last year – no longer have FSC this year. Is it worthwhile? Looks like most of the openers are only available on tape delay?

    Can you get Prem Review show on Fox Soccer 2 go?

    1. Just stream it online.

      2) ESPN3

      You can even use torrents.

      Screw FOX.

      1. Frill Artist, by watching streams online, you’re putting money in the hands of pirates. Plus you’re illegally watching the streams on those sites. FOX paid millions of dollars for the rights fees to be able to provide the games to viewers in the United States, legally.

        The Gaffer

        1. Yes they paid for it but what about those that don’t have cable and only have internet? Yeah, we can get the FoxSoccer2Go but a lot of games are tape delayed till it’s shown on their TV channel before it’s available online. At $19.99 a month, that’s just a rip off.

          1. $19.99 is not a ripoff. A ripoff is what we used to pay for one single game — $25 for a FA Cup Final on PPV, or $20 for an England international. That was a ripoff. $19.99 for the access to over 100 games a month is a bargain.

            The Gaffer

  3. M83 featured in that all to very short tv spot. Nice touch, that. Say, when is Fox Soccer releasing their 12/13 tv spots? I was a big fan of the one from last year featuring a song from Rogue Wave.

  4. will NOT have live EPL this season with the exception of the overflow matches on FS+.

    FOX Soccer will have at least 3 live EPL matches each weekend this season in 4 time slots: Saturdays 10am ET & 12:30pm ET, Sundays 8:30am ET & 11am ET.

    ESPN FC Press Pass will be available in the U.S. 6 days a week: 11pm Pacific Time Sundays-Fridays (2am Eastern Time Mondays-Saturdays) effective August 15 on the west coast. 30 minutes of EPL punditry from Bristol, Connecticut.

    1. Why would anyone purchase this then? I loved their free trial at the end of last season and was looking forward to subscribing this year, but if it’s not live it’s not remotely worth their asking price. I’ll find streams if need be.

    2. huhe888’s comment about FOX Soccer 2Go not having live EPL games this season except for overflow games is going to confuse many readers.

      FOX Soccer 2Go will have the vast majority of live EPL games during the 2012-13 season. The only EPL games it won’t show live are the ones that are (1) either shown live on FOX Soccer (where they’ll be delayed until midnight on FOX Soccer 2Go) and (2) the games that are shown on ESPN, ESPN2 or

      FOX Soccer 2Go hasn’t updated their upcoming games schedule yet. I’m not sure what’s taking them so long, but have no fear, FOX Soccer 2Go will again have the lion’s share of EPL games for this upcoming season.

      The Gaffer

      1. Gaffer, just wanted to remind everyone that the Dutch Eredivsie starts this weekend. While maybe not at the same level as the EPL in regards to level of talent the Eredivisie still provided quality entertaining soccer in my opinion. The derby Ajax & Feyenoord is every bit as big as any of the derbies in the EPL. If I am not mistaken this is the derby in which away fans are not allowed to attend matches due to past violence. Also a lot of the top young Eredivsie players will undoubtedly be moving on to “bigger clubs” in more “high profile leagues.” ESPN3 usually shows at least one game a week with this Sunday’s game being Ajax and AZ Alkmaar.

        1. Thanks for the reminder! I love watching Eredivsie. Wish I had more time to watch it during the season.

          The Gaffer

      2. There are 198 EPL matches (out of 380) involving at least one of the “big 6” clubs.

        Less than 30 of those will be available live at

        If you want to watch the minnows play each other, then will be useful.

        Otherwise, your weekly EPL fix will be satisfied with ESPN, ESPN2, FOX (3 games free-to-air), FX, and FOX Soccer.

        1. The EPL is not all about the big 6 clubs. There are 14 other clubs in the league.

          Yes, the big six are the ones that attract most of the viewers and fans, but to categorize them as “minnows” is disrespectful to not only those clubs, but the fans of those teams.

          Many of the readers of this site are not just fans of an EPL team, but they’re avid viewers of the entire league. The best way to watch most of the EPL games live this season is FOX Soccer 2Go. FOX Soccer, ESPN, ESPN2 and are equally important.

          The Gaffer

  5. I can’t wait. Time has gone quite quick since the euros thankfully, my Olympics addiction has taken my mind of it and now its just around the corner. For me the season starts on the 15th! Wales vs Bosnia, it’ll be good to see our players back in red not that hideous blue!

  6. First, it’s great that Fox Soccer 2go will be keeping with last season’s schedule of showing all games live that are not on FS and ESPN. For the first weekend, on Saturday they will show at 10 am Reading – Fulham, QPR – Swansea, W Ham – A. Villa and Fulham – Norwich.

    The Dutch Eredevisie starts this weekend and the Ajax vs AZ Alkmaar will be shown on ESPN Deportes and . I think it starts at 10:30 am.

  7. Any reductions in price coming for fox soccer tv? I mean they lost so many leagues to beinsport. It should be way cheaper!!!

  8. Is that spot airing on the main ESPN in the US? Calling it the best “football league” to an audience that mostly tunes in for American sports. I like it. A gradual shift of Americans using the same word for the game as everyone else. At some point,

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